I'm planning on writing what I think could come after this, but I'm not entirely sure how I'll go about it. At least I have a few months before The Indigo Spell comes out, so I can play with what I think should happen before we really know! I'm glad that so many people (all seventeen of you) like what I've written for this so far. If you have any suggestions about what should happen, I would love to hear it!

At the moment, I only have my Hunger Games fanfic up, but I'm toying with an idea for a Harry Potter fic. Not sure how I'll do for that one, because I love the books as they are, but I may try soon.

Don't forget to review! I love to know what you think! And if you spot any mistakes, PLEASE point them out! I may not be able to publish this anywhere but here, but I at least want it to be as good as it can be!

Again, I don't own what I've written so far and I won't own whatever comes after it.