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Robin softly bounced from foot to foot, the cool night air only being a partial factor. The canary underbelly of his cape contrasted against the Gotham night, Batman's main concern about giving his young partner a brightly colored costume, but with the chilling atmosphere continually dropping, Robin had quickly wrapped the material around his thin frame.

Batman stood looming over the edge of the building. Even though he knew his mentor was a well trained martial artist with multiple weapons at his disposal, Robin kept turning back to cautiously glance back to the man and his feet dangerously close to the building's end.

Sensing the boy's nervous glances, Batman took a slight step back, but never let his eyes leave the streets below. Robin took a steadying breath before joining the man on the ledge.

Feeling himself relax more with the child closer, Batman allowed himself to take in the, for once, calm night. For months Dick had been begging to finally join him on patrol, and Bruce had specifically chosen the night after which he had made sure Joker, Two Face and all the other crazy people his son didn't need to meet on his first outing as Robin we securely tucked away in Arkham.

Batman shifted his gaze to the young hero who was currently shaking quite noticeably.

"You're cold." He stated gruffly.

Of course he's cold, its thirty degrees out here! Of all the nights to take him out, you chose the night where the cold freeze comes in. Some detective you are, and without fully equipping his gear with clothe lining heating pads.

"I'm fine." Robin replied strongly despite his rattling shoulders.

Sure you are, chum. You want me to think you're big and tough on your first patrol don't ya?

Not wanting to hurt the boy's pride, Batman silently let the subject drop. They surveyed in silence, occasionally hopping from roof to roof to over see other sectors of the city.

Stay this way, don't make some big fiasco happen on his first time. I don't need him getting into any trouble or getting seen before he needs to.

And what with God hating him, his police scanner picked up on a call not moments later.

"This is officer Dringer reporting from Parmer and 15th. We have sightings of McFarlen and his cronies skulking around the ports. Requesting backup among further investigation."

"Roger Dringer, this is Lieutenant Martinez. Continue to observe their actions, but do not approach until you have further evidence."


Batman turned to look at the partner who continued to bounce around the roof with his cape wrapped tightly around his shoulders. Without saying anything, Batman quickly shot out his grappling hook and swung eastward towards Gotham Port.

Like officer Dringer had reported, local drug dealer McFarlen's gang were populating the waters of Gotham Bay. The warehouse lights were dimmed to only the downstairs, illuminating mostly the back of the building rather then the heavily guarded front doors.

Batman lay crouched on the roof of the warehouse two buildings to its left. After landing it only took a few short seconds for the smaller presence to fall in step beside him.

"So, what do we have goin' on here?" Robin asked quietly beside him.

"Anthony McFarlen, local drug dealer and night club owner."

"The Dollhouse, right?"

Batman made a noise of confirmation, but cut off communication after that; Robin didn't need to be told what was happening. Before even considering taking him out into the field, Batman had Dick read up on all the old files on the Bat computer and all local, and non-local, criminals in which Batman and members of the Justice League had come into contact with.

Batman gently tapped the motion sensor beside his right temple, increasing the magnification of his mask lenses.

Robin knew he should just wait for Batman's information about the scene before him, but it didn't help that he was also too short to see over to the other building.

"Seventeen total outside. Eight guarding the entrance, one has the door on the right side, two other on the left, the other six are patrolling the docks in a rotation."

"Are they on a schedule?"

"No. They seem to decide on their own when to rotate, but it seems to be leaning towards three minutes." Batman informed.

"Hm," Robin commented taking in the information to memory, knowing Batman was going to make him write a report, if not for this patrol, then soon. "What about in the building, can you see in there?"

Robin knew what came next. Infrared vision activated, scoping of all three levels twice and a check for any underground rooms.

"Twelve inside. McFarlen in on the second level with two others. The rest are all scattered along the first floor."

