WARNING! This fanfic contains explicit sex of an erotic homosexual nature (Puzzleshipping), with biological aspects, and thinly alluded pokemon mating. Consider yourself warned.


By Pixiedust291


"Espeon use phychic!"

The purple catlike creature cried out just before the air around the arena turned black. An ominous blue glow enveloped the Torchic that was its opponent. The Torchic began floating in the air and squirming in pain. "Now Espeon use swift!" Yugi called out. His Espeon raced forward, and when she was in range she opened her mouth as stars flew through the air and repeatedly hit the Torchic. The Torchic's body jolted and then fell limp. The blue glow around its body faded and it fell to the ground with a rather loud thud.

"Torchic is unable to battle. Espeon is the winner!"

Espeon mewed happily. It turned, the battle won, and bounded toward its trainer. "Espeon!" Yugi smiled as he held out his arms. His pokémon smiled in return as she leaped into his arms, rubbing her forehead against his neck affectionately.

"That was a great battle." Yugi looked up at the girl that only seconds ago had been his opponent. She looked a tad embarrassed as she handed Yugi the money she owed him for winning. "I should have known better then to challenge the reigning Pokémon Champion of Kanto."

Yugi smiled as he stood and accepted the money, holding Espeon in his left arm "Don't be so hard on yourself. You handled yourself very well."

"Thank you. But I know you're just being nice. Your Espeon is really strong." At her words Espeon mewed again "It obviously likes you a lot."

"Espeon was given to me when she was still an Eevee. I was just a beginning trainer at the time. We've been together for a long time." Yugi looked down at her "She's like my daughter."

They said their goodbyes and parted ways. He continued on the trail they were currently following. The sky above them was painted in hues of yellow and magenta as the round orange sun began to set behind the mountains. "Well that's another victory. Where do you think we should stay tonight?" he looked down at Espeon as she walked beside him. She turned her shimmering indigo eyes up toward him and cocked her head to one side. "Azelea Town is just up ahead. How about we stay at the Pokémon center there?" Espeon nodded and made a sort of chirping noise.

They reached the Pokémon center just at sundown. "Welcome to the Azelea Town Pokémon center. How may I help you?" asked Nurse Joy. Even though he was rather used to it, it still amazed him that no matter where he went every Nurse Joy looked exactly the same.

"I was wondering if you would allow us to spend the night? We're on our way to Goldenrod City and I was hoping to get some rest before going though rout 34."

"Oh, of course. Are you by chance going there to challenge the gym leader?" Yugi nodded "Wonderful, I hope you do well. Would you like me to heal your Pokémon while you're staying?" again Yugi nodded. "I'll just need to see your trainer card." Yugi lifted the satchel off his shoulders, opened the flap, and took out his trainer card. "Oh my, are those the Kanto badges?" Yugi paused, looking down at his badges that he had displayed on the inside pocket of his satchel. He smiled shyly and nodded as he handed over the trainer card. "By your accent I should have guessed you're not from around here." She commented as she looked at the card. After a quick inspection she handed him the card back and then placed a tray with circular shaped indents on the counter. Yugi knew the drill. He extracted his pokeballs from his bag and placed them on the tray. He then turned and was about to pick up Espeon to place her on the counter when he noticed she was restlessly fidgeting on the floor. She would sit down only to get back up again and turn around in circles.

"Espeon?" Yugi kneeled down on one knee. "Are you alright girl?" Espeon turned toward him, her ears twitching.

"Is something wrong?"

"I'm not sure. She has never acted this way before." He moved to pick her up but she shied away. Now he was worried. "Perhaps she's just not feeling well." He stood back up "Why don't you just heal my other Pokémon. I'll keep an eye on her. Do you have any pokémon food?"

