Aura colors.

Red: Anger, fear, jealous, mean, stress, annoyed, startled

Orange: Thoughtfulness, courage, confidence, curious, determination

Yellow: Optimistic, happy, friendly, kind

Green: Peaceful, compassion, down-to-earth

Blue: Sensitive, moody, concern.

Violet: Benevolence, conceited, self-absorb

Pink: Love, friendly

Gray: Depression,sadness, exhaustion

Black: ill/sick, imminent death

White: Normal, calm

I fall onto the white floor, or at least, I think it's the floor. I'm in nowhere. Everything is white. Everywhere I turn it's white. White as a blank piece of paper. I stand up and look around for Roy. I need to talk to him. I mean, I saw the door, meaning he wants to talk to me about something.

"Roy!" I call.

"Yes Kendall?" He ask from behind me. I spin myself around on my heel and there he is, standing before me. "Do you need something?"

I forgot what I needed to tell him. "No, but do you need something from me? Because the door appears and it only appears whenever you need to tell me something."

"Oh, right." Roy says. " Congratulations Kendall. You just completed part one of your mission!"

"YES!" I cheer, pumping my fist up in the air. I did it! That means the mission is over-wait...

I frown and lower my arms back to my side. "Did you just say, part one?"

Roy nods.

"There are more?" I shout in disbelief. Roy nods again. I shrug my shoulder up and drop them down. "I don't get it."

"You see Kendall, you just complete part one, which is finding your first customer- which is James- and get his aura colors back. You succeeded. Now, for part two of the mission."

"But you said that this is a life mission, meaning I have to keep doing it as a job for the rest of my life!"

"True, but first, do you want to keep your powers?"

I didn't answer. I thought about it. Well, helping James overcome his problems by getting him off the edge of suicide, is very overwhelming. But frankly, I had fun, solving his problems and all that. I want to keep doing it. Plus, I still think it's cool seeing aura's everywhere. Even though people who already know about my powers will me pestering me all day about others and theirs, I think I can live with it.

"Okay, Roy says. "You can keep your powers." Oh yeah, I forgot he could read my mind. " But remember, if you don't help people. there will be no use and your powers will be gone. And, I know that you told Carlos, Logan, Katie, and your mom."

"Is that bad?" I ask worriedly. "Does it affect them in any way?"

"No, telling people your powers just leads to them pestering you, it doesn't change their attitudes or anything." Perfect. "Now, for part two of your mission, you will still do the same thing you've been doing, except, you'll have a partner."

"A partner?" Does that mean some other person will see auras like me?

Roy shakes his head. "They will see something, but not auras like you. It's something bigger."

"Bigger?" I ask. "What's bigger than seeing colors?"

Roy didn't answer. He's ignoring my question. Instead he says, " It's your job to find gray or black aura-ed people and help them, and help your partner find the people with black auras. If you see people with black auras, that either means close to death or illness. If you see people's aura is black, you have to inform your partner immediately."

"Yeah, but who's my partner? What will he or she see?" Then I caught the most important word in Roy's sentence: Death. "Wait, will my partner be seeing if someone will die?" I ask in shock.

He didn't answer. It's like he didn't want me to know. But how can I inform my partner if I don't know what they can do, or most importantly, who...

"Who's going to be my partner?"

"Someone you know." Roy says. That's not helping. I know a lot of people. "Someone you know very well and is very close to you. Even closer than you think."

I try to think of people who are very close to me, who are close to my heart. Let's see, there's James, Logan, Carlos, Katie, my mom, Jo- "Is is one of them?" I ask.

Roy nods.

"Who is it?" I ask impatiently. I really want to know.

"You'll find out." Roy says.

"When will he or she get their power?"

"Soon." Roy says. And that's the only thing he said before I appear back to 2J.

I found myself on my hands and knees on the floor next to the counter. I look up and there are Carlos, Logan, James, Katie and my mom at the table talking. Auras are still glowing. I stand up and look at them. I wonder who it is...

"Hey Kendall." Carlos says. "Why did you disappear to?"

"Yeah, you just poofed out of view after you crawl to the counter." Katie says.

"Oh, just somewhere." I say. "Uh, does any of you see something strange? Something out of the ordinary?" They all shake their heads.

"Like what Kenny?" James ask. I see his aura is a little pink and a little orange. I blink my eyes and then I see his aura black! But it turned back a second later. I shut my eyes and open it again and see James is pink and orange.