Robin nodded, knowing his mentor would feel his affirmation. Batman stood to his full height before looking down to his partner with a look Robin suddenly recognized.

"Stay here. I'm going to take care of this."

"What? But I came out this entire night with nothing happening, and now that there's something I have to stay put?" Robin exclaimed.

"Robin," Batman gently scolded, letting out a sigh at the child's pout. "There's too many for you to take on alone for your first time in the field. I need you to stay here, where it's safe. Do you understand?"

Robin continued to pout at the cemented floor, but allowed a mutter of understanding to pass from his lips. He thought Batman would just take off without any other notice, but instead felt a sudden warmth encase around him.

A dark wave draped over Robin's black locks to hang limply around his shoulders and pool around his feet. Batman crouched eye level to help pull it about the boy's face and clutched into his hands.

"But don't you need your cape? It helps you hide better in the dark."

Batman would agree, that was true. But with the knowledge that Robin was still shivering from the cold and standing there all alone would not help outweighed the small camouflage the cape provided.

"I'll be fine." Batman assured.

He allowed his hand to gently caress the wind blown cheek before standing once more.

"Stay here, I promise," Batman swore as the child began to protest. "Only a second."

A comforting hand on the head was all Robin was left with as his mentor silently drifted over to the scene of the crime.

Robin waited thirteen seconds exactly, counting one Batmobile...two Batmobiles...Three Batmobiles... He loyally kept his back turned before quickly spinning to shoot his grappling hook out. Landing silently on the building next to the warehouse, Batman's cape stirring up dust and slightly unwrapping itself around his shoulders. Knowing where the best blind spot was, Robin crouched beside the floor and peeked around slowly. Batman still hadn't been seen.

Enhancing his vision, Robin scanned the ground once more, trying to see if any goons had left or more had decided to come out. The numbers hadn't changed, but the six by the dock had gone through a rotation and another from the side of the building had moved closer to a back door and seemed to be talking to someone inside.

Robin saw the shadow in the back right corner shift slightly. He didn't need to do that, but knowing it was still Robin's first time, he wanted him to watch closely for educational purposes. The lone guard on the right door went first, swift pressure point in the neck while he wasn't looking so as to be quiet, zip ties to the wrist and precautionary knock out gas before being hidden (thrown) into the near by bush. With the door now open for use, Batman didn't need to pursue the others for unneeded attention. The biggest problem at the moment was making sure the shipment didn't leave the bay and McFarlen didn't leave Gotham with Drugs to sell elsewhere.

Robin switched to infrared, seeing the rainbow Batman go through the first room with no problem. Two were in the room to the right, but a quick knock out gas spray was all that was needed. Robin made a mental note to himself as Batman began the actual brute force with the next four, always reload on knock out gas.

The walls and floors were cement and that may have allowed for no noise coming to McFarlen on the next floor, but it didn't stop the scuffle from being heard by the other guards on the first floor. All at once Batman was surrounded by the other six men. Three had guns, one had a knife and Robin wasn't aware of other weapons. One tried to tackle Batman from behind, but a swift 360 turn and foot to the face ended that option. Another aimed his gun, but Batman quickly grabbed the shaft and pulled it from his hands. Plastic, metal and pain met the man in the stomach as Batman quickly shoved the weapon sharply into his abdomen. Turning, Batman used the same gun to knock away the other man's who was standing at his three o' clock. Batman landed a kick, sending him flying, but missed the other who came barreling into his outstretched leg.

Batman lost the gun, but also pulled away the guard's. Robin counted six point fifteen seconds before the man was sent clashing into another. The last guy was already almost up the stairs when Batman jumped to his feet. The stair case wasn't too big, not nearly as big as the four grand staircases at the mansion or the five hidden stair cases (not including the stairs to the Batcave), but they were long enough that Batman was able to catch the man before he got too close.

Batman had to take three minutes to round up the assailants and zip tie their hands before tying them all too a pipe hanging down the flank of the far right wall.

