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Chapter 9


(A/n I realized partly through writing this book that my spell check keeps changing the spelling on certain names and words- for once it isn't my fault! Seriously it's changing words that I didn't want to be changed- like Lucius' name or the word Grimm which I purposefully use two m's in because of the Grimm Brothers- so do forgive any odd spelling mistakes, if they seem really weird it's probably not my fault, I'm going to try to fix it but bear with me guys!)

With the grim settled comfortably in the cabin he and Ash had shared what seemed like so long ago, Harry slowly made his way down to the dungeons feeling more tired than he could ever remember being. Yet when he stepped through the door he knew that any illusions he might have of sleeping were but a dream. The victory parties over Gryffindor were always particularly rambunctious and this one was obviously more so than usual. He nearly sighed at the cheer that rose in the air once his presence had been noted.

"To the Slytherin Prince!" Draco said obviously more than a little bit hyper.

"To the prince!"

"To the prince!"

"To the prince!"

"To the prince!"

The others chorused lifting their goblets and cups. Harry smiled thinly.

"Thank you, but it was a team effort- mostly." He said drawing a laugh from the others. It would be odd if he didn't brag.

"To the Slytherin Prince!"

"To the prince!"

"To the Slytherin Prince!"

"To the prince!"

"To the Slytherin Prince!"

They repeated again before falling back into their conversations as Harry made his way over to where Draco was bouncing in his seat.

"Draco." He said in greeting. "Have you seen Severus?" he asked not giving the boy a chance to ramble on. Draco's face fell slightly and his mouth formed a thoughtful pout.

"Father dropped by nearly an hour ago, they probably went to Uncle Severus' rooms to talk." He shrugged idly. Harry nodded absently and glanced at the clock as he was handed a drink. It was nine-thirty; if Severus wasn't back in an hour Harry would slip out to find him. He wanted to tell Severus about his new friend so as not to shock the man too badly.

Reluctantly he joined the party keeping the upper years from slipping liquor into Draco's cup as he watched them all. When an hour was up and Severus still hadn't appeared Harry slipped out of the room and headed towards Severus' quarters. He was exempt from the curfew mainly because of his hectic schedule so he wasn't too worried about the Prefects though they did tend to sneer at him a bit when they saw him. Yawning he turned the corner and looked up at the painting which yawned slightly and waved him in. Harry made his way through the small hallway to the living area-

And froze.

A gasp rose up and it took him a moment for his brain to gather what his eyes were seeing. Severus was laid across the couch half dressed his head thrown back in bliss while a blond head of hair trailed slowly down his torso leaving wet patches on Severus' normally crisp white shirt. Dark eyes opened slightly looking entirely dazed as they gazed down at-

"Lucius please-!" He gasped tilting his head back. Harry covered his mouth before the gasp could escape but he was frozen on the spot, he couldn't move, couldn't think-

"I'm here Severus." Harry shivered at the sound of that voice, low sensual- he had to get out of here. Suddenly he found he could move and quickly, as silently as possible he slipped from the room the image burned into his mind as he stumbled toward the dorms. He spoke to no one as he climbed the stairs to the boy's dorms and then into his own bed where he could pull the curtains closed. He cast several privacy charms on the thick fabric before curling up and allowing himself to tremble.


Malfoy was married.

His chest ached and irrational anger rose up inside him.

How could they do that?

To Narcissa?

To him?

He closed his eyes and guiltily allowed the memory to replay its self. Tears slid down his cheeks as they warmed. That had been…had been…nothing like what had happened to him. It had been, beautiful, sensual- he choked slightly at the thought. He was horrid. Such a horrid boy for watching such a thing. Without his permission his mind turned to events he'd buried deeply unable to think about them.

Vernon had sent Petunia and Dudley to the amusement park so that he could have time with some of his friends from work. Four year old Harry watched from his space in the cupboard as the men chatted, some of them smoking, others having a beer. All of them were large and rather beefy like his uncle- except one. The intern, a thin young man who wore immaculate clothing and had an air about him that Harry couldn't quite read.

