Captive & Confused

A Choice Of Pure Stupidity…

A/N: Before you all freak and flip off of this story give it a chance eh? OC's aren't that horrid. In fact they can be quite fun so give it a chance. This is all I ask of you. :3

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Click. Click. Click. Her specialized platform heels clicked rhythmically against the stone pathway leading out of Konohagakure. Long scarlet tresses waving along with the mossy green leaves. Hips swaying like that of a dancer caught amidst a seductive and intricate tango. Rusty red-brown eyes sparkling with mischief. Plump lips morphed into a smile that would leave even the most decisive of people second guessing themselves. Overall it was a sight in which many men would drool over and women would glare and scowl at.

The destination for the young beauty was unknown to everyone including herself. She just had to get away for a while. Even the most social of people need a break. To say the least she gets odd anti-social streaks in which she just disappears for days on end. Everyone was used to it by now. She wasn't a ninja and citizens are allowed to leave freely. Despite the worrying of Lady Tsunade and Naruto she came and went as she pleased after all they had no right to stop her.

Migoto Setsujou is a piece of work. Born the product of two insane S-rank criminals in the very asylum in which she lived up until age fifteen and now volunteers at. At fifteen the hokage of that time had just died and Naruto was cast out just as she was. Able to work she took the six year old blonde in and gave him a home and loving support. The two thrived together finding a perfect rhythm. As they both grew older they got closer, but Naruto was making a good name for him and gaining friends as well as earning his own keep. Migoto wasn't needed twenty-four-seven and that's when those odd anti-social streaks surfaced, but then again Tsunade was putting so much pressure on her to take over the asylum and take a medical route rather than as a ninja or a teacher.

Running was in her blood, it made up the very core of her being. Her parents weren't one for staying in one place and it seemed neither was she. No, the emotional and sensitive beauty took to adventure and change rather than constants and stability. She never had the latter, but with her recent wandering it seemed she didn't want it. She certainly could have it with almost all of the male population of Konohagakure were tripping over their tongues and feet to get a chance with her. She'd had a long running relationship with Konoha's famous Copy-nin, but the moment he dropped to his knee and pulled out that glimmering gem incrusted ring she knew she couldn't accept at twenty she still had a lot of places to go and people to meet. She wasn't ready to be the perfect housewife or mother. No, she still has the rebellious soul in her. And so she continued to click down the pathway wandering farther away from all of the constants in her life and right into the hands of adventure.


I had long ago left the stone pathway in which led to and from Konohagakure. My rhythmic clicking had ceased from that point on. I made no noise as I moved silently through the dense forest. I have no destination just the desire to leave the city for now. I always go back. I love them all too much to stay gone forever. Konoha will always be my home and Naruto will always be the little brother I never had. Lady Tsunade will always be the mother I desire and Shizune like the aunt I always wanted. I find that I have a family not of blood, but of love.

Stepping softly off onto the cushiony meadow grass I smile and slip off my heels picking them up and carrying them to the center of the field. Flowers of all colors grow wild around me soaking up the last rays of today. Hues of orange, pink, red, and yellow meld and streak not only the sky, but the clouds as well. The colors themselves make me very giggly. I flop down and release my giggles. Melding myself into the earth. Remembering a line from a book I read I pressed my ear to the ground and listened intently for the heartbeat of the earth. Moments pass and the chirping of birds, scurrying of ground mammals, and whistling of the wind between the trees fade into a natural form of background music, then, I hear it, the soft thumping of the earth. The land is alive. And for some reason I feel like I'm soaring, high through the sky, above even the tallest trees, untouchable, completely at peace. Closing my rustic eyes I focus not on my surroundings, but on the thump of the earth. I drift in and out of consciousness. As night fell and the moon graced the ground with a silvery glow my final thought was:

"Fuck it… What's the worst that could happen…?"