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Hey dudes! The name's Alfred F. Jones! Also known as the Hero! (By no one) And the coolest thing happened to me about a month ago! I was accepted into the university of my choice! That's kick-ass! Of course only a Hero like myself could be able to pull it off. Yeah, that's right! I just capitalized Hero cause it's that important!

Anyways, as I was saying, I had gotten a letter about a month ago. On it, it informed me that I had been accepted to USC on my football scholarship! Yeah that's right, I didn't have to pay for anything as long as I kept my grades up and played football. How awesome is that, right? The paper said that I had a paid double room. That means I had to share my some guy named Arthur Kirkland. Not so kick-ass but eh, I'll live.

Huh, that's funny. I knew an Arthur Kirkland back in high school, in my freshman year. To describe him simply he was a hot, punk loner. Well I kinda added the hot part. But no lie dudes, he'd wear some tight, tight, tight leather pants. That showed off his cute little butt. N-not that I looked at it or anything. Seriously dudes! It's not my fault! It was just, well there. Ya know?

He was my chemistry lab partner. At first he was really quiet and bitchy, then when we started talking a bit more and it turns out he was a really cool person! But back in those days I was still developing. Yes, I was 'late-bloomer' as they say. So of course when your developing certain things with a round ass in front of you and a hot British accent, how can you not get aroused?

Thankfully I had chemistry as my last period so if accidently popped a *coughbonercough* then I could easily go to the bathroom, which was literally right across from the classroom, and get rid of it. Don't look at me like that! You know you've done it before! Don't act like a saint! Okay back to what I was saying. Me and Arthur became good friends, but after finishing 9th grade he had to move back to London, England because of his mom's work.

No biggie. Sure I was gonna miss him, but we weren't that close. It been cool if we both got to meet again. I couldn't wait to see his leather-clad ass again! As I roamed around the huge campus, I tried to locate the building where the rooms where at. I needed to put my stuff away, the suitcases were getting heavy! Damn, why did the university have to so big? Seriously! I could of had a heart attack right here, and die because the medical ward is all the way on the other side of the campus! Le sigh~

Finally after asking for some directions, I made it to the rooms. I entered and immediatley jumped onto the fluffy bed. Heaven at last! My first set of classes would start tomarrow. My roomate still wasn't here, Im guessing he was running late. I emptied out my two suitcases while listening to my jam. Said jam being 'Skillet'. Dudes, that band makes music that rocks my soul. And that's pretty intense. You should check them out.

Putting away all my junk was a lot of work but I was finally finished! HUZZAH!~ Now I just had to meet my family to go out and celebrate my accomplishment. Seeing as I wouldn't be living with them anymore, we wanted to make sure to have a good memory of us before I split from the Jones family. University was a big deal huh?

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