He could read the other men though.

He could see the way they glanced at each other before sneering in the direction of the young man. Vernon had been in a fit ever since the man had been hired muttering about poofs and fags. While Harry had no clue what he was talking about he knew well enough to know that it wasn't a good thing.

Suddenly his uncle stood and came around the young man's chair. "You know freak." His uncle said placing his large beefy hands on the man's shoulders to keep him from getting up. "We don't appreciate your type at Gunnings Christopher." He said. A few of the other men grunted and nodded fervently.

"W-What are you doing…let me go!" Harry watched his uncle slap a hand over the young man's mouth before nodding at one of the other men. The young man panicked as beefy hands held him down and a stinking sock was shoved in his mouth. Vernon used one of petunia's dish rags to complete the gag before bodily dragging the man out of sight. Harry stared at the abandoned kitchen in shock before slowly slipping out of his cupboard and racing as quietly as he could to the table hoping to grab some food unnoticed.

A muffled scream made him freeze and quickly he snatched some of the food and stuffed it in his mouth eating as fast as he could before taking a bit more and rushing to his cupboard where he could hide it under his blankets. Another scream sounded and Harry swallowed, shrinking into the corner of his cupboard as the screams and grunts of pain continued.

He didn't know how long it lasted, but it seemed to go on forever before his uncle finally called him down. Harry hastened to obey and ran as fast as he could down the stairs to the garage his heart stopping in his chest at the sight of the man on the floor. The man was bleeding in many places and Harry could see from where he stood that a few of his bones had broken.

"Boy! Clean this mess up!" his uncle growled pointing to the pools of blood around the man. One of the other man frowned slightly.

"Vernon he's just a boy…" He said twitching his mustache. Vernon waved him off.

"It'll teach him a lesson!" he said before turning to Harry. "This is what happens to faggots and freaks boy! Make sure you don't grow up to be one of their kind!" Vernon spat before tossing him a sponge and guiding the men up the stairs. Harry shivered as the man groaned and quickly moved to clean up.

"Please…" The man whispered in agony. Harry jumped and dropped the sponge before glancing at the door to the garage. Slowly he moved closer to the man and shakily held out his hands.

"Be still." He said quietly before feeling his power drift out of his fingers searching for the worst of the wounds. The man groaned in pain as a rib reset it's self and a hole in his lung closed slowly. Harry swallowed and closed his eyes in concentration until his power seemed to fade away tiredly. He'd just used it that morning after all, it was tired. He panted slightly.

"I'm sorry but I can't do any more." He said softly. Hazel eyes lifted towards him dazedly and a weak smile stretched across the blood stained face showing him two rows of perfectly straight teeth.

A hand lifted shakily and pet the back of his head once before weakly falling to the ground.

"Thank-you, little bird." The man said softly before his head dropped and his eyes closed tiredly.

Later Vernon would drive the man's broken body off and leave it in a park somewhere and Harry would hide the memory away, not willing to remember the man's suffering.

Harry's eyes shot open as the painful memory zeroed in on the details of the man. Hazel eyes…straight white teeth…


"Harry!" Draco's panicked voice ripped through his thoughts and he was out of bed before he could say how.

"Merlin Potter there's been an attack!" Blaise said coming up after Draco.

Draco was trembling slightly as he struggled to explain. "Some one attacked the Gryffindor dormitories! They're saying that it was Sirius Black! He must have thought you had been sorted into Gryffindor! Harry- I think he's after you!"

Harry's breath caught in his throat and his eyes widened. A seventh year burst through the door a moment later. "Come on you guys, headmaster wants every one in the great hall for a head count." He said guiding them out. Harry followed silently his head aching and his chest tight as they joined the hundreds of students that were being directed towards the great hall.

"I heard he practically clawed his way through the fat lady's portrait!" One student said in a hushed whisper.

"Yeah she was in tatters-"

"But they said he had a knife with him-"

"Apparently he was holding it over some poor sod's bed ready to kill him before someone noticed."

Harry listened to the details avidly and Draco paled beside him.

