He walked silently towards the main office of the large luminous building. Rathka had told him to come in civilian clothes. The suit was too flashy for the meeting. Pushing open the doors of the building, Peter Parker walked up to the lady sitting at the front of the desk. Her nose was deep in her work.

"Umm...Miss…" Peter said.

"Head to the top floor. He's waiting." She said without even looking up.

Peter was astonished at her statement. "Don't you need to know who I am first?"

"No. I already know who you are Mr. Parker. Like I said before, he's waiting for you on the top floor." She declared.

Peter walked shyly past her, a bit in astonishment. He punched the button on the elevator to make it go up. As soon as he stepped in, a male voice with a slight British accent announced spoke. "Hello, Mr. Parker. Thank you for arriving. Director Fury has been waiting for you."

"So I've been told." Peter remarked.

The elevator hit the top floor and the doors slid wide open. Peter walked out, looking around for the man who has been waiting for him. He walked slowly across the marble floor he almost tripped in a huge hole in the floor.

"What the heck is that there for?" He said to himself.

An unexpected answer came from the darkness. "Someone got a little angry, I guess."

Peter snapped his head towards the shadows. A tall African-American male with an eye patch over his right eye stepped forward. He stared at Peter with a deep intensity, as if studying every little thing he did.

"Nick Fury?" Peter asked.

"Only one there is." He declared. He walked over to the freshly put in glass window and stared out across New York.

"I hear you've been looking for your father." Fury said.

Peter's eyes widened. "Umm…yeah… Mr. Rathka said you could help me find out what happened to him."

"Oh, did he now?" Fury said. He said it with such a dictating tone it almost didn't even seem like a question.

"Yeah." Peter said shyly.

"Well, he was right. Your father worked for my agency. We help monitor potential threats and either eradicate them, or use them to our advantage."

"What kind of potential threats?" Peter inquired.

"Well…you, for example." Fury said.

"Me? I'm just a high school kid. What could I do?" He said, taken by surprise.

"Let's be honest. You and I both know what you could do. Beating a nine foot tall lizard man isn't an easy task for one person. Let alone a 'high school kid'."

A million things shot through Peter's mind as he tried to process what Fury has just said. How did he know?

"Don't act so surprised, Peter. You take that mask of yours off a lot for someone who's trying to keep a secret identity." He said.

He was dumbfounded. What could he possibly say to someone who seemed to know every little secret about him?

"We've been tracking you ever since you're first appearance on that bridge. At first we'd been looking in on Curtis Connors, or the Lizard as the papers are calling him now, and monitoring his movements when you swung in. Just in the nick of time, too." Fury said.

Peter gulped. "What does this have to do with my father?"

Fury sighed. "You're father worked for me and my agency. The Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division or S.H.I.E.L.D for short. He was an agent until he went undercover at Oscorp. We sent him in because the head of Oscorp, Norman Osborn had started a new project. Cross species genetics. We were curious as to if it could become disastrous or not so we sent it your father to keep a watchful eye over it. It wasn't until someone found the data that both he and Connors had discovered while working together, that he decided it wasn't safe anymore. If he didn't pull out then, he might not ever be able to. It wasn't until the day later that he dropped you off at your Aunt and Uncle's home that they unfortunately died in an airplane crash."

Peter was having a hard time processing all of it. He knew his father had been secretive but to that extent. It almost didn't seem real, but here he was listening to the head of a secret agency tell him all the secrets his father had kept from him.

"That airplane crash…it wasn't an accident was it?" Peter asked.

Fury sighed. "To the best of my knowledge…no."

Peter looked out the window.

"Who did it?" Peter asked.

"Even I don't know." Fury said.

He couldn't take anymore. All of this was just too much. It was time to go.

"Thank you so much, sir. But I've got to get going. This is just a little too much to process right now."

He was about to leave until Fury called out to him. "Sorry to keep you any longer Peter, but I didn't want to meet with you just to tell you what happened to your father. There's something else I'd like to proposition."

Peter stopped dead in his tracks. "Like what?"

Fury smirked slightly at him. "There are things out there that surpass the threat level of even a giant Lizard and we need people to help stop them. We think that you're one of those people."