Book 3: Something Wicked This Way Comes

Chapter 1

Almost Thirteen

Harry Potter was an exceptionally odd boy in many ways. For one, he was a wizard.

Harry Potter was a wizard who was far too old for his soon-to-be thirteen year old body, which showed in his unnaturally green eyes. Bright with an unholy fire they nearly glowed with magic and intensity. More so as he took yet another dose of his potion, one which raced through his veins like sweet ambrosia and surged through his flesh like a wave of heat slipping deftly into his every cell.

"Does it feel any different this time?" Severus asked as he carefully lifted the magically reinforced tray which contained thirty-two identical vials and placed it into its goblin made safe. Harry shivered a bit and shook his head.

"I feel stronger every time I take it, you know that." He said smiling slightly. Severus snorted.

"Yes and some day you will consent to allowing me to-"

"Examine me?" Harry said cutting the man off abruptly. Severus huffed and looked considerably petulant to Harry who could only shake his head and laugh.

"Mark my words…" Severus trailed off looking determined. Harry snorted.

"Come on Severus; let's just get this shopping trip over with." He said rolling his eyes.

"Hmmm yes, the joys of spending the day with an over active Draco Malfoy." Severus said smiling slightly. Harry raised an eyebrow.

"You know as well as I do that you enjoy every moment of it Severus, in fact I seem to remember a few sweets appearing in Draco's cauldron last year that the Lady Malfoy couldn't quite account for…" he said smirking at Severus' scowl.

"I haven't the slightest idea what you are referring to." He said lifting his nose. Harry snorted and waved a hand absently at the goblin that immediately closed his vault and began setting up the many wards and enchantments used to guard it. Automatically Harry reached for the slim worn diary that usually inhibited his right pocket only to press his lips together firmly when he didn't feel it. The potion was something he'd decided not to tell Tom just yet. Since they'd been stuck together nearly the entire summer in their search for Voldemort they'd decided that this shopping trip would be the perfect opportunity to take a break from each other. Two relatively anti social people forced to socialize for long periods of time did more harm then good it seemed, and Harry had been more then glad to take a breather.

Tom as a person- or rather a sentential form trapped in a book, wasn't really a terrible person to get along with. In fact Harry could honestly say that this summer had perhaps been the greatest learning experience he'd ever known. Tom was brilliant, sheer genius and had shared much of his knowledge with Harry as a way to get him to do things and go places for him- like India of all places for example.

Or Albania…

Or Egypt…

Harry shook his head at the thought of his whirlwind summer. Severus had been understandably pissed off the first time he'd taken off with nothing more than a note for several days at a time. But as the summer progressed and the dullness the haunted look in his eyes seemed to fade in contrast to the flush of excitement; understandably Severus had eventually given in. Harry was certain that the man thought that he might just need some time away from the mess that was the current wizarding world.

"Harry Potter!" The flashes caught him off guard as he moved into the atrium of Gringotts.

"Harry Potter is it true that your muggle relatives-"

"What are your thoughts on-"

"Are you-"

"Will you-"

Harry nearly sighed in relief at the sight of Narcissa Malfoy who was striding towards them with an annoyed glint in her eyes. Yes he supposed he had taken some glory from her hadn't he, after all the scandal over his abuse was big considering who he was. The fact that powerful leaders like Dumbledore and the Malfoy's were involved just made the story juicier.

He'd let her handle it he decided as Lucius Malfoy subtly twitched his head to the side glancing idly at a small door that had been opened not far from where they stood. Harry nearly grinned as he nudged Severus and directed him towards the door while the press was occupied. They slipped out into the crisp air and met Draco who was looking slightly annoyed.

"Mother told us to go ahead while she handles the press, the more we get done before they realize they never got a choice photo of Harry Potter the better." He said glancing around. "Honestly Harry this wouldn't be half as bad if you'd just made a public statement when the mudblood died." He sneered before guiding them towards the apothecary. Harry smiled slightly. Nothing, not even the press could dampen his mood.

The sun was shining,

He was well on his way to becoming invincible,

And Petunia Dursley was dead.

He sighed happily in remembrance; life was most certainly good for Harry Potter.


-This is a flashback-

Petunia scowled as she peeked out the curtain catching sight of them once more. Ever since that night she'd been tormented by freaks, people she'd never known did horrible freakish things to her with their freak wands. From turning her hair and skin odd colors to causing her to have violent stomach problems- it had gotten to the point that the freaks from their freak government had been forced to take her into protective custody. Of course she'd refused to be taken with them not knowing what devices they might have up their freakish selves. No sir she would live in her home and they would stand outside well away from her and her Duddykins. She sniffed in annoyance and let the curtain fall before turning to her breakfast.

"Mum, post is here." Dudley said slapping down the pile of mail before turning to his meal. Petunia winced slightly. One thing she would miss about Vernon was that he had always dealt with the bills. He wasn't here now though so she had to read through the complicated wording herself. Sighing slightly she decided to read the junk mail first, every once in a while she caught something of interest…

Ah? What's this?

