Three weeks had passed since Anna was released from the hospital. N.E.W.T.s were done and all the school was enjoying their last day in Hogwarts. They were going to leave tomorrow morning, and for students like James, Anna, and Sirius, it was going to be their last time.

During this three weeks, James hadn't said anything to Anna. Anna nor Sirius knew why he was acting that way. Not even James knew. He just couldn't talk with her. Sirius expressed all his anger and confusion towards James while Anna appeared normal and pretended it didn't affect her, while on the inside, she felt like dying.

The Lestranges didn't stop until justice was done. They talked to the ministry and at the end Evans was expelled one day before exams were done, and taken to Azkaban. She was currently awaiting trial. She might face life in Azkaban or the dementor's kiss. Either way she was going to get her punishment.

By now, the whole school knew about it. It still was the number one topic in conversations. Some, as heartless as it sounds, were betting what her punishment will be. Most were betting on life behind bars. But who knew.

Anna was glad some justice was going to be done, but still wasn't 100% happy with the outcome. She would feel extremely guilty if they decide to give her the kiss.

Anna was also not looking forward to the trial. She had to attend it and talk about what happened that night. Her three roommates had to go too. Sirius was going as well, but only to give her moral support, which she didn't mind getting.

Her whole family, including the in-laws (the Blacks) already said they were going to be there. While she had all these people there for her, Lily had none since they were muggles. It was a bit sad that she'd be alone through that though time.

Minutes and hours passed, and the last whole day that they were going to be in the school was coming to its end. Some people were enjoying outdoors, some were packing, some were already saying good-bye. Most were celebrating and running around.

Sirius and Anna were in the common room, just talking, having a good time. While Remus and Lupin were missing and James was locked in the boys dorm. Doing who knows what.

They were discussing what they were going to do after school. Anna had really no idea, while Sirius had a vague idea. Probably an auror? Yeah, that was most likely.

Sirius had already gotten himself a small flat in a small town away from all his family. He had already moved his stuff and bought some. He was really looking forward to move on his own and be independent. He loved living with James, but his parents had already done so much for him, he couldn't bother them anymore.

Anna, couldn't imagine herself going back to her house. Now that her brother was living on his own with his wife, their parents were going to be a real pain in the ass. Controlling her and seeing her every move. She was really controlled, even with her brother around, who was the favourite, and the one that had more attention, so now that all the attention was going to be hers, she just wouldn't stand it.

Her mother would tell her all summer, boys' names that were accepted for her to marry. And that she should think about marriage soon. She could see it already, marrying a rich pureblood guy, having a pureblood (preferably boy) child within the next year and being slaved to being a housewife. Not something Anna wanted for the rest of her life.

Sirius' life would be like that as well. Marrying a pureblood and make pureblood babies. But he was disowned, so he was free to do what he wanted. Anna could also do what she wanted but she hadn't been disowned like Sirius when sorted in Gryffindor. So she had some pressure on her, she loved her parents, didn't want to disappoint them.

Both of them always envied James, or even Remus. James was a pureblood as well but his family was nothing like theirs. They were a loving family and they were proud of James no matter what. Remus was a halfblood, he was also a werewolf. Either Anna nor Sirius could imagine what their family would do if they were like Remus. They probably would kill themselves, out of embarrassment, if anybody found out. If no one didn't, they would lock them in the basement or something like that.

Yeah, Anna and Sirius envied them. They simply envied pure love. Something they didn't have, but wanted so desperately. They had love from other people though. Anna and Sirius loved each other, which was more than enough for both, but the lack of love from their parents hurt sometimes.

"You can live with me, you know?" Sirius suddenly said to Anna.

"I know. Thank you." Anna said smiling. "I'll do it if I don't find a place on my own."

"I have two rooms, one can be yours." Sirius said shrugging. "Besides, it's not like we can't sleep in the same bed. We've been doing it for a month. Well we've done it all our lives actually."

"Thank you Sirius, but I'll let you enjoy your freedom." Anna said hugging her best friend. "Besides if I sleep in the same bed as you, you'll not get so many girls, are you?" Anna said teasingly.

"Like if I care." Anna just gave him a look. "We can do a threesome, yeah that sounds good."

"You can keep dreaming Sirius."

"Aww, why not?"

"I'm going to stop talking about this right now." Anna said standing up. "You turn every normal conversation into something sexual."

"Me? You brought it up!"

"Yeah, right."

"Anyway, when are we going for your stuff? Or we can leave them at your parents' and buy new!" Sirius said exciting.

"You won't drop it, are you?"

"Not a chance." Sirius smiled. "Not until you accept my offer."

"Ok, but just for a month or two, no more." Anna said sighing. Sirius cheered.