Okay Roy! Stop playing around, it's not funny!

"Is everything alright, Ken?" Logan ask.

I must be out of my mind. I'm tired. "I'm going to bed." I say and walk up to my room.

The next day...

James plop himself on the couch after an exhausting day with Gustavo. Is aura is gray. I frown. I lay my head on his lap and his aura turns pink. Much better. I smile at him and he smiles back. There's a bowl of cherries on the coffee table. He leans over and pick one up by the stem and face down at me. I open my mouth as he slowly put the cherry close to my mouth. I try to bite it, he lift it up quickly.

"Hey!" I laugh as he lower the cherry when it gets close enough, I try to bite, but he lift it up. He keep doing that until the fifth time, I caught it. "Ha!" I exclaim. Then I chew.

Carlos and Logan are sitting on the other side, competing who can tie a cherry stem in their mouth the fastest. Logan won.

"Ha, I'm faster." Logan says.

"Well, that means your a better kisser than I am." Carlos fakes a pout. Aura still remains yellow.

"But you're better than any other girl or boy I've ever kissed before." Logan says and leans in and kiss a pouty Carlos on the lips. They both turn pink.

I smile and turn to James. He stares curiously at the front door. "Whatcha staring at, Jamie?"

"You see that too, right?" He ask not taking his eyes off the door. I turn my head to the door and there's the white glowing door. He sees that door? Amazing! I nod my head and stand up.

"You guys see a door?" James ask Carlos and Logan. I turn to them and they break apart and stare at the door.

"Yeah," Logan says. "What a nice wooden door that we see every single day." He says sarcastically and went back to making out with Carlos.

"Kendall," James leans close to me, whispering into my ear. "I'm scared. Are we suppose to enter?"

I nod. "It's okay James. What means Roy wants to talk to us." I say.

"Who's Roy?" James ask. I stand up off the couch and grab his hand. I pull him up and run to the white door. I open it. I was about to jump until...

"Wait!" James stops me. "Why are you jumping, are we going to fall? Will we get hurt?" He ask cautiously.

"Don't worry. You'll just fall and land harmlessly and painlessly on a white place." I say and jump in, taking my boyfriend down with me.

He's screaming as we fall. Stop it! We land into nowhere. No one's hurt.

"Where are we?"

"Nowhere. " I say. And turn around and found Roy smiling at us. "Hi Roy."

"Hi Kendall. I see you just met your partner."

"Met? We known each other since-" I stop myself and my eyes widen as I say. "James is my partner for my mission?"

Roy nods. Cool! Now it will be easier! Roy shakes his head. "No Kendall, its not going to be easy."

"He can read minds?" James ask.

"Yeah, look James, you and Kendall will have to work together on a life time mission."

"You mean I will have the power to see people's too?" James says happily.

"No James." Roy says. "But you will see something."

"Okay, what will I have to do?"

"Once you discover your power, I will tell you what to do, but you might not see me, I'm only here for Kendall, for you James, you will find my friend, Digit. He will work with you. He will give you your powers."

"What are you going to do?" I ask. "Are you going to still be here?"

"Of course. But I only work with you and help you with your powers, James will have to find Digit."

"So, my powers will involve numbers." James says and Roy nods. "When will I get my powers?"

"Soon." Roy and I say simultaneously. I knew he's going to say that. James then disappear. Where did he go? Did he go back to 2J? I guess so.

"So Kendall," Roy says, " Once James receive his power, you will not say anything about what he can do, but to tell him who has a black aura. Oh, and you do your job, too, finding gray auras."

"Okay, I will, so what will James see?" I ask and Roy whispers in my ear the answers like someone else is listening. "WHAT?" I scream terrifyingly after hearing what James will do.

"Yeah, but DON'T tell anyone what James will do. It will influence his customers. And don't tell James what he will do and what it's about, he needs to figure it out himself." Roy's voice is stern. Never heard that side of him before. I always sees him as a calm mellow man. But this is just crazy! About what James will do, I mean.

I nod still terrified. "He will receive it in exactly one week... or a month, depending on Digit. Not sure yet. Now, Kendall, you need to keep your mind occupied with your mission, not his until I say so. Okay?"

"Okay..." I nod my head in fear and I went back to 2J.

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