Chapter 2

Voldemort reached underneath the bed and pulled the tiny kitten out. Both Lucius ans Severus stared at the scared little kitten, wondering how they never knew that Harry was an animagus.

"I wonder why he's a kitten?" Voldemort asked. (A.N. from now on after this sentence I will call Voldemort, Tom, hope you enjoy reading the rest of the story!)

"Lucius and I don't know, we didn't even know he was an animagus." said Severus still staring at the kitten in his lord/lover's hands.

Lucius looked at the kitten with a thoughtful look on his face,"You know he might not be a proficient animagus," said Lucius.

Severus looked at him, the shock from earlier wearing off, wondering what the hell he was talking about. He decided to voice his confusion,"What are you talking about?"

"You remember that our transfiguration teacher told us, that sometimes under great duress a wizard or with could accidently turn into their animagus form," he answered back.

Tom thought back and remembered that Lucius was right, wizards and witches did tend to do that. He looked down at the kitten and wondered what could have caused that to happen.

He looked back up at the other two and saw that they were thinking the exact same thing as him. Just then a loud yell was heard from downstairs.


The three adult stared at the door and then at the kitten, who had started to shiver in fear.

"That's it we need to get him and ourselves out of hear, NOW!" Severus said but quietly screamed the last part. And with that all of them disaparrated back to the Hogwarts grounds and ran to the hospital wing to see Madam Promfrey for help. Tom had kept all the teachers on staff because they weren't with Dumbledore and his schemes. Madam Promfrey was just putting away some potions when she heard someone screaming her name from the hallway. She opened the double doors of the Infermery just in time for Tom, Lucius, and Severus run in and almost trip and fall down on each other.

"Poppy we need your help," said Tom holding the kitten out to her.

She looked at it for a bit before she answered them."You do know that I treat humans not animals, that's more Hagrid's thing,"she said.

"No, it's not an animal. It's HARRY!" Lucius told the women getting a little agitated.

Her eyes widened when she heard that name, she looked back at the kitten and put her hand over her mouth when she saw all of its injuries. She quickly got a hold of her self and snatched the kitten out of Tom's hands and laid him on one of the infermery beds. She quickly said the incantation to force him into his human form. She started crying when she saw the state he was in, she wiped her tears away before she summoned a piece of parchement and then said a spell to get a written account of all his outer and internal injuries that she would need to fix right away. Three hours later she was finally done and now had an uninjured Harry Potter sleeping peacefully on the infermery bed. Severus counted all the potioins that would need to be replaced, his eyes widened when he counted up to twenty and still wasn't done.

"I am going to be so busy this year," he mumbled to himself.

He looked back at the teen on the bed and his breath hitched at the sight before him. Tom and Lucius heard the hitch and looked to see what he was looking at and they stared along with him at what the saw. The three never did get a good look at Harry when Madam Promfrey changed him back, but now they did. There Harry Potter laid and the other three thought he was a vision of beauty. He was still short about four feet and eight inches tall if he stood up, his hair reached pass his knees and touched the floor gently. His face was heart-shaped with blood-red, cupid bow lips and long, lushious, black eyelashes. His hips curved nicely into a pert and full ass that trailed into mile-long legs that were smooth and hairless. All the girly features were balanced by the light muscles in his arms and legs. All in all the three of them thought he was perfect, even more so when they thought of his beautiful emerald green eyes. Madam Promfrey looked at all of them and had to stop herself before she laghed aloud when she saw their faces.

"Quit your drooling you three," she snapped and smirked when all three jumped, "don't you need to get back to your classes and you mister headmaster need to go up to your office and get the airbag named Fudge out of it."

With that she turned and left the room, but not before she told them they could come back and visit. Over the days of the next week and a half they each seperately came to visit when they had some free time. Harry did not wake for that week and a half but he was beginning to stir from his healing sleep. It was the first Friday of the Easter holidays and Severus, Lucius, and Tom were all off so they went and visited Harry in the hospital wing hoping either he was awake or that he would wake up if they were there. All three of them arrived in time to see someone standing over Harry's bed with a knife at his throat. They rushed over firing disarming and stunning spells as they went. Once the woman was taken care of they checked to see if Harry was alright only to see that he wasn't on the bed. They looked for him and finally found him in a corner with Madam Pomfrey trying to get him out with no such luck. After making sure the woman was bound they went to try and help Poppy with getting Harry out of the corner. This proved to be quite easy because when Harry saw Severus he ran out of the corner he was in and attached himself to Severus's arm not letting go and hiding behind his back. Severus, even though he was disturbed that Harry trusted him more than Poppy, was amused by how he was acting so cute. He thought this because Harry kept peeking at Lucius and Tom every once and a while until he finally relaxed enough to come out from behind the man he was hiding behind.