Nurse Joy nodded "I'll bring you some." She picked up the tray "That's fine. But be sure to call me is anything more serious starts." Yugi nodded and thanked her for her concern. When she had left Yugi walked over to the lobby couch. He set down his bag and then extracted the blanket from the back zipper. He laid it down on the couch before turning to Espeon and patting the makeshift bed. "Espeon, come lay down." Espeon almost immediately bounded over to the blanket and jumped onto it. She sniffed it several times, made three circles, and then laid down. Her indigo eyes turned to Yugi. Yugi pursed his lips as he tried to understand what could be wrong with her. It was unlike her to shy away from contact and to act restlessly. Usually she was very affectionate and very calm.

The doors slid open and the bell that signaled someone entering chimed loudly. Yugi turned and nearly lost all ability to breath. A man that could very well have been his older mirror image stepped into the lobby. Though he did look like Yugi, he was significantly more handsome. The man yawned before flipping open an electronic device and beginning to poke at it with a stylus. It was then that Yugi noticed the uniform the man was wearing. He was a Pokémon Ranger. The black pants, black shirt, and red jacket with the ranger patch on the sleeve were unmistakable. Yugi gulped as he immediately felt his body react to the other man's sheer attractiveness. He took a deep breath and tried to calm himself. Many long days of traveling had left him feeling raw and needy. Not to mention he could not even remember the last time he had been with anyone. He sighed. Being a trainer left little time for social interacting with other people, on a personal level.

The man flipped his electronic device shut and turned to look around the pokémon center. Only then did he seem to notice Yugi's presence. If Yugi thought it was heard enough to breathe before now it was downright impossible. The man's bedroom eyes were a dark crimson and his skin seemed to glow in the moonlight that was shinning through the glass doors. He looked every inch like the dark and alluring stranger that he was. Yugi desperately hoped the other man could not see his growing erection.

He smiled politely and took a step forward to introduce himself when a black blur whooshed past the man and then stopped right into front of Yugi. Yugi jumped back and looked down into two oval shaped yellow eyes. The pokémon had a long sleek black body with blue rings around its tail, ears, and haunches. The pokémon did not growl nor attack, but just stood before Yugi watching him with its piercing eyes. Yugi recognized the breed of pokémon immediately, but its coloring confused him. Umbreon's had red eyes and yellow circles, so why did this one- unless! "A-A shiny Umbreon!" Yugi practically stuttered.

"Umbreon enough." ordered the stranger. His voice was deep and as smooth as dark chocolate. It sent shivers down Yugi's spine. Man did he need to get laid. "I apologize. My Umbreon does not like new people to approach me." He looked down "Though I am surprised. Usually he is growling and hissing by now."

Yugi waved a hand "It's no problem." He took another step back in order to give the Umbreon more space before he kneeled down on one knee "I have to say though that I am genuinely shocked. I have never seen a shiny Umbreon before. Any shiny pokémon is beyond rare." Yugi continued to stare at the Umbreon because it was easier to control his body when he was looking at the pokémon rather then its owner. "It's very nice to meet you Umbreon. My name is Yugi." Yugi then turned and pointed toward Espeon "And this is Espeon." To his amazement Espeon seemed to be pawing and scratching at the blanket. "Espeon what are you doing?" Yugi rose to his feet.

"Is something wrong?"

Yugi shrugged "I'm not sure. She's been acting strangely for the last ten minutes."

"Poisoning? Stunning?"

"No. The last battle we had was against a Torchic."

"Burn perhaps?"

"I already checked her after the battle." The man's voice was sending multiple little shivers down his spine. He wondered what that voice would sound like when the man was gasping and panting as he- what was wrong with him! His Espeon was probably sick and all he could do was think about sex! He disgusted himself. He pushed all thoughts of the man standing next to him aside. Luckily at that exact moment Nurse Joy walked back into the room. Yugi could not be happier with her timing.

"Here is the- Oh, Yami what are you doing here?" a smile spread across the young women's face "Farfetch'd again?" Yugi accepted the food dish that Joy held out to him. So the ranger's name was Yami, it fit him.

Yami chuckled "No, not this time. Eusine swore he saw that legendary pokemon again and blindly ran into the Ilex Forest and got himself lost."

"Oh my." Came a muffled gasp from Joy.

