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Scott is just entering his own house when he hears the soft laughs and heated moans. He grins as he thinks it might be Allison, who may or may not have snuck into his room, getting started without him. Then his expression changes to disgust as he thinks his mom might have a "friend" over.

So he just walks upstairs to see which it is.

And while he's walking he realizes it can't be Allison because she's helping Lydia out with something or other and it's most definitely not his mom because she's been at work since about noon. So now he's extra curious to find out who it is.

And like the saying goes, "Curiosity killed the cat," though in this sense it would be the dog.

Scott gets closer to the noises, noticing they're coming from his room. He lets his claws elongate as he busts the door open, only to stop in his tracks to stare at the scene before him. Mouth wide open, eyes blown in surprise. He looked like some boogeyman ready to eat a child. Yea he was that surprised.

Derek, his alpha, is ontop of his best friend. Doing things. Like, sexual things! Things he wished Allison would do for him. Namely, give him blow jobs.

Which was apparently what his alpha was doing to his best friend.

And he could see one hand was rubbing along Stiles ribs, which would be why he had heard quiet laughing earlier, and the other one, well, he couldn't see that one but was assuming it was somewhere he'd rather not see. Though, to his horror, he could hear a little bit of a slick sound coming from the hand he couldn't see, so he had his suspicions.

The worst part wasn't that his alpha was with his best friend, but that they were in his room, in his house, in his room, on his floor!

They just looked like they were about to get it on. Scott was just thankful they finally noticed he was there, in the same room as them, not wanting to watching but being forced to because his body was paralyzed with shock. Oh, the wonders of the human, well werewolf, body in shock.

"Oh, hey Scott. . ." Stiles says nonchalantly, trying to play off that his boyfriend's, who was also his best friend's alpha, fingers were inside his body and mouth still on his dick, while he was in his friend's room.

"Jesus, Stiles. . . You couldn't have waited till you got home. No, wait. On second thought, when the hell were you gonna tell me you were screwing Derek?"

"Actually it seems to be I'm screwing him, if you haven't noticed the hand," Derek says as he pulls his slick hand out from underneath Stiles. The pale teen blushed and closes his legs, covering his face.

"W-well I was planning on telling you. . . Soon? Though in a better way. It's like dad all over again. . . At least he can't pull a gun out on you." The last part was quietly whispered through teeth, though the first line lacrosse player could hear it just fine.

Scott cocked his head to the side in a confused manner.

"His dad found us in his room when he came home from work early," the alpha said as Stiles hid his face in the warm chest of his lover. "And apparently we wrecked the house."

The teen werewolf coughed, hitting his fist against his chest to calm himself down. He did not need that mental picture. Ever. Oh, but wait! There it was. Right in the forefront of his mind, torturing his poor soul. He'd really need some time with Allison to forgot that image.

Stiles looked at his friend shyly, "At least we weren't on your bed, right?"

Scott face palmed and walked out to let the two get dressed. "You better not have been on my bed," he said quietly as he walked downstairs.

Well, I was really surprised with the way the first chapter was taken so well by many of you guys, so I decided I'd get this one. I'm really liking how these turn out. They're not bad for what's my usual work. Plus seeing as this is the first Teen Wolf anything I've done.

So, I do apologize for the length. The first one was longer because I originally wrote it on my computer. I write a lot on my iPod and that's where I read most of my fanfictions, so there always seems to be more written then there really is.

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