Well, here it is. Another fast-written, short leetle sucker. AND I ACTUALLY UPDATED THREE WEEKS IN A ROW BOO-YAH!

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So, there actually isn't all that much going on. I shall shut up and let you read now.


We finished our vacation in peace before heading back to the real world. During all the hours we spent sitting around, I finally had a plan. The Eagles were going to tour lightly for the next four months before recording an album. Hopefully I wouldn't get too tired. But when had things ever gone well for us?

So that's how I ended up curled in a little ball of misery in the bathroom of a hotel in San Antonio three months later. Morning sickness is a bitch, I can say that much.

"How're you feeling?" Jack asked from the doorway. I looked up at her and gave her the I-have-just-puked-up-my-guts-don't-screw-with-me look. She held up her hands in a defensive gesture and sat next to me.

"You like making trouble don't you?" I asked to my stomach, which had begun to get slightly bigger in the past few weeks. If it got much larger, it would start showing through my clothes. I don't know if the thought thrilled me or scared me.

The week after we got back from vacation, we sent out a press release stating that I was pregnant and due in September. And the response was downright explosive. People I had never met started congradulating me. Some teenage girls sent me hate mail, not that I really cared. There were some people protesting a pregnant woman touring, but I ignored that too, seeing as these people also believed I shouldn't be touring, period.

"Hey, can I get you something?" Jack interrupted my thoughts. I shook my head and set my head on my knees, wishing Paul was there.

The Beatles decided to tour the same time as us, so Paul and John could be with me when I needed them the most. I would be thankful for it later but right then, I was just miserable.

"Sometimes I can't help feeling that I'm living a life of illusion," I sang to myself , hugging my knees even closer to my chest. "And oh why, can't we let it be and see through the hole in this wall of confusion. I just can't help the feeling I'm living a life of illusion."

"What's that?" Josh peered into the door.

"Just a thought. No biggie. Do you guys have a rotation or something to keep me company?" I asked, changing the subject.

"Um...maybe..." Josh looked a bit awkward as he sat next to me.

"Admit it, you would do the same thing!" Jack laughed.

True," I smirked.

"Besides, what would we do without you?" Casey grinned from the corner.

Drew entered with some Coke and nachos and that's where spent the rest of the night. A massive hotel suite and we end up in the bathroom...it's good to know that some things never change.

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