"Do not worry, I found him. He's staying at Kurts place for the night."

"Well that's good." Joy turned to Yugi "Many trainers easily become lost in Ilex Forest at night time. The forest is so thick that it is easy to get turned around. Yami here is the only one I know of that can navigate through the forest without any problem."

Again Yami chuckled "Please Joy you embellish too much. The only reason I don't get lost is because of Umbreon." At the mention of his name Umbreon turned toward Yami, his ears perked up.

"Oh, I'm sorry I haven't introduced you two." With a hand Joy motioned to Yugi "This is Yugi. He's staying here for the night and will be going on to Goldenrod City tomorrow. Yugi, this is Yami."

Yami winked "Charmed."

Yugi's heart did a momentary flutter. Did he really just see that? Was the man being flirtatious or was he simply very friendly? Yugi smiled nonetheless "It's nice to meet you too."

"So you'll be leaving for Goldenrod tomorrow? I can be your guide if you want." Again, was the man simply being nice or did he have alternate intentions?

"A guide through the forest?" It was both a wonderful and dangerous idea. The man was already affecting him to the point of arousal, and that was with another person there and in a pokemon center no less. He could not even imagine what would happen if they were alone, in a dark forest. Yugi opened his mouth to gracefully decline the request when soft purring noises came from behind him. He turned and saw Espeon twisting and rolling on her back, purring, and the jewel at the top of her head glowing slightly. "Espeon?" He nearly jolted when suddenly Umbreon began to growl. The shiny pokemon turned toward Espeon and stared at her. Espeon stopped rolling as she got to her feet, jumped off the blanket, and padded over to Umbreon. They sniffed one another tentatively before Espeon mewed and began pawing and rubbing herself all along Umbreon's body. Umbreon watched her do this while sniffing her repeatedly. "Espeon what has gotten into you." Yugi exclaimed as he leaned down and scooped the purple Pokemon into his arms. "I am so sorry. I really do not know what is wrong with her tonight." he apologized to Yami.

The ranger merely stared at Espeon for a long moment before his eyes looked to Yugi's. The very deepness of them made Yugi's whole body want to shiver. "How long has your Espeon been with you?"

"How long?" that was an odd question "Well she was given to me as an Eevee when I was a boy. She transformed into Espeon about a year ago."

Yami smiled "I see. I have to get going back on my rounds. Make sure the slowpoke well is still secure and such." He smiled at Yugi "You get a good rest. I'll come by early tomorrow and well get a head start. Believe me, you don't want to be in that forest when the midday sun is beating down on it." Yugi nodded dumbly. It was only after Yami and his Umbreon left that Yugi realized what he had said.

"But, wait- I didn't ask him to guide me!"

That night Yugi awoke to the sounds of, what he thought, was a melodic sounding alarm clock. Still half asleep he rolled over and fell off of the couch he had been sleeping on and onto the hard cold floor of the pokemon center. The pain from the fall effectively jarred him out of his slumber. He groaned and rubbed his bottom as he blinked his eyes, looking around for what had awoken him. Seeing that the moon was still out he silently cursed and rubbed his temples. The sound, almost like a high pitched mewling, came again. Yugi turned to find the pokemon center sliding doors open by about five inches. Beyond the doors he saw Espeon outside. She opened her mouth and the same high pitched noise filled the air. Yugi could not believe what he was seeing. Clearly his Espeon had lost her mind.

Yugi made a move to get up but stopped when he heard another sound disrupt the peaceful silence of the night. He looked and saw that a Meowth had jumped down from the roof top of the building across the street and was bounding toward Espeon.

"Meowth!" called the cat poekemon.

"Esssssss." Espeon hissed as she turned on the Meowth and backed a few paces away, her tail between her legs. The Meowth skidded to a stop and nearly froze in place. Espeon watched it for a moment before turning away, apparently thinking the Meowth was no longer a threat. She turned to look at the night sky before flopping down on the ground and rolling from side to side on her back in a playful fashion. While she did this she seemed oblivious to the fact that the Meowth was moving closer. Inch by inch the cat moved on silent paws until it was only a few inches away. Espeon noticed at the last second and franticly tried to dart away when Meowth jumped on her. A vicious fight ensued. Yugi had never seen Espeon so ferocious. She bit, clawed, and kicked at the opponent Meowth with her hind legs until he finally jumped away. The fight was over only moments after it had begun.

