Elphaba thought Glinda would never fall asleep but it seemed all of her excitement and chatter had tuckered the blonde out. The green girl moved closer to the window and leaned against the cool pane of glass. She watched the flowers and brush wave lazily to the train as it went by, bowing their heads in a soft farewell.

That reminded her.

Her braid flopped over her shoulder as Elphaba reached for the small bouquet of flowers she had received as a parting gift from Fiyero.

No one had ever given her flowers before.

Though she found it a funny thing, giving someone a gift that would only die in a few days, to her, they didn't seem of much use in anyway.

But no one had given her flowers before.

Her emerald green fingertips danced across the delicate velveteen petals. In fact, no one had ever given her anything. Her lips curved into the slightest smile at the thought of the strapping young prince. It wasn't so much the gift she cared for, it was him. He was the only one to ever care enough to simply take the time to stoop down and pick a few poppies for her.

Ephaba plucked a single bud from the bunch and hurriedly crumpled the petals into her palm before stashing them into her pocket and swiftly throwing the rest of the flowers away.

"Glinda, wake up." The blonde girl had invaded Elphaba's seat in her sleep, leaving the green woman with no place to return to. Elphaba had to shove Glinda back into her place before she was able to resume looking out the window, her hand tracing the edge of a single petal in her pocket.

Elphaba had never been one for keeping things.

This was different though, she knew that. He was different. Just this time, at least for this moment, she would hang on to them.