I lift the sand up in the air with my dry, cracked hands, and let it fall through my fingers back onto the hot barren beach. Oh, how I wish I could trade it for the paved busy streets back at home. The crystal blue expanse before me called ocean, how I wish I could exchange it for just one glimpse at the lit up skyline of downtown Philadelphia. I long for my life back home, where I would watch the cars line up at the light from my apartment balcony. Like little bumblebees bustling along, the roads buzzing with traffic and horn honks echoing throughout the streets. This place is so unwelcoming, so foreign, that anywhere is better than here. I think about home, and how just days ago I was wandering the streets without a care in the world. People rushed to get to work and led their stressful lives, while I worked from home as an artist. I worked my own hours, and did whatever jobs I pleased. That was the problem with me, though. I never really realized how good I had it. I never lived in the moment. I never cherished every little thing I had. And now, I sit here all alone. I lost it all. All of it, taken away from me in a matter of hours. No more friends. No more art. No more Rebecca. No more of my relaxed, storybook city life. I have nothing, no one, and I am all alone in a place I have never before seen in my life. I replay the moment in my head. Being sucked into the ocean by a rip current too strong for my limbs to free myself from, and too quick for officials to rescue me from. It was Rebecca and I, having a day to ourselves on the beach. We'd gone out further and further into the water, splashing each other and playing like little children. We didn't even realize that the rip current was even pulling us out to sea until we noticed the beach was so far away and a coast guard speeding towards us. Unfortunately, there was only enough time for Rebecca to be saved. If I'd had the choice, though, I would have chosen for her to be rescued over me anyway. I feel so stupid, not even paying enough attention to realize that we were being swept away from the shores of New Jersey. All I can do now is pray that one day I will see Rebecca and my old life again. Now, I am isolated from everything I once knew before. It's a miracle that I didn't drown, really, but I'd rather be dead than stuck here forever. For now, I need to find a way to survive until the day I see America again.