A/N: This one occurs a couple weeks after "Testify". The team is back on even keel. :o)

"Well, if you had ducked he wouldn't have hit you," Morgan points out.

"If you had secured the cuffs on his wrists, he couldn't have thrown the punch," Emily counters.

JJ rolls her eyes as she continues to read her book. "Children behave or you'll have to be separated. And since we're on the jet that means one of you will be sitting on the wing. Now hush!"

Reid and Rossi exchange a look as Morgan and Emily lapse into silence.

"Henry is in so much trouble when he's a teenager," Rossi tells the younger man.

"Who says he won't be in trouble sooner," Reid jokes.

JJ turns in her seat and glares at the two men sitting on the couch. The look is all it takes to stop their teasing. She slowly nods and turns back around. Hotch, walking up from the back, taps JJ lightly on the head.

"No scaring the profilers, JJ. Even if they deserve it," he jokes.

She just winks at him. She looks over as Emily removes the ice pack from her lip. The blonde grimaces.

"Damn, honey. It's getting bigger and bluer."

"Not helping, Jen. Hurts like a motherfucker."

Morgan leans forward on the table. "Emily, I really am sorry," he says contritely.

She gives him a half-smile, "I know. It could have happened to anyone. Just remember this next time we run through Hogan's Alley," she says with an evil wink.

He chuckles and nods.

It is nearly midnight when the plane finally lands at the airstrip at Quantico. They had been out of town since Sunday and we're happy that the next day was Saturday. No one even wanted to think about working for 48 hours.

As they disembark, Emily hands the keys to her Lexus to JJ. JJ just smiles, having thought she'd have to fight for the keys. But obviously the headache that goes with the split and swollen lip is bad enough the brunette doesn't want to drive.

They were eager to get home and see Henry, who had been staying with Garcia that week. They had been thrilled when the technical analyst had said she'd stay at the condo that night so they could see Henry sooner rather than later. JJ has to set the cruise control to keep from speeding. To keep awake she starts to talk to her wife.

"Next week is Thanksgiving," she starts.

"I'd heard a rumor about that," Emily interrupts.

"Don't be a smartass. Your mother was wondering what we wanted to do."

"When did you talk to my mother?"

"We were texting and she mentioned maybe having dinner at the condo."

"Wait, wait, wait…my mother texts? With you?"

JJ starts to laugh. "Of course she does. We text a lot."

"About what?" Emily asks, stunned.

"You, Henry, us, gossip. All sorts of stuff."

"Great. My wife is a pod person now, too," Emily grumbles.

JJ slaps Emily's hand. "Your mother is not a pod person! And neither am I! She is just trying to connect to your life and using me and Henry is a way to do that without opening herself up to your 'pod person' comments," JJ scolds her wife.

Emily sighs. "Okay. I get it. Look, I'm too tired to make this decision tonight. Can we discuss it tomorrow?"

"Sure, baby."

They drive in silence a few minutes. Emily cuts her eyes towards JJ. "Pod person," she accuses with a grin.

JJ laughs and takes Emily's hand. "But you love me anyway."

As they pull into the parking garage they see Garcia's classic convertible in one of the visitor spots. JJ parks in Emily's space a few feet away and the women start to gather their things. As Emily gets out of the SUV she frowns and stops to listen.

"Jen? Do you hear crying?"

JJ stops then shakes her head. "No. But I'm right near the elevator motor. Hurry up and get your stuff. It's cold out here."

She walks around the car to see Emily slowly walking away from their parking space. Emily slowly scans the area. JJ starts to scold her wife but then tenses as she now hears the wailing cries of a child.

"Oh my God," Emily blurts and races towards Garcia's car. She looks in the backseat to see Henry still strapped into his car seat. "HENRY!" She tries the doors but they are locked. "JJ, get the crowbar from the trunk!"

JJ is stunned for a moment but another wail from Henry spurs her into action. She opens the backend of their Lexus and grabs the crowbar from the spare tire well. She runs over and hands it to Emily who moves to the driver's side of the car. JJ stares in the passengers' side window of the car, trying to calm her son.

"It's okay, Henry. Mommy and Mama are here."

JJ jumps and Henry is shocked into silence when Emily smashes the drivers' door window. She slams the drivers' seat forward and climbs in the back, undoing the safety straps securing Henry into his seat. By the time she lifts up their son, JJ is standing at the open door.

"Henry? Come here, baby. God, Em, is he okay?"

Emily's voice is calmer than she feels as she hands him to JJ. "He's okay, Jen. Just cold and scared. Now what the fuck was Garcia thinking?" Emily climbs out of the car, pulling out her phone. "I know she was tired. She worked as hard as all of us!" She hits Garcia's speed dial prompt. "But to fucking forget Henry and leave him—"

Her rant ends as she hears Garcia's phone start ringing nearby. She and JJ exchange a look as Emily follows the sound. The analysts' phone is underneath a nearby car, the screen on it smashed. JJ looks into the car.

"Em, her purse and computer are in here."

The agents exchange a worried look. Emily takes a deep breath. "I'll call Hotch, you call Morgan. This isn't good."