Quietly, Batman swiftly glided up the stairs. Stopping outside the door, he seemed to be listening to the conversation going on inside the room, but the door could be cracked for him to see. Moments later, Batman pushed open the door and seemed to talk to someone inside.

Probably giving a cool punch line or lecture to McFarlen like in the Superman comics, Robin thought to himself before mentally kicking himself. Batman doesn't do that! He's more of the silent but deadly type. So someone must have known he was there. Robin wished Batman had given him a comm unit so he could hear what they were saying.

Batman waited a while before charging straight at one of the men standing next to a short, pudgy McFarlen rainbow figure. This one was bigger then the other goons, most likely a hired body guard or corrupt cop looking for his pay. Punches were thrown, and upper cut here and there, but Batman seemed to be on the offensive at the moment.

Blocks and deflects were thrown around as Batman slowly backed towards the door he had come from. As soon as another left hooker was thrown, Batman took the opportunity to move quickly to the left. The man stumbled, but when he went to get his balance, Batman kicked his feet out and shoved the man down the stairs. The other came quickly after, grabbing the Dark Knight around the middle and picking him up like he was about to throw him out the window. Batman brought up his legs to bring his boots down on the mans knees. As Batman flew forward in his release, he went into a crouched hand stand to shove the same boots into the man's jaw.

Batman turned in a swift tornado like turn and stood at the same moment the last man fell to the ground. McFarlen seemed to be jesting and begging with Batman all at the same time, but Batman only let his fist fly into the dealer's face.

More zip ties and knock out gas were exchanged. Batman flew down the stairs and stopped for a moment to send a call to the commissioner, meaning he had seven minutes to get the guards on the dock taken care of.

He could have taken the guards out like he had inside, but Robin knew Batman only saw this as a hassle already. A swift flash bomb was thrown, a few kicks placed here and there and they were out. Lousier guards are always on the outside, never with the boss. The flash bomb in turn alerted the guards at the entrance, who all huddled towards the shipment where they met a sudden aroma of knock out gas. Batman zip tied the rest of the lot, did a quick scout of the area for any missing links and suddenly found himself standing right beside his young partner.

"Do you always use so much knock out gas?" Robin asked as they drove back in the Batmobile.

"It gives me a small piece of satisfaction knowing it leaves its victims with a head ache when they wake up, but only when they are in big groups is knock out gas really effective." Batman informed.

"Well then I guess they just aren't smart enough to space their guys out, huh?"

Batman gave a small smirk in the boy's direction. "No, I guess they aren't, chum."

Robin didn't quite remember the rest of the car ride home, but next thing he knew Batman was gently pulling him out of his seat. Robin settled his face in the crook of his guardian's neck, but when he felt Batman begin to pull the still blanket purposed cape off his head, Robin looked up.

"Can't I keep it?"

Batman had removed his cowl, giving a very clear view of his sharply raised eye brow.

"You know the rules, Dick. No costumes up stairs." Bruce said sternly.

"I know," Robin said as he softly detached his mask from his cheeks. "But it's just so warm."

Bruce gave a small smile at the boy in his arms. "So you were cold, huh?"

Dick's cheeks went red with embarrassment as he muttered, "Well, maybe a little."

Bruce saw Alfred emerge from the stair case with a tray in hand.

"How bout this, if Alfred's famous cup of hot chocolate doesn't warm you up, you can sleep with me tonight."

"Really?" Dick's face brightened.


"Okay, deal."

Dick squirmed out of the man's grasp, running over to the elderly butler with outstretched hands. The child rambled on and on about how cool his first night as Robin had been, Batman's cape still secured around his small shoulders and dragging on the cave floor in a way that caused Alfred's eyes to drift to it every few seconds in between the boy's rant.

Bruce smirked as he retrieved his own glass, knowing Dick would probably lie about still being cold, but not really minding that and mostly hoping he would.

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