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Hello. My name is Ali Lennon. Yes, as in John Lennon *cue screaming fangirls*. He's my twin brother. Not that we're close or anything. When we were born, my dad took me while my mom got Johnny. Dad and me moved to America while Mom stayed in Liverpool. Since my parents don't have ANY contact, I haven't seen my brother since I was born. In fact, we're about as different as night and day. I guess we have a similar facial structure...sort of. That's where the resemblance ends. My hair is blonde and I have blue eyes. John has brown hair and eyes. I dye my hair with the temporary spray-in stuff that people use for Halloween.

Actually, heritage aside, we have one thing in common. We both play guitar professionally in a band. His band, if you have just crawled out from under the rock you've been living in, is the Beatles. I'm in The Eagles. I have the worlds best band. Jack Caldwell, our bassist, is the sister I never had. She is hyper, crazy, nuts and completely PERFECT. Josh Hutcherson is our goth, dark creeper drummer. That guy is freaking EMO. Minus the cutting part. Seriously, he sends kids running to mommy on a regular basis. Out of all of us, Drew Johnson is the most normal. He's tall, blonde and shy as hell. If you need a ride home from somewhere, Drew is the one least likely to leave you sitting there for half an hour. Casey Brown is the kid brother who climbs on your bed screaming it's Christmas at 4 in the morning in the middle of July. He's the practical joker and the youngest. He's also the only one of us who doesn't have a college degree. Sitting in a lecture hall for two hours is Casey's version of hell. All of us share a house right next to the beach in southern California. Our music is all recorded from *da da daaa* OUR BASEMENT! It's not Downton Abbey, but it works. The Eagles are all like my siblings. I am defiantly closer to them than my brother. Which is his OWN DAMN FAULT! I sent him letters for a while, but all I was getting back was some pre-written letter and an invitation to join a Beatles fan club, so I stopped writing.

I woke up at 1:00 PM. Having chronic insomnia, I get to bed at 2:00 on a good night. Last night was not good. Nothing is quite like staying up until 6:00 AM working on a song. Sorry, I can't help it if my best ideas come between the hours of 2:00 and 4:00 in the morning. So I sleep in like mad. Anyway, the song was pretty good, so it was worth it.

"Morning," Jack grinned, handing me a cup of coffee. I wanted to hug her soooo bad right now.

"Jack, you are an absolute lifesaver," I groaned, inhaling the rich aroma before taking a sip. Mmm...perfect. I walked to the kitchen, coffee in hand, and hoped the food faeries had come. They didn't. So I made some toast and made a mental note to go to the store today.

"Your bro made the front page again," Drew commented as he tossed me the paper. Apparently they had released three number one singles. Whoopie-freaking-doo.

"Here he is again," Casey yelled, waving the gossipy, crappy section over his head while looking proud of himself. Why the hell he read that was beyond me.

"Another girlfriend...he sure goes through them fast," Jack laughed as she peered over my shoulder. I rolled my eyes and shut the paper. This was how I knew my brother. Newspapers. There is something wrong with this world...

I finished eating, went upstairs and took a long, hot shower. Pulling on underclothes, I hunted through my clothes. A pair of denim shorts, a tank top and a few streaks of hair dye later, I was ready to start the day.

Following the sound of drums, I found everyone getting warmed up already. I grabbed my twelve-string and tuned up. We practiced for a while before pondering over the song I had written last night. The words were good, but the guitar parts were hell to come up with. After working for an hour to no avail, we decided to call it quits for the day. I ran to the store and picked up food. Knowing the boys, it would be gone by tonight. After getting home, I tossed chicken on the grill, brought my guitar and jammed out while waiting for the food to finish cooking. Once it was done, I brought it inside, made a quick salad and tossed some pineapple on the grill. Then I called the wolverines and served myself a plate. There was silence for a while as everyone ate.

"So...is your Dad coming over?" Josh asked while gnawing on a chicken bone.

"Uh...he should be," I answered. Before I go on, I need to set the record straight about my dad. Yes, he left my mother. Yes, he left his son with my mother. Yes, he did not attempt to contact his son after he left. Despite this, though, he is a great person. He gave me my first guitar at age 4 and taught me how to play it. For as long as I can remember, he was there for me. Not only as my dad, but as my best friend. Shortly after I turned 4, he married Pauline. Not that I call her that. She's just Mom. They had David two years later. Robin was born 5 years ago. They live in San Diego, which is where I grew up. Dad comes down a lot, though. Without him, I doubt The Eagles would of been founded.

After a few hours of ping-pong and Dungeons and Dragons, everyone else turned in. I just hung out for a bit, left alone to my thoughts.

It was so silent. The day always ended this way...just me and the voices in my head. The music of the night surrounded me, just as it always does. So overpowering...maybe I'm going insane. I keep moving to tune the voices out. Always moving...

I stumble to a notepad to get these toxic thoughts out of my head. A half-hour later, I had this scribbled on the paper.

It's Just Another Day In Paradise

As You Stumble To Your Bed

You'd Give Anything To Silence

Those Voices Ringing In Your Head

You Thought You Could Find Happiness

Just Over That Green Hill

You Thought You Would Be Satisfied

But You Never Will-

Learn To Be Still

We Are Like Sheep Without A Shepherd

We Don't Know How To Be Alone

So We Wander 'Round This Desert

And Wind Up Following The Wrong Gods Home

But The Flock Cries Out For Another

And They Keep Answering That Bell

And One More Starry-Eyed Messiah

Meets A Violent Farewell-

Learn To Be Still

Learn To Be Still

Now The Flowers In Your Garden

They Don't Smell So Sweet

Maybe You've Forgotten

The Heaven Lying At Your Feet

There Are So Many Contradictions

In All These Messages We Send

(We Keep Asking)

How Do I Get Out Of Here

Where Do I Fit In?

Though The World Is Torn And Shaken

Even If Your Heart Is Breakin'

It's Waiting For You To Awaken

And Someday You Will-

Learn To Be Still

Learn To Be Still

You Just Keep On Runnin'

Keep On Runnin'

Pleased with my work, I glanced at the clock. 2:00 AM. Bedtime. I collapsed on my bed and entered a dreamless sleep.

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