Chapter 1: The Recruit

"Hi there! I'm Derpy Hooves! Um, while I was giving the mail to the ponies, I noticed a piece of paper with my name on it and it said to come here." The derp-eyed pony said in front of a door. The door opened and a face immerged from a shadow. It said "Come in. Quick." Derpy looked confused, more than usual, but decided to go inside anyway.

Once inside, everything was very dark. Derpy looked around but didn't see anything except for the hooves of the pony right in front of her. The pony stopped and Derpy heard teeth being brushed. "Colgate, Derpy Hooves has arrived." Said the stranger pony. The brushing suddenly stopped and a door opened. Derpy saw another pony come out of nowhere. Probably a door but it was too dark to see. "She is going to be quite an ally to us in our mission." The first pony said. "Quite. She's going to be perfect." The pony, who Derpy figured to be Colgate based on the first pony's comment, said.

Derpy heard a flick and suddenly all the lights turned on. The two ponies were in a full view. A brown pony with an hourglass cutie mark stood right in front of Derpy and a blue and white pony, also with an hourglass cutie mark stood next to the brown pony. "I am Dr. Whooves." The brown pony said "And this is Colgate" he continued, pointing to the blue and white pony. Derpy had a dazed look on her face, still confused about everything that was going on. And then, in an instant she began smiling and said "Pleased to meet you!" as if she had forgotten all the eerie greetings that Dr. Whooves and Colgate had just put her through.

Dr. Whooves continued "We are on a top secret mission issued by the Princess. You are a key player to this mission and can help us, however, the Princess doesn't know it. We must bring you to her to get her permission." "I get to meet Princess Celestia! Cool! Do you think she'll have muffins?" Derpy asked. "I'm not too sure. But here, take this." Colgate said, tossing her a muffin. Derpy went wide eyed and mouthwatering. Dr. Whooves gave out a sigh of relief when he saw how Colgate solely focused on the muffin part of Derpy's comment and not the Princess Celestia part. She would be meeting Princess Celestia now but she still had no idea what was actually going on.