And in that moment James went downstairs and just took quick glance at the pair and continued to walk. Sirius just looked back angrily while Anna looked normal but you could notice the sadness in her eyes.

Anna closed her eyes and gave a heavy sigh. When she opened them again James was out of the common room. She looked at Sirius, and Sirius just gave her a small encouraging smile.

"Go, you must do it." Sirius said nodding. Like if he was reading her thoughts. "You'll regret it." Anna just nodded a bit unsure but stood up and walked fast out of the common room, going after James.

Anna looked around and spot him quite far, he was walking looking at the ground. Hands in pockets. Anna ran after him and caught up with him when he was halfway down the stairs to the sixth floor.

"James!" Anna exclaimed.

James stopped dead in his tracks, but didn't move for awhile. Then he sighed and slowly lifted his head, and turned around to face Anna, who was five steps away from him now.

"What's up with you?" Anna demanded. "Why don't you talk to me?"

James just looked away from her. Lots of thoughts were running in his head. He had no idea the answer to what he had been asked.

"You know what? I don't care, ok? I just want you to stop. Yeah I like you, so what? It's not like a big deal or anything. It doesn't mean like we are going to get married or something. So if it's that why you are avoiding me, then you're being childish." Anna rambled. "If something as stupid as a crush is going to stop our friendship then I guess it wasn't that strong."

"It's not that." James interrupted her. "You are the person I love the most, and I almost lost you. I feel guilty. You almost die because of me!" James exclaimed.

"That's not true. It's not like you used imperio on her or something like that." Anna said shrugging. "Look, James, we are going home tomorrow, and if you don't talk to me while being here, seeing each other everyday, then how are you going to talk when we live in different cities? I just don't want to lose you."

"You won't."

"You are so important to me that…" Anna shook her head. "I don't even want to imagine what I'd do if I lost you."

James smiled at her, a genuinely smile, Anna smiled back shyly. Then while getting lost in each other eyes' the stairs moved, and Anna lost her balance, and fell right into James chest. James almost fell as well, but could stabilize his own body while holding Anna. By now he had his arms around her and she had hers around his neck.

Anna had her mouth a bit opened like if she wanted to say something but no sound came out. James, just stared at her grey eyes through his round glasses. And Anna stared back at his.

Anna pretty much loved his glasses, and how they looked on him. James was the perfect proof that you can wear glasses and still be attractive. Just because you've got glasses doesn't mean you are a nerd, and antisocial and ugly. James was the opposite. Popular, athletic, attractive, handsome, a troublemaker, sexy, hot, and… well back to the story.

James smiled at her again, not daring to let go of her. He, for just a split second looked down to her lips before looking back up to her eyes. He really wanted to kiss her but he was frozen in place. He couldn't move anything else than his eyes. Why couldn't he lean a bit and kiss her?

Anna who wanted to kiss him too, just looked at the unmoving body. She noticed how he looked at her lips and then to her eyes. Anna knew she had to do it herself, or James would never do it. Anna who was a step above James, was almost face to face with him. So she just got a bit closer and pecked him lightly on his lips.

James didn't react, he just blinked a couple of times and looked back at her. James then got back to his senses and did the same. He enjoyed every second the kiss lasted. He felt like fireworks going inside him. Something he never felt with Evans. Wait, why am I even mention her? Anyway, they broke apart when they heard a familiar voice yelled at them.

"About time mate!" Sirius yelled at the top of the stairs. "How does it feel when Anna has more balls than you?" Sirius burst out laughing.

James gave him the finger and kissed Anna again.

Anna broke the kiss and looked into his eyes with a smirk on her face.

"Sirius is right though. I have more balls than you." Anna said teasingly. "If I hadn't kiss you, you wouldn't have done it."

"Shut up." James said pecking her lips. "Do you want to be my girlfriend?"

Anna rolled her eyes. "No, James, I just kissed you because I wanted to make Sirius jealous." Anna said a bit serious, trying to hide a smile. James looked a bit shocked. "You fool! Of course I do want to." Anna laughed.

"You scared me for a second there!" James said putting his hand on his chest.

Anna pecked him one last time and let go of James. She grabbed his hand and led him where Sirius was watching the scene.

Sirius got in between them and put his arms around both, James' and Anna's shoulders. He was a bit taller than them.

"Now that everything is cleared up between you, I want to make clear that you must make me your best man on your wedding, James, and you must name your first child after me and make me his godfather, are we clear?"

James was shocked at his best friend' statement, and Anna just looked in disbelief at him. They had just been dating for a couple of minutes and Sirius was already talking about marriage and children.

Anna, then just started laughing, joined by Sirius and after James finally recovered, he joined in too.