Hello guys, new story is here! I got this idea when I read "The Immortal" series by Alyson Noel. I love those books. Well, enjoy my story! This is gonna be a Kames story! Yay! Enjoy it! Hope you review and add to your favorites and alerts.

Aura colors.

Red: Anger, fear, jealous, mean. stress

Orange: Thoughtfulness, courage, confidence, curious

Yellow: Optimistic, happy, friendly, kind

Green: Peaceful, compassion, down-to-earth

Blue: Sensitive, moody,

Violet: Benevolence, conceited, self-absorb

Pink: Love, friendly

Gray: Depression,sadness, exhaustion

Black: ill/sick, imminent death

White: Normal, calm.

Colors are everywhere. From green grass, to blue skies. Lights people are color blind. No, that doesn't mean they only see the world like silent old films. It means seeing a different color than what others can. Like they see purple, but they're really looking at green.

Colors! They're even swirling around you! No, really, it's literally swirling around you. It's like you're glowing. Those are called auras. Colors base on your personalities and feelings. I can see them and no one else can.

I really don't know what happen, but I guess after seeing a double rainbow at the Palmwood's park, and no one else can, I guess I woke up the next morning, seeing people glow. Carlos is yellow, Logan is white or maybe green. And my boyfriend, James, is surrounded by a pink glow.

'Why are they glowing?' I wondered. It didn't take long until I realized I can see them. I think it's a gift that I never expected to have. I found out by searching online, (since well, it has the answers to everything). I found out it's their aura. I try to look at my aura in my reflection, but it failed. I can't see my own aura! That's stupid. But I can always guess.

Everyone has an aura. All different colors. Auras can change colors depending on people's emotions.

I didn't tell anyone about my powers since they will think I'm insane! So I try to keep it safe. Seems easy.

But lately, something was out of place. James. Whenever he's around me he always had this pink glow, showing that he loves me. I bet mine's is pink as well. But now, he's aura had changed to gray. What is happening to him? It haven't changed back to any other color, just gray, and it stays like that. I think it's permanent. Is it my fault? What did I do? Is it my powers getting not functioning right and I'm just seeing things? Or it was just him and something is wrong? I, as his boyfriend need to help him.

But let's start from the beginning when I woke up, and found out my powers. And how I help James with his mysterious color change, with Carlos and Logan's help of course.

Sorry it's short, want an intro. Well, review please!