Espeon hissed and growled at the Meowth. She advanced toward him. The Meowth growled and arched his back, tail high, and looked as if he were about ready to attack again. Seconds after the cat had taken the pose its eyes went wide and in shrunk down into a submissive position. From out of the darkness a black body crept on deathly silent paws. The blue rings on Umbreon's body soaked in the moonlight, glowing as a result of it. The Meowth backed up a few steps before turning and just outright running away. Espeon and Umbreon stared at one another, neither moving. Yugi watched the encounter with bated breath.

Umbreon sniffed at the air before going forward, all the while keeping his yellow eyes locked with Espeon's. He slowly approached her, they touched noses. Umbreon moved along her side then around her. Her tail immediately lifted high into the air. Umbreon seemed to notice this and begin purring. He began grooming her left shoulder, licking his way up the neck to her head and ears. Espeon's ears folded back and her eyes closed in pleasure. She mewed softly.

Yugi tilted his head to one side. For some reason his ears felt hot and the back of his neck felt kind of itchy. He continued to watch Espeon and Umbreon through the remainder of the night until sunrise. The two pokemon had groomed, nuzzled, and even napped next to one another. So many questions were going through Yugi's head. Why was Espeon acting so friendly with a pokemon she didn't know? Why was Yami's Umbreon roaming around freely without his trainer? What was going on? In any case he knew he would not get any of the answers by interrupting or stopping the two pokemon, so he simply watched. The moment the sun had just begun to awaken and poke its head above the mountain; Espeon awoke from her nap and looked toward the sky. Umbreon woke almost immediately after her and rose to his paws. He turned, licked the jewel on her head. She mewed, stood, and then bounded off toward the forest in a blur that was nearly invisible. The black blur that was Umbreon raced after her. Yugi swore, jumped to his feet, and grabbed his bag. He ran to the door, pushed it open so that he could get by, and then made a dash after both pokemon toward the forest.

With every moment that passed it seemed to him that the forest was growing warmer and warmer. He gulped for what had to be the third time as he made his way over a rather large fallen tree. He called out every now and then, but neither Espeon nor Umbreon appeared. Worried sick that he had just lost Espeon forever Yugi paused and leaned up against a large rock. He pressed his right hand against his forehead. To him his skin felt hot and sweaty. The back of his neck was itching again and no mater how many times he scratched it, it would keep coming back. In the distance he heard a soft rustle. Yugi raised his head to look in that direction and nearly screamed in shock when he saw Yami. The man stood not a few feet from him, smiling knowingly. "W-What are you doing here?" Yugi asked. He could feel his cheeks grow hot and his body begin to tingle and grow week. Subconsciously his eyes traveled down Yami's toned body.

"You're looking for them aren't you?"

Yugi nodded "Yes but how did you-"

"Follow me." Yami chuckled, turned, and began walking down a small incline. Yugi waited for a moment before pushing his concerns aside and following him. They traveled for what seemed like several moments before Yugi heard soft noises disrupt the silence of the forest. Yami stopped, turned to him and put a finger to his lips, signaling they should be quiet. Yugi nodded. They both got down on all fours and crawled the few feet to a line of bushes and tall grass. Using the shrubbery as cover Yami pulled back one of the braches, motioning for Yugi to look. Yugi sent a puzzled look his way but leaned forward and peered though the braches.

He could see Espeon and Umbreon about two yards away. They were rubbing up against one another and biting one another's necks. "I don't get it. What is wrong with them?" Yugi asked, turning to Yami.

The older man chuckled once again "You really don't know do you?" He took Yugi's confused look as an answer. "You're Espeon's in heat." Yami leaned forward so their noses were touching. His eyes gazed into Yugi's own. "And, so are you."