She pursed her lips in curiosity as a particular note caught her eye.



She read on interest piqued and tilted her head to the side as she detached the small parcel that came with it. The first week's trial free… Curious she opened the bottle took out a pill and swallowed it with her coffee.

Outside her window brilliant green eyes gleamed as lips turned down into a grim frown.

Two weeks later Petunia admired her skeletal form in the mirror in satisfaction before ordering more. Harry shook his head slightly as she sent the order. The pill contained a particular worm from India that would slowly eat the insides away. Initially its victim would lose weight rapidly as it ate through the fat and water in the body before slowly it would begin to eat the tissue. Ultimately she only needed one pill, so he'd slipped it in with the advertisement knowing that she wouldn't think anything of having an extra pill in the bottle at the end of two weeks.

From his perch on the tree outside her window he watched as the first signs began to show, bruising under the eyes, yellowing of the skin, and finally the first pangs of the agony she would soon be facing.

Petunia Dursley would not be dieing a quick death like her husband, she would be dieing a slow and horrendously painful death as she was eaten from the inside out. Tom was delighted at his cruelty, Harry felt vindicated and yet incredibly sad and weary.

"That is what happens to leaders Harry." Tom said quietly his disembodied voice ever present and with him. "They must at times make decisions that are not easy to make. By killing her you not only gain your vengeance, but you also assure that the rumors of your abuse end here- as rumors. Such a thing could be used against you in the future, it could be perceived as a weakness by an enemy." He said softly and Harry knew that he must have faced the same decision once.

"It hurts to kill." He said gripping the space above his heart that ached terribly.

"It will get easier with time." Tom said wisely. "There is war on the horizon Harry Potter; some will be too weak to handle what must be done to survive that war. You will have the upper hand having killed already." Harry sighed quietly as he watched Petunia writhe on her sheets. Dudley was gone to visit his aunt Marge for two weeks, an effort on his mother's part to keep the 'freaks' away from him. Petunia would never seek help from the Aurors posted at her door- no, she would rather die. Not that the Aurors could do anything, muggle doctors either really. Harry had covered his tracks too well, after the second week it was already too late, she would die.

She would die.

His eyes slid closed and his hand gripped the tree beside him.






Grey eyes lifted slowly glazed, half mad with recognition and fury. The walls of Azkaban were no strangers to the screams of inmates, but the sound that spilled from this man's lips made even the most resolute shudder. Sirius Black, having long since given up on life outside of Azkaban stared down at the paper clutched in his hands with a fevered gaze. Hundreds more lay strewn about him- a years worth to be exact, a gift for amusing the guards. But what he'd hoped for in the funnies had been torn from him the instant he saw the front page of nearly every one of them.


Harry Potter.

His godson.


Custody fight.



Fragmented sentences and moving pictures told him a story that sickened him to the core. Harry…James and Lily's precious child…the baby he'd only known briefly and yet had loved more than anything else in the world…had been abused, was in trouble. He had to get out; he needed to see Harry, to keep him safe! His hands trembled as he set down the newspaper in his hand- one with a grieving clan of redheads, and one large scruffy looking rat which was missing a finger. A familiar creature. One that made Sirius' blood boil. If that- that thing was still alive…Harry was in danger. He had to get out, had to protect James' son!


Tom pursed his lips ignoring Harry as he sifted through maps and secreted notes. Harry quietly settled his packages where they belonged and selected a book from his growing library. Harry was ever the studious pupil and Tom found that while being forced to rely on another being for his life force was not pleasant and tended to irk his pride- Harry Potter was probably the least unpleasant of choices. Potter was quiet, reserved, patient and above all neat. Harry was just as adverse to the thought of human contact as Tom so he was not at all forced to endure inane chattering or small talk.

He turned his gaze to the boy readily scanning him with his eyes as he was often prone to do when the boy returned from being away from him for a while. The boy had grown this summer, he would be taller than most his year, and more toned as well from all the physical exertions he'd suffered through that summer. Harry could defend himself quite well by now, steady dueling lessons with Snape and now Malfoy- neither having any idea that the other was tutoring the boy having increased his skill exponentially. Also an added benefit was that the boy had spent the summer with him, seeming to soak up his every word as they made their way through difficult situations time after time in their search for his other half. He watched for a moment longer as the boy wrinkled his nose in mild offence batting away a stray strand of inky black that fell into his face. Harry twitched slightly in annoyance when the silken strand kept falling into his face and much to Tom's amusement spelled the whole mess of his thick wavy hair to sit at the base of his scull capturing the annoying strand. Shaking his head in slight amusement he turned back to his maps and scowled.


His other half had hidden himself well.

He sighed and leaned back crossing his arms in annoyance. At this rate they would have to return to Hogwarts all their searching having been fruitless save for Harry's increased knowledge. He glared at the window idly.

Where are you Lord Voldemort?