"Well if you have done with your hiding, please get up on the bed, Mr. Potter," Madam Pomfrey asked in a kind and gentle tone. Harry looked at her for a little while contemplating wether she was to be trusted or not. After awhile he shuffled to the bed that he got off of and sat down, he still hadn't let go of Severus's arm yet so he was draged over to the bed too. Madam Pomfrey cast more scans to see if she missed any, when she found that he was completely healed she nodded.

"Now Mr. Potter I am oing to call a house elf to bring you some broth and bread to eat," she held her hand up when the other three adults in the room started to protest, "he will need to start out easy instead of eating a big meal full of real rich foods. His stomach won't be able to handle it and it would just cause a set back instead of helping him. Now Mr. Potter take this potion before you eat and you should be able to get all of what is sent for you down."

With that she handed him a potion and went to go call a house elf. Once he gulped the potion down he looked around the hospital wing to see if it was just like he remembered it. Despite there being to or three more beds there was only one thing different, over his bed was a plaque that had his name and all of the dates he was in the hospital wing on it. Harry stared at it with horrified awe, he couldn't believe she actually did what she threatened to do for years when he went to Hogwarts. Severus, Lucius, and Tom watched has he looked around the room and almost laughed when they saw his eyes grow wide when they landed on the plaque above his bed. They didn't want to bring up what happened at his relatives house but they knew they had to. Tom and Lucius looked at Severus asking him silently if he would be the one to ask instead of them. Severus saw the look and almost groaned aloud instead he just mumbled under his breath about cowards and why couldn't they do it. He grabbed Harry's chin and turned his head so he was looking at him instead of the plaque.

"Harry what happened when Dumbledore took you back to your relatives before we could get to you?" he asked in a gentle voice so not to scare him.

Harry took a deep breath so he could calm his frantic heart beat and began to tell them what happened, "When Dumbledore came to get me I didn't know what was going on, since my fifth year when Sirius almost died along with Remus I never trusted him again. When he came and got me all he did was grab my hand, stuff something in it and said his favorite sayin 'For the greater good' I didn't realize it was a portkey until I landed on the lawn of my realatives house puking my guts up," he stopped to eat his broth and bread that had arrived a few minutes ago then started back up when he was done, "Aunt Petunia wasn't there and neither was Dudley I was confused as to where they were. My U..Un...Vernon said they were on vacation of course you know what happened after that seeing as you have seen all the scars, bruises, and burns that that man gave me. Well my Aunt came home with my cousin and when she saw the state I was in she went balistic, that threw me off because even though she wasn't really mean to me she was still with her husband about what she thought of me. They then got into an argument, this time my Aunt didn't back down and it was also the first time Vernon had ever hit her. When she recovered from the shock of being hit she took me and Dudley out of the house and divorced Vernon the next day. They went to court and oddly enough he didn't fight for custody of Dudley but he did for me. Well he and Aunt Petunia fought for it unfortunatly he won. Took me back and gave me a really bad beating. And the rest you know," he finished rather quickly at the end.

They looked at each other over his head, what he said explained the injured body they found but not why he was a kitten when they found him. This time it was Tom who asked why this was because Severus had a look that said 'I am not asking again and if you make me you are going to be on the couch for a week' and Lucius wasn't even looking at them.

"So, Harry, can you tell us why you were a kitten when we found you?" he asked in a calm voice despite how angry he was at the muggle man.

Unfortunatly Harry still tensed up at the question, Severus feeling him tense up began rubbing his arms to calm him down. Harry calmed slightly but not all the way, he took another deep breath and then told them why he was in his animagus form.

"Vernon had made sexual moves toward me, you know inappropriate touches and stuff but never farther than that. Then one night he came home drunk and tried to r...ra...rape me, but my magic lashed out at him and turned me into a kitten. He didn't try again because he couldn't and I thank Merlin for that."

When he finished all three males magic went haywire and suffocated the air around them with it. Harry whimpered and snuggled back into Severus's back that was enough for them to get a control on their magic so they wouldn't scare him anymore. Severus drew Harry out from behind him and sat him on his lap rubbing his back while he rocked him gently. They continued to visit him and just talking about nonconsequential things. Sometimes they would accidently bring up a topic that would bring back bad memories and they would quickly get off that topic without seeming like they were trying to do it. It wasn't Until about five weeks later that Harry was healthy enough to leave the hospital wing and when he was allowed to he bolted from the bed and ran out of there like he a hell hound snapping at his feet. But he didn't leave without saying thank you to Madam Pomfrey and giving her a hug first.

Yeah that's it for chapter 2, sorry if it is too short. And yes I do believe that is a cliff hanger. I would like to send a special thanks to all of those that are still reading my stories though I haven't updated soon. So thank you all of you who like my story.

Oh, and in chapter 3 you get to find out what happened to Fawks and where he disappered to.

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