Captive & Confused

Just The Beginning Of An Adventure

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I shook Migoto gently. She had fallen asleep during the venture back to our hideout, well it's not ours yet, but I'm hoping that Pein will take my findings into consideration. I had sat her on a rock, my hands not only steadying her, but attempting to pull her out of her deep slumber. I sighed.

"Come on Migoto wake up…" I grumbled becoming frustrated. Her lids started to flutter open slowly; her ruddy brown eyes unfocused and sleepy. Her lips parted and her hands came up to rub at her eyes.

"What…?" I smiled ruffling her scarlet locks.

"We're here and you've gotta be up. I wouldn't've woken you if you didn't, yeah." She nodded slowly her eyes wide as she practically pushed me back to stand up hissing when the soles of her feet hit the searing surface of the rocks lacing around the hideout. I swallowed and scooped her up earning a gasp as I turned my attention to fishing her heels out of the seemingly endless bag. I sucked in a sharp breath as my pointer finger gabbed into something extremely sharp. She gasped.

"Oh Deidara!" She scolded pulling my hand out of the bag and examining my finger carefully.

"Damn…" She whispered pulling my hand closer before her lips encased around my finger.

"M-Migoto…?" I gasped out as my eyes practically rolled into the back of my head. She just continued rolling her eyes and swirling her tongue before releasing my finger with a kiss on the top. Before even my lips parted she was talking as she grabbed her shoes out of her bag.

"Don't take that the wrong way. For some reason my saliva is healing. Never explained to me why, but Tsunade told me it was because of genetic defect of some sort or something equally weird. So that's the only reason 'kay?" She finished as pulled on her last heel zipping them up and flipping out of my arms leaving me slightly dazed out how she could do such a thing in heels. She snapped her finger in front of my face.

"You there? I thought we had to go in?" I nodded swallowing my mouth suddenly dry and quickly following the required hand signs to release the seal on the hideout.


I coughed waving the smoke from my face. Deidara growled.

"Damn it Tobi… Playing all your stupid pranks, yeah… You okay, un?" I nodded peering into the dark cavern my curiosity peaking at how dark it was despite the sunlight beating into the opening. Deidara walked around me.

"C'mon." I squeaked and took off after him into the darkness. My eyes adjusted rather quickly and it felt as though all my senses were heightened; even still I bumped into him.

"Sorry." I whispered rather afraid to raise my voice high than even a very low mummer. It just felt entirely hostile in this area. Faintly I saw a dimmed light getting closer and closer. I swallowed as we walked closer and closer. I could feel my pulse pumping in my veins loudly in my ears as I wondered what I'd be walking into. I had wished for this and dreamed of it for a long time. Adventure; I craved it like some did sweets or others bloodshed. I craved to feel the blood rushing through my veins and my adrenalin pumping with my curiosity peaked and my mind aching with questions. I craved to do more than I could in Konoha. I craved much more than they could offer me.

I blinked letting my eyes adjust to the dim lighting and noticed that we were in an entryway of sorts. It was rather large and stemmed in three different ways, right, left, and straight. Straight was brighter and seemed more inviting. Right was only slightly dimmer than straight, but felt a lot more relaxed and comfy. Left, on the other hand, wasn't dim, but it wasn't bright either and it seemed utterly terrifying with its sparse lighting and barren looking walls. I licked my chapped lips and swallowed, my mouth dry. My hands began to get clammy as Deidara turned to walk down the left hallway which seemed rather endless and just plain malicious.

I took a deep breath and followed the blonde, whom I'd met only hours ago. I shouldn't trust him the way I am right now, but by that prospect I shouldn't've trusted anyone I ever have my whole existence. But I have and it's only natural; natural to trust those of who are nice to us and have yet to cause us any harm; natural for us to be dependent on someone else at times; natural for us to follow someone of whom we automatically trust into places of unknown with the hopes that they would never hurt us and sometimes being prepared for if they do, and sometimes not. I wasn't prepared for the changes in the air and ground as we got farther and farther into the barren and stripped passage way with exposed ceilings and beams supporting the weight of the earth above them. Rocks riddled the pathway making it a little difficult to walk, but I ignored it focusing instead on the sway of the golden locks in front of me. I didn't like the vibe that was emanating from everything in the passage way. My lips parted slightly.

"Deidara?" I whispered. He shook his head and just kept walking for a good while before stopping and knocking on a pair of large wooden doors that seemed out of place with the malicious and destroyed environment surrounding us. He knocked and a booming voice practically yelled "Enter!" I swallowed and looked at Deidara of whom nodded at me and pushed open the doors only to find myself blinded with how lit the inside of the office like room was.

"Shit…" I murmured softly blinking rapidly and having my eyes adjust just in time to see Deidara walk in and dart in myself shutting the door behind myself.

I peeked out from around Deidara seeing as he was standing rather protectively in front of me. All I saw was a flash of bright orange before a peculiar man was before me. That flash was his spikey hair; his face was riddled with chakra receptors and his eyes were ringed and a spring-like lavender. He wore the same cloak as Deidara, but I could tell he was much more important than the friendly blonde that watched us carefully as if he were afraid that this man would eat me or something equally ridiculous. He cleared his throat and looked pointedly at Deidara.