A furious red blush colored Yugi's cheeks. "W-W-" he was about to scream when Yami covered his mouth.

"Shhh, you have to be quiet. Otherwise they'll run away again."

Yugi cast the poekmon a sideways glance before looking back at Yami. He pushed the others hand away. "Are you telling me my Espeon-"

"Is mating- or rather is going to mate with my Umbreon. Yes."

"What if I don't want her to mate."

Yami shook his head "Trainers can control many things in a pokemon's life, but even then they are creatures of nature and will do as nature sees fit. You could try to stop her right now. She will only dash away, and my Umbreon will follow her."

Yugi gulped. He turned to look back at the two just in time to see Umbreon give Espeon a rather rough bite on the back of her neck. Yugi gasped. His hand grabbed the beck of his neck as tendrils of pleasure sizzled down his spine. "What the hell."

"And that is what a meant by you are in heat too." Yami explained "You see, trainers that have a very strong relationship with their pokemon often begin to find that they can understand their pokemon's emotions. Right now you are being affected as Espeon is affected." He tailed a finger down Yugi's back and took great pleasure in watching him arch into the touch.

"Does that mean you're being affected too?" Yugi gasped.

Yami nodded "Yes. I can feel Umbreon's desire to dominate and claim."


"In nature it is a prize, or a privilege, to be the sire of a female's offspring. Only the fittest or most cunning males get to pass on their genetics." His hand curved over Yugi's buttocks then gave it a teasing squeeze.

Yugi moaned. His whole body was sensitive to every touch. Yami's hand, the abrasive clothes rubbing against his body, and his hands touching the cool damp grass. Yami's touch, his smell, everything about him seemed to seep into Yugi's very soul. He moved to widen his legs so that there was not so much pressure on his increasingly tightening shorts. He gave a glance over his shoulder, noticing Yami's bulge inside his pants. Yugi licked his lips. Was this really happening? Seriously? Should he? The man was considerably attractive and Yami was his type. Not to mention if he had to continue feeling like this because of Espeon but, unlike his pokemon, not get any relief he was going to go crazy. "Are you saying you wish to pass your genetics onto me?" Yugi teased.

Yami's smirk was completely sinful "Onto, no. But into I wouldn't mind at all." He moved forward, gently crawling on top of Yugi and putting the young boy beneath him.

Yugi gulped "Is... this really happening?"

"Only if you want it to." Yami whispered in his ears before he licked the outer shell. "Though I would be lying if I said this was all because of the pokemon. Truthfully I wanted to touch and kiss you from the moment I saw you." Yugi exposed more of his neck to Yami's wondering lips. "You are just too fucking adorable. I want to make you scream."

Yugi gasped at the feeling of a hand being shoved down the back of his shorts to grope his bottom. "I-I'm not really much of a screamer. I'm... more of a crier." Yugi confessed.

"As long as it's crying from pleasure I'm ok with that." He moved the collar of Yugi's shirt to the right so that he could nip and suckle on his collarbone. One of Yugi's hands went to the back of Yami's neck while the other fisted in the grass.

Should he push him away or hold him closer? At that moment he wanted to make the world around them simply disappear. "Should we do this? I mean, so close-"

"As long as you're not too loud." Yami touched Yugi's lips with the tip of his finger. Yugi nodded and laid his head down. He closed his eyes and took in the smells of the forest around them. Pine, earth, and the very alluring spicy scent that was Yami. Yugi lifted his hands and began fumbling with Yami's shirt. After getting it over the other man's head he then directed his attention to his pants.

Yami chuckled and whispered in his ear "Impatient?" Yugi only nodded. The Ranger tapped his hip "Lift." Yugi arched his back and raised his bottom off the ground. With a snap the fastening to Yugi's shorts was gone. He grasped the hem of the short, along with Yugi's underwear, and tugged them down to his knees. He gripped Yugi's very pink erection with one hand as he shoved the pants down further. The scent of Yami's arousal slammed into Yugi, making his own already hard erection begin to leak with precum. Yami's mouth closed over his sex. Yugi covered up his strangled gasp with his palm clapped tightly over his mouth.

