"Miss Lestrange, may I ask why you aren't paying attention?" Professor McGonagall asked me.

"It's not my fault, I swear." I said in an innocent voice. "It's just that I've been hearing for more than forty minutes what Miss Evans wants to do with Potter tonight, and let me tell you, they're not things that you should do in school."

Lily gasped behind me, James was trying to hold laughter in, and the rest of the class just laughed. Professor McGonagall blushed and ordered Lily to sit in the front row, I started to laugh but McGonagall noticed and made me sit next to Lily.

I didn't get her into trouble, but at least she was away from James, and I made her go through an embarrassed moment.

Now you may be wondering who I am and why I hate Lily Evans so much.

Well my name is Annabella Lestrange, sorted into Gryffindor, it was quite a shock to everyone. My parents didn't disown me, thanks God. But they don't love me as much, Rodolphus my brother, is their favourite now.

I have long wavy blonde hair and light grey eyes. I have a nice body cause I play Quidditch, if I didn't, I probably would be obese, because of all I eat, specially the big quantities of chocolate I consumed.

Since I was pretty young I knew Sirius Black, our parents are really good friends, so I had no problem in making friends in Gryffindor. He introduced me to his friends and we have been inseparable ever since.

One of my few girlfriends was Narcissa Black, she was in Slytherin but she graduated five years ago. She's Sirius' cousin. And it was for her I met Alana, my best Slytherin friend.

Anyway, to answer the other question, why do I hate Lily so much?, Well, Lily was my other best friend, I didn't care she was a muggleborn, I just liked her and accepted her for who she was.

Not so long ago though, I admitted to her my crush for James Potter, one of my best friends. Alana already knew of this crush. I had told her as soon as I started having those weird feeling you get when you like someone. Anyway, Lily told me all night why I shouldn't be with him and that I could do so much better than him.

Three days later I found out James had asked Lily out, (as always), but this time she had said yes. What the hell? She knew I liked him, she turned him down for years, why so suddenly did she change her mind?

Alana wanted revenge, while I was in my bed crying, she was making an evil plan. She had asked Narcissa (who was her friend too), and Bellatrix, Cissy's sister, (who had married my brother not long ago), for ideas and then asked her roommates to help her get her plan done.

They made Lily's life hell for longer than a month. They hexed her, gave her weird potions, cut her hair, put poster all around school, with a picture of her in just underwear, and under the picture it said 'The Gryffindor Slut'. Everyday something new happened to her, I had no idea Alana was behind it. It all stopped when the five Slytherin girls hexed her so much she ended up in the Hospital Wing.

Dumbledore was going to take actions if they just wouldn't stop. They were lucky he never found out who did it or they would have been expelled. Alana confessed to me it was her and it sounds bad but I loved her for doing it.

From there on, I made Lily's life a misery, not as dramatic as Alana did, though. I'd do things like what I did on Transfugiration class. I love getting her in troubles and ridicule her every chance I had. I even made McGonagall think Lily wasn't so good for the Head Girl position and McGonagall almost gave the title to another girl.

James noticed my behaviour and confronted me, he asked me what was wrong with me, I just said I hated her, I gave no reasons, if I had and if James wasn't so head over heels for her he would have broken up with her. He just loved me that much. But this time he told me I was being childish and I had to grow up. He barely talks to me now.

Sirius is on my side though, he dislikes her a bit. He even gives me ideas for pranks, but he does it without telling James, or he would kill Sirius.

Peter just loves what I do and enjoys the show when I do something to Lily, and Remus disagrees, but doesn't try to stop me, he just shakes his head at me in disagreement.

Severus Snape, Lily's ex best friend tried to defend her a couple of times, even tried to hex me, but soon realized Lily wasn't going to forgive him, not even going to thank him, so he stopped, and instead just watches what I do.

That's when I got an idea, well, he likes Lily, I like James, we could pair up and do something to make them brake up but there was a tiny little problem. He hates the Marauders with a passion, I'm practically one of them, he hates me as much as he hates them.