"Harry…" Draco said frightened.

"Shhh." Harry urged quietly as they entered the great hall. The long tables that they usually ate at were pushed up against the wall and already a multitude of sleeping bags were appearing in long rows. Heads of houses and Prefects alike were directing students and Pomphrey was distributing calming droughts left and right.

"Harry!" Harry jumped as strong arms surrounded him and stiffened when he realized who it was.

Severus was laid across the couch half dressed his head thrown back in bliss while a blond head of hair trailed slowly down…

He pulled back with a jerk his face pale his body trembling. Dark eyes blinked up at him in shock. "Oh Merlin, I'm so sorry Harry…" Severus said his voice raspy. But Harry was distracted by the rather vivid red spot he could see just under the stiff collar and dropped his eyes stumbling for an excuse as he took a step back.

"It's okay, you just startled me." He managed before taking another step back.

"I was worried since Lucius said that the last time he'd seen you-"

"Ah Potter!" Lord Malfoy said striding towards them. Harry swallowed thickly and tried his hardest not to let his cheeks burn.

"I'm here Severus."…the sound of that voice, low sensual-

"I'm alright!" Harry squeaked slightly before taking a step back and averting his eyes.

"Ah Potter!" Merlin would they just leave him be! Madam Pomphrey thrust a bottle in his hand and Harry glanced at it in shock. "A calming drought Potter, you of all people need it most." She said with a jerk of her head. Harry nodded and checked the label causing her to roll her eyes at him.

"Potter you know better than anyone that Severus Snape is the only one that brews potions for the infirmary." She scolded before striding away. Harry pulled the stopper and chugged it easily. Immediately he felt himself calm down feeling loose and comfortable in his own skin.

"Better Harry?" Severus said cautiously. Harry smiled lazily.

"Yeah." He said before frowning when his eyes caught sight of the red spot again. Idly he lifted his hand to the spot on his own neck. "Sev'rus you've got a…ummm…" he trailed off looking away distractedly as Severus cursed and shifted his shirt. Harry tried to remember why it bothered him but he was feeling too happy. It was only when he looked at Lucius who was watching Severus tug at his shirt with amused satisfaction that he remembered.

"I won' tell." He said with a frown. "I should but I won' -as long as you don't hurt Severus cuz if you do I'll kill you." He said seriously his mind strangely clouded as he watched both men stiffen and stare at him with wide eyes. Harry huffed slightly feeling a bit dizzy. "Don't think I won't Malfoy." He said leaning closer. "I'll kill you…blood everywhere…"

"Damn bloody calming drought!" Severus hissed before gently putting a hand on his shoulder. Harry frowned.

"Did I say something wrong?" He said tilting his head to the side. Severus sighed and gently guided him towards the Slytherin section.

"Alright Harry lie down." He urged gently. Harry frowned but did as he was told before a large yawn caught hold of him and he suddenly realized how very tired he really was.

"Does he always react this way?" Lucius said softly. Harry though was blinking his eyes closed his breathing slowing down.

"Yes, I think the calming drought may be too strong for him." Severus said placing a hand on a now sleeping Harry's forehead. "I forgot it did that to him, I'll have to warn Poppy to give him half doses only." He said before standing and brushing off his robes.

"I'll say." Luscious said lightly. "It's been a long while since I've been on the receiving end of a death threat." He smirked causing Severus' face to turn slightly pink.

"Merlin how am I going to face him?" Severus said shaking his head as his hand absently went to the mark on his neck. Luscious smirked.

"Well, the boy obviously still cares about you so I should say that it won't be too hard. Besides, I think I'm the perceived villain here; you might want to explain that part first. He seems to think that I'm cheating on my beloved wife- and that you're a home wrecker." He said thoroughly amused. Severus glared at him. "I can only imagine what Narcissa will have to say about this." He said chuckling. This forced a slight smirk onto Severus' lips.

"Oh leave us in peace you cheating fool." Severus said with a wave. Luscius let out a loud laugh before striding off to face the headmaster.