Yugi's head shot up to star down at Yami's multicolored hair and broad shoulders. Dear god this felt incredible. The way that warm tongue rubbed along the underside and then swirled around the head. That perfectly slow yet forceful suction. Yugi closed his eyes tightly, he could already feel the tears coming. Yami went all the way down till his lips touched the base of Yugi's erection. The sensation sent Yugi reeling. His testicles pulled tight, his back arched even more, and his legs trembled. He felt as if he were about to melt into a puddle at Yami's feet. One of Yami's hands gripped Yugi's hip, and his thumb rubbed over the boy's hipbone. Back and forth he caressed in time with his mouth. He made a little humming noise of approval.

Yugi was utterly drunk off all the different smalls and sensations running through his body. It was sinful that way those hot lips dragged up and down his penis. He could feel a rock digging into his right shoulder. Oddly the pain did nothing to stifle the intense pleasure. He was close to cuming, and he tried to distract himself with something...anything. He wanted this to go on forever. Suddenly another jolt of pleasure hit his body. He stifled a groan. What was Espeon doing now? He want to look, but he'd be damned if he was going to stop this sweet torture. He opened his eyes to look at Yami's once more.

That was a huge mistake. With his lips stretched around Yugi's sex, Yami met his gaze and smirked. Yugi tried to brace himself, still trying to hold back, but it was no use. His orgasm washed over him like a tidal wave. He stared into those smoldering ruby eyes and found himself sinking deeper and deeper. Sensation after sensation buffeted him, making him tense up. His seed emptied into Yami's loving mouth in a gush, but Yami never blinked. His body trembled slightly, but he continued milking Yugi with his lips and tongue until he was completely flaccid.

Yugi couldn't look away. The intimacy connected them, bound them. Whatever it took he couldn't lose this. He reached out a hand to touch Yami's cheek "When I orgasm... does Espeon too?"

Yami nodded "In fact that is why I gave you one. It has been proved the female pokemon have stronger offspring if the male gives them multiple climaxes before the act of mating occurs."

Yugi blinked "I don't know weather to find your technical language arousing or slightly creepy." He shrugged. "I'll go with arousing for now." Yugi's breath came in rough pants and a strangled groan. The scent of sex was pungent in the air.

Yami's thumb brushed over Yugi's nipple and traced his pectoral muscle. Yami seemed fascinated by his slim build. He leaned forward and nipped Yugi's bottom lip and unhooked the button of his pants. "Let me get my pants off." As Yami stood, Yugi whimpered. With his pants and boxers off, Yami looked behind himself to his pack "I have to grab something."

"Something?" Yugi repeated. When Yami turned back around Yugi saw him opening a potion bottle. "A Potion?"

"You've never used potion as lube before?" Yami smirked. Yugi shook his head "Oh, then this is going to rock your world." Yugi didn't know why, but Yami's words had his softened penis already hardening again. Yami gave the impression of a predator about to pounce as he leaned over Yugi, cover his smaller body with his. After coating his fingers and dripping a healthy amount on the head of his erection Yami tossed the potion aside and straddled Yugi's thighs. He saw that anticipation and desire in Yugi's violet eyes. "Patience. I'm not going anywhere."

Yugi was on him immediately, sitting up and mashing their stomachs together. Wrapping his hands around Yami's waist he bit into the flesh of Yami's neck, very near the collar bone. Fire shot and burned Yami's skin. He growled. The wet tip of Yugi's penis pressed against his own erection. Dislodging Yugi from his shoulder, Yami kissed him and lifted him up into his arms before lowing him to sit in his lap, the head of his sex rubbing against the seam of Yugi's bottom. Slick fingers would around Yugi's him to his right cheek and then ghosted over the seam before probing inside. When the fingers found his anus Yugi's eyes widens and both of his hands went to cover his mouth. Intense heat and a truly maddening tingling sensation assaulted his anus. "Is...It that the potion?" Yugi whispered brokenly.