"Is this what kept me waiting?" He demanded regarding me like I was some sort of trash.

"Yes Leader-sama." Deidara answered respectfully.

"Hn. Dispose of her. She's useless." Deidara's blue eyes went wide and his mouth slack.

"What?" He asked dumbstruck.

"You heard me. Now do it." A defiant gleam in his eyes he shook his head.

"No, I can't do that." The leader's eyes narrowed.

"Excuse you?" Deidara stood straighter and looked him in the eyes.

"I refuse to kill her. She's got so much potential. It'd be stupid of us not to keep her here and try to utilize her." The man looked at me.

"How so? She appears to be completely normal. A civilian at best." Deidara pulled out a kunai, pushed up his sleeve, and slashed a line into his arm. My eyes widened.

"You idiot!" I roared. He just smirked.

"C'mon. Do it again." The leader eyed me curiously.

"Yes, do it again." He urged intrigued. I sighed and stepped forward taking his forearm into my hands before lapping at the cut. Sure, it took longer this way, but he wants me to show off what little I can do and this is the best way to do that. The leader watched intently as the cut healed from my saliva. I dropped his freshly healed arm, lowered my arms, and licked my lips looking directly into his cold eyes.

"That was supposed to impress me? She's probably just defective." I growled and he looked at me an eyebrow quirked clearly saying 'Oh really now?'

"I'm hardly defective you ass. If anything I'm rather affective. Looking like a normal civilian is the point. No one expects it." A smile tugged at his lips.

"You're rather feisty aren't you?" I snorted.

"I just don't appreciate being spoken about like I'm a useless and taxing little girl. I'm a very capable woman thank you very much." He cocked his head and looked back to Deidara.

"Why?" I blinked unsure of where that came from, but looked expectantly at Deidara.

"Because she's got more than what it takes, it's just she can't access it for some reason. But yet she can heal just like she did. She's good. At what, I don't know yet, but she is. I can just sense it. And well I can it, but very faintly." I blinked cocking my head as the leader nodded.

"Very well then, Deidara. I will let you take her on as your project. She'll be bunking with you and you're responsible for her. Don't make me regret it." I smiled.

"Thank you Leader-sama." I bowed in appreciation. He nodded.

"Your name?" Righting myself quickly and meeting his fierce gaze I answered quickly.

"Migoto." He nodded.

"Deidara, Migoto, you may go now. Sasori has already given me the mission report. You have the next few weeks off." We both bowed before quickly leaving the room with the wooden doors slamming loudly behind us. I shivered and Deidara looked at me worriedly.

"Are you cold?" I shook my head.

"No. It's this hallway. It gives me some seriously bad vibes." Deidara just nodded looking much more tired than before somehow, like he was defeated by that man in there. I took his hand in mine and gave it a squeeze, smiling at him when he looked at me. He smiled back and gripped it a little tighter leading me down the right hallway once we were back in the entrance area. He stopped only to drop my hand and smile reassuringly at me before opening a very beautifully decorated door. He ushered me in and smiled softly at me.

"You can sleep there tonight okay? I'll have to talk to Kazuku about getting you a bed." I looked at the cozy bed he pointed to and then promptly back to him.

"And just where are you planning on sleeping?" I demanded.

"On the couch, yeah." He answered simply like it was the most obvious thing in the world. I shook my head quickly.

"No way! I can't take your bed. That's just not cool. I'll stay on the couch." He shook his head.

"No. You're sleeping here and that's final." He said firmly.

"Well then you are too." I countered. He sighed running a hand through his bangs.

"It's not right!" I narrowed my eyes.

"And neither is you having to give up your bed for me!" I snapped back. He swallowed and shifted his weight.

"Then just what exactly do you suggest we do, yeah?" I tapped my chin thinking.

"We could share." My eyes widened and my cheeks darkened.

"Did I just say that out loud?" I glanced up at him and noticed the tingeing of blush his own cheeks. I mentally face palmed.

"Are you serious? I said that out loud? I'm such an idiot." I let out a breath I hadn't realized I'd been holding when he began to speak.

"I-Well… I suppose we could… If you're… uhm… Comfortable with that?" I smirked noticing how he couldn't meet my eyes at all.

"I wouldn't've said a damn thing if I had a problem with it. Now can we go to sleep? All of this arguing and traveling and other icky shit has me everything but energetic." Deidara cracked a smile.

"Of course, un. There are two bathrooms. You can use the one with the red door." He handed me my bag and I promptly walked into the rather nice bathroom stripping only after I had shut the door.

I paused to pee and then resumed my nightly ritual. I pulled on a sports bra and some boxers. I didn't particularly care for how I looked seeing as I was just going to be sleeping, so I brushed my waist length poinsettia colored hair out before setting it in a low ponytail with an elastic and threw my discarded items into my bag before exiting the bathroom. Deidara wasn't yet out so I decided to tuck my bag away and lounge on the bed to wait for him. I mean after all it'd be rather pointless to get too comfortable just to have him come in and ruin it. I let my eyes slid closed drifting into a light sleep…

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