Peter Parker sat on top of the building, cross legged, looking out over New York.

"I can't believe I did it." Peter said. He was of course talking about his defeat of the Lizard, Dr. Curt Connors.

That went two ways for him. First and foremost was that he had saved New York City from a danger that no one else could have. Second of all, he couldn't believe he fought the one man who had been his mentor and father figure ever since his Uncle Ben died.

One thing that kept nagging at the back of his mind was what he had asked Mr. Ratha. He was just about to ask him about what had happened to his parents until Connors came bursting through the wall.

"Time to get answered what should have been answered a long time ago." Peter said to himself as he pulled on his mask. He leapt from the building and shot a web, a miniscule puff of smoke that came from his web shooter. He swung from the web line and stuck to the wall of the Oscorp building. He quickly changed out of his Spider-Man suit and into his civilian clothes. He made his way down into the office of Mr. Ratha.

"Mr. Ratha," Peter said, "I think it's time we finish our conversation."

Rajit Ratha turned from his desk, his face tired and weary. "Oh, right. Take a seat please, Peter." Ratha sighed.

Peter did as told and looked at Ratha. He waited patiently as Ratha took a long drink of water.

"Alright, as I was saying, your father worked for a very secretiveorganization. No one knew about them unless they themselves told them. Not even the president knows about them." Ratha said. He took another short sip of water.

"What do you mean that the president doesn't know about them? If they're part of the U.S government then why wouldn't he know about them?" Peter inquired.

"That's the thing, Peter. They aren't part of the government." Ratha replied. "They work to save more than just the United States. They work to save the world…and more."

"More?" Peter questioned. What more could be saved than the entire world?

"Yes, more. We aren't the only ones in the universe, Peter." Ratha replied.

"I'm sorry for trying to cut it short, but what does this all have to do with my dad?" Peter asked.

"Oh, yes. Sorry. I always ramble on and get off track it's one of my-" Ratha was saying before he was cut off by Peter.

"Sir, I've been waiting for eight years to find out what happened to my parents, and I really want to know, now." Peter snapped.

Ratha taken back at the boldness of Peter, he was almost afraid of telling him the truth.

"Peter, I'm sorry, but I actually don't know what your father was doing in the organization." Ratha said silently.

"What? You told me you could tell me what happened, and now you can't?" Peter retorted.

"I can't. But I know someone who can." Ratha replied.

He wrote down a name on a piece of paper, along with an address. "He said this is all I can give you for now."

Peter looked down at the name on the card. He put the card down on the table.

"Sir? Who's Nick Fury?"