Yami chuckled "Yes." He leaned back so he could look into Yugi's eyes "I want you to touch yourself, but I don't want you to cum. Can you do that?" Yugi nodded. He pushed two fingers into the boy and Yugi's head fell to his shoulder. Trembling, Yugi grabbed himself and began tugging and rubbing his thumb over the head. Wetness glistened on the tip, smearing his movements. Yami's balls drew up. Yugi's actions were such a contrast to his innocent appearance that it felt naughty and forbidden, like Yami was corrupting the young boy. Hell, he probably was. Adding another finger he scissored them.

Yami moaned, working his fingers in deeper. He didn't know what he was looking forward to more, the feel of being inside the writhing teen or the feeling they would both get when their pokemon too experienced bliss. The sight of Yugi, with tears rolling down his pink cheeks, and his mouth open as he panted for breath was utterly breathtaking.

Yugi gasped "Yami ," he whispered with so much longing it sounded like a plea.

"Yeah, little one." He positioned himself and slid in slowly. It took more effort not to simply grab Yugi's him and ram himself completely with and boy and claim every inch of him. Yami's gaze focused on where they were joined, sweat dotted his forehead. Yugi reached up, racking his fingers through Yami's hair. "That feels so good." Yami's deep voice cracked. He lifted his face, nuzzling in into Yugi's law. From the small tremors racking Yugi's body this was not going to last much longer. Yami's hand went to Yugi's hips. He lifted the boy up slightly before tightening his grip and slamming him back down.

In no time, Yugi joined his efforts and thrust up each time Yami forced him back down. Every third thrust or so Yugi's spine would explode in ecstasy as Yami hit his prostate. Every time it was a pleasure so intense it was almost uncomfortable surging through him. When he felt teeth scrape and then bite down on the juncture of his neck Yugi lost it. The warm heat of his orgasm splashed over both of their stomachs. On a primal level he felt he was marking Yami, as his and his alone. With a hitched breath and one last thrust Yugi felt Yami's own release coarse though his body. He smiled and moved Yami's face away from his shoulder. Their started into each others eyes and were leaning in for a kiss when both of them screamed as a second, or in Yugi's case third, took both of them completely by surprise.

Yugi fell backward, panting as Yami fell forward and collapsed on the soft grass to Yugi's right. Had that been Espeon? Yugi turned his head and with his left hand moved the branches so he could see. Umbreon was on Espeon's back, the scruff of her neck clamped tightly between his jaws, and his front paws hooked underneath her hips. Both pokemon had their ears folded back and Espeon's tail was moved to her right side. No sound came from either pokemon as they seemed to stand perfectly still. Then Umbreon released his hold on her neck and Espeon fell to the ground. Umbreon followed her, a low purring noise vibrating from his small body. He moved his head and began licking the back of Espeon's ears.

"They may be like that for awhile." came Yami's slightly sleepy voice.

Yugi smirked "I think it's cute that pokemon cuddle."

A muscular arm came and wrapped around Yugi's waist "There is that, but I was more refereeing to the fact that they are tied together. It ensures that no rivaling male can compromise his chance of being the pups father."

Yugi rolled his eyes as he continued to watch the two pokemon groom one another and exchange licks to their muzzles "I still have to go to Goldenrod City." Yugi turned his head to look back at Yami "Should I come back here when the pups are born?"

Yami's shook his head and smiled "No need. I will be accompanying you to Goldenrod and anywhere else you have to go."

"Until the pups are born?"

"Oh no, much longer then that little one. Much longer."


The End

A/N: I do not know why, but this fic more then any of my other fics just makes me feel like I'm a pervert. To me, being a biology nut, the pokemon part of this fic seems like nothing more then you would see on the Discovery Channel. *shrugs* Oh well. I just wanted to do a fic where Yugi and Yami were trainers to two of my most favorite pokemon. Anyway, hope you guys like it. Any spelling errors will be corrected soon.