Two hours later Emily has been declared mostly okay. She has two cracked ribs but no other broken bones. Her knee is swollen but the doctors were impressed by how well she had managed to put it back in place. She is covered with bruises and a few cuts. Due to the dehydration and lack of food they are keeping her overnight in the hospital on IV's to help her body heal.

"Are they here yet?" Emily asks JJ.

"Five minutes, Em," JJ tells her. The blond sits on the edge of the bed and glances at the clock in the room. "Do you realize all this shit happened in just 24 hours? I feel like I've been awake for days."

Emily smiles and runs her fingers through JJ's hair. "I know. God, it felt like I was in there forever. And I couldn't even tell Pen about Henry." The brunette's eyes tear up. "She kept apologizing to me the one time she saw me. And I couldn't even tell her the truth. They had me gagged and blindfolded, Jen. I swear I couldn't tell her."

JJ pulls Emily into a hug. "Shh, baby. I know. She knows. It's okay.'

Emily just allows JJ to hold her, drawing strength from the woman that she loves. And just when she thinks JJ is all she'll ever need to feel whole, she hears the happy noises of a certain little blonde boy. She smiles and pulls away to look towards the door.

"Henry," she whispers.

JJ smiles as Elizabeth and Henry walk into the room. He starts to bounce excitedly in his grandmother's arms. JJ takes him and brings him to Emily.

"Easy, honey. Don't want his wiggles to break those cracked ribs."

"I don't care about my ribs. Come here, Champ."

She takes him and holds him close. Kissing his cheeks over and over as he giggles. She finally looks up at her mother. JJ and Elizabeth both see the flash of fury that darts across Emily's eyes. Emily kisses Henry once more and then looks at JJ.

"Honey, can you give my mother and I a moment?"

JJ looks from one Prentiss to the other then nods. She takes Henry and steps outside the room, closing the door behind her. Emily glares at her mother.

"Did you tell them who he was?"

Elizabeth is confused. "What? Who?"

"Did you tell him the man who had me was the man you were screwing when Father left us?"

Elizabeth stares at her daughter. She had never watched the full video so had never heard the man's voice. She had never looked at the case board in the conference room, not wanting to see the man they suspected was hurting Emily. Emily sees the shock on her mother's face.

"You didn't know, did you?"

Elizabeth slowly shakes her head. "No, Emily. I swear," she confirms quietly. "I can't believe Burton would do that to you."

"Burton?" Emily asks.

"Yes, Burton Halliday. He was an investor in a—"

"Mother, he is a CIA operative named Myron Phillipe. And he is a sociopath."

Elizabeth slowly drops down into a chair. She had dated 'Burton' on and off for a year after Gerald had left her. Now she knows that whole part of her life was a lie, most likely she was just a case file to the man. She looks up at Emily. "Oh, Emily, I am so sorry. So, so sorry, baby."

Emily reaches out a hand to her mother. "It's okay, Mother. I have a feeling you were being used. And I hate that he did that to you. I'd like to have one more go at him, this time without the cuffs," she says angrily.

Elizabeth takes Emily's hand and leans down to kiss her forehead. "I love you, Emily. I am so glad you are okay." She looks her daughter in the eyes. "And I would have paid anything he asked to get you back. You're worth more than I can ever say."

Emily smiles, tears in her eyes. "I love you, Mom."

Elizabeth pulls her into a hug. Emily sighs in happiness.

In the waiting area Garcia is playing with Henry, promising him things JJ doesn't even want to know how she might be able to deliver on. A tap on her shoulder causes her to look up and see Hotch handing her back her sidearm. JJ frowns as she takes it.

"But, they'll need it to investigate the shooting, won't they?" She asks confused.

Hotch stares into her eyes. "What shooting?"

He turns and walks down the hall. JJ's eyes follow him, realizing that the CIA is going to make sure this whole 24 hours never actually happened. They would never want anyone to know one of their operatives was ready to hold for ransom every secret of the U.S. government.

Part of her is relieved that Emily and Garcia aren't going to have to go through it all again. Part of her wants Myron to pay and the CIA to be held accountable. She looks to Garcia who is still playing with an excited Henry. She smiles. Revenge may be sweet but family is better. She would accept this ending and just count her blessings the hell was finally over.