Title: Never
Pan Am
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none || Up to and including 1x14 || PG.
Colette's search for her brother ends on a sad note.


Colette opened the gate to the overgrown cemetery, with Dean in tow. She had not expected her search to end up like this. Not here. She had so hoped to find her long lost brother, to find someone who looked like her. To find her family. But she did not. Instead, she had gotten to the town he was taken too only to discover that he and his adopted family had perished in a house fire the same year she had left Paris for New York. The same year she had started her new life with Pan Am her brother had lost his.

Dean gave her hand a reassuring squeeze as they located his grave. He silently reassured her that he would be there right next to her. Colette stared at the headstone Jacques Marceu had been just fourteen when he died with a life unlived and lessons unlearned.

"Oh, little brother," she whispered as she placed a set of flowers on his gravestone. The Iris flowers were her mothers favorite, of the few memories Colette had of her parents, one was her father giving her mother the beautiful flowers.

She looked back at the headstone wondering what her brother would have been like; would he have had the same wanderlust as she did? Would he have been as handsome as their father? Would he be musical like their mother? She had so many questions, questions that would never get answered.

"I'm sorry," Dean whispered as she stood up.

"Thank you," she whispered as smiled with her glassy eyes. "It is just not fair."

Dean ran his fingers over her eyes as she began to cry. She grieved for a brother she would never know. A life taken too soon. She also mourned for the family she would never have.