Chapter 4

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Harry was staring at Sirius he had shouted at the Founder's portrait. The Founders looked on in amuesment as Remus continued to smack Sirius upside the head for shouting. Tom coughed lightly to get their attention again, " You were saying about the Potter's having a third mate?"

Both Lucius and Severus straigtened in their seats at that.

"Yeah we learned it from Lily after they came here to ask Dumbledore about the empty feeling they had," Remus explained as he and Sirius sat down on the loveseat that the school had provided for them. "Apparently when they got here Dumbledore was out so they sat down and talked between themselves. That's when the founders here overheard their converstation and they told 'em that they were missing a mate," Sirius finished for Remus.

Severus rolled his eyes in exasperation," Yes, Mutt, we get that but did they ever find their third?"

Harry looked at them hopefully, don't get him wrong he loved Sirius and Remus, but the possability that he had a parent somewhere out there made him hope that he wasn't really alone.

Sirius shook his head,"Not that we know, if they did they never told us."

Ravenclaw politely coughed to gain their attention, one she saw that everyone was looking at their portrait she explained what happened in the headmaster's office that night.

"We had all just settled in for a night's rest when Lily and James knocked on the door. Dumbledore was hear when they arrived but couldnt stay as he was having problems with a couple of students being out late that night. He told them to make themselves comfortable while he went to handle the situation, and that's what they did. They started talking amongst themselves of the reason they were here," she paused to take a sip out of a glass that was siting next to her chair," We overheard their converstation and told them that the reason that they felt unstable/uneasy was because the were missing their third." She stopped talking and let Salazar take over.

"We had just told then their mate's name when Dumbledore barged back into the room. He obliviated them and sent them home, fourtanetley for us Dumbledore didn't hear us tell them the name so he didn't obliviate that part of their memory. When they went to sle that night they dreamt us saying that name bit everything else was hazy." Salazar finished only for Godric to start the story again.

"James being an Auour knew that they had been obliviated and came to back to see us, but Dumbledore had already banished us from the wall so we as well don't know if they ever found their third."

Harry's shoulders slumped in despair, maybe he really didn't have any family out there anymore. Harry looked over at Fawkes and saw that he was listening to their conversation. Fawkes noticed him looking and flew over and landed on his knee. He trilled softly, the beautiful phoniex song soothing Harry's nerves and making him feel lighter. Fawkes then hopped onto the floor and transformed into his human form. He picked Harry up out of his seat and then sat down with Harry in his lap

" Do not worry little one i know what happened after that, you see when they came back Dumbledore was gone again and only I and the portraits were in her. They sat down to discuss between themselves. They kept asking why would Dumbledore obliviate them so I decided to reveal myself to them," Fawkes paused and smiled as he thought back to that day. He took a deep breath and continued where he left off.

"They both jumped when they saw me. Your mother hexed me and your father was on the verge of cursing me until I sung my phoenix song. I told them everything they wanted to know after they calmed down."

Fawkes hugged Harry tightly as if he would disappear, " I'm their other mate." Harry gasped and suddenly started crying, Fawkes seeing the tears started crying as well as they clung to each other. The others in the room staring in open mouthed shock. They stayed that way for a few minutes when all of a sudden Harry felt a tingling down hs spine and then imense pain flared across his shoulders. He cryed out as the pain worsened. He could feel his newly found papa's hand soothingly warm hand rubbing his back as he made him lay on his stomach on the couch. Distantly he heard Sirius and his papa shouting about wings, water, and towels. He felt one last wave of pain before he passed out. Sirius saw his godson faint from the pain and shouted for Severus, who came running over to check on Harry.

Sirius turned to Fawkes,"What's wrong with him, will he be ok?" There was a note of hysteria in his voice but otherwise he looked completely calm on the outside.

Fawkes nodded as he calmly explained," Yes, his wings are coming out that's all."

"WINGS!" Everyone shouted.

Fawkes frowned in confusioin. "Yes wings. Since he is half phoenix he'll have wings and a stripe of color in his hair the color of his wings and that stripe indicates what type of phoenix he is. Would of though you guys would know that after I said I was his parents other mate," he muttered the last part. Tom was about to ask more about phoenix kind when Harry suddenly let out a paind wail and arched his back to try and relieve the pain. Everyone turned around and watched as the wings burst from his back, splattering blood everywhere. Fawkes grabbed the warm water and towels and started to clean the blood off his son's wings and as he did so he wished his mates were hear to share the moment with him.

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Remus and Sirius where the next two to walk over and help clean the blood up. Tom, Severus, and Lucius came over to help as well but they would stop and stare at Harry's wings as they worked. The were a good ten feet long from wing tip to wing tip and as white as freshly fallen snow with ice blue dots splattered here and there and his bottom featers looked as if they were dipped into the sky and dyed that color. And just like Fawkes said there was a stripe of color in his midnight raven hair, it was same sky blue on his wings and has it went down it got darker and the very bottom tip of the stripe was a brilliant white. All in all he looked breathtaking to the three older men. They looked at each other and nodded, they would do everything in their power to make sure Harry was safe as well as get him to be theirs.

Remus looked up from watching his honorary godson to see Lucius, Tom, and Severus nodding to each other as if they came to an agreement. Oh, he wasn't and idiot he had smelt the lust coming off them in waves when they saw his godson. He had been angry at first, but now he smiled knowing for a fact they wouldn't harm Harry.

He would still warn them though, when he noticed all of them looking at him he flashed his amber eyes to the yellow of his wolf in a silent warning. They all had different reactions to his warning, Tom gulped nervously but nodded to him. Lucius went a little pale as he nodded trying not picture what a werewolf could do to a person. Severus simply nodded his head with a slight smile on his lips knowing that they would be ok so long as they didn't hurt Harry. He went a little pale though thinking about what Black would do if he ever found out that all three of them were lusting after his godson. When Harry finally woke up again they expalined to him about what happened, and Fawkes told all of them about how Dumbledore found out about him and how the old goat sealed his human form and imperioed James and Lily to forget about him and go back to their son. He told them how Dumbledore made his life at Hogwarts a living hell, and how he was teased with getting to see Harry for a little bit but to just have him taken from him all over again. He watched as Harry nodded off at the end and snuggled up to him as he sat on the couch.

Tom silently enlarged and transfigured the couch into a bed as Fawkes started to fall asleep as well. Both groups of men smiled gently at the sight before heading to their own sleeping chambers. The founders smiled as well the girls awing over how cute they looked and then men just smirking at how even Rowena was acting like a little girl. Which got Godric hit upside the head because she could hear his thoughts. She was going to do the same to Salazar when she noticed he was running out of there frame, she stared at where he had been for a few moments before deciding to chase after the man. Helga and Godric laughed and both considered following after them but both went out of their portrait in different directions after deciding to visit friends that they hadn't seen in almost 200 years.

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