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Humphrey the Lone Wolf

:Can't Look Back:

The mid spring air wafted through the valley. Howls echoed in rejoice for the occasion to be soon.

It was about noon in the pack grounds. The valley had come to life with wolves running in preparation for their union with the Eastern pack.

Everything was near ready, soon they would all be able to live in peace as one.

But four wolves above all were torn by this. Only one of them would have even thought about this new path.

"Humphrey are you okay"

"Oh, um yea I'll be fine Kate" he nervously placed a paw behind his head. So many things were going through his mind now, but he had to say his goodbye to her.

She eyed him curiously knowing this wasn't like him. This wasn't the 'fun loving omega' she had admired.

"Are you sure"

He sighed "Yes, I'm okay...just I-i gotta go, I just can't miss the train"

With that he turned and started walking away. The feelings just too painful, he had to leave.

"Well, I hope your travels go well" Kate said to him. She too felt a heaviness about him leaving, but was sure there was nothing she could do.

The grey wolf looked back and felt his heart sink. Nothing could have prepared him mentally for this.

"How could this have happened" he thought watching Kate walk down the face of the steep cliff.

Everything had happened so fast that it started making his head spin. He wanted to tell her, but now it was too late. She was to unite the packs with Garth and then...

He didn't know it yet but his crystal blue eyes started to water.

Sniffling he watched as she finally disappeared down into the valley.

With tears blurring his vision he turned and ran towards the forrest.

He could barely see where he was going and just thinking about her hurt him deeply. She meant everything to him, and he'd do anything for her.

Scrambling through the woods towards the train he tripped and fell over an exposed tree root. He tumbled foreword and fell on his chest.

"Oww... agh thats gonna leave a mark" he picked himself up and looked at his paws and sides.

Several small bruises, and a few scrapes were scattered about him.

"Yep" he sighed "Gonna feel that tomorrow, I'll get Janice and Re-"

He stopped then and stared at his paw, suddenly remembering what he said he'd do. The thought made him twitch slightly, he had to leave Jasper.

Looking back towards the pack grounds he started to shudder. He would be leaving everything behind, friends, family, shelter, and even Kate.

"I-i can't leave Kate" he just knew there had to be a way. Taking one step foreword he heard something that nearly broke him down.

Howls echoed past him all seemingly coming from the center of the valley. He knew then and there it was all too late for him.

His ears pinned to the back of his head and almost feeling his heart stop he ran towards the train tracks. Ignoring his pain as best as he could he heard the faint sound of the train passing through.

More howls passed him as he rushed towards his destination. Shortly after he arrived on a hill next to the tracks.

The train had just come into view seemingly slowing down just enough for him to make it on safely.

Humphrey turned back one last time and silently shed a single tear. Hanging his head low he awaited the train "I'm sorry Kate, I have to leave".

When his opportunity for an open lone box car came he jumped with all the strength he could muster. Barely making it in and with an awkward landing he was headed to any destination but here.

In his heart he knew he had to take this path. It would be painful for him to leave everything behind. It would be long, even possibly until the end of his life. Looking over the valley and seeing it go by, his new life would be just as he thought.

Blinking a few times as tears pooled in his eyes and pain came to his heart once more. "I.." he tried to form the words, it stung, but it was now true "I'm a lone wolf".

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