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Chapter inspired by the Music: Dutty Love (Don Omar feat Natti Natasha)

(all about the vision of Letty)

I've known Dom since I have 10 years and always liked him with a brother, your father was my idol. I've always loved cars and my brother was a close friend of Vincy, was when I started getting close to the boys, my mother worked day and night and do not like to leave me alone at home, so she forced me to walk with my brother, Zac . They are about six years older than me

I was always a different girl, I never liked playing with dolls, my passion was to be around the cars and how to live with Zac, Vincy and Dom in DT, I was always there. At first, they implied to me a little, but then they saw that I understood, about cars, they decided to accept me and were nice to me. Besides all still had Mia, Dom's sister, she is 2 years older than me and ended up choosing me with his younger sister. As the years went by I was growing and becoming ever closer Torreto family. Their father, Tony was like a father to me.

When I was 16 I began to realize that the boys began to redouble care from me, they would not let no boy flirting with me and Mia and we were a party without them. I even give kisses and go to the movies with some guys, but never passed it. When the thing was going to engage one of them came and spoiled everything.

The end was coming, we would have a benefit ball at school and would like to invite a pair. I had thought a lot of names to invite more foolish than my brother said I was not going to, if not one of the boys. I suggested that I go with Vincy, for I was more friends with him, he was always full of whores like Dom Over My dear brother, told me to go with Dom and Mia with Vincy. I still struggled and asked Zac to go with Mia and I'll go with Vincy, more failed. Zac was dating a nice girl and has already invited to the prom. Either way I danced!

I decided to accept and go with Dom. He was a nice guy, treated me with affection, was attentive to me, he has always been the most of local boys. Every time I had a boy interested in me, he was the first to put the boy to run. Once he even beat one of them was yelling at me and then as a crazy .A my luck was that Vincy arrived and took him out of the cafeteria where I and the boy were kissing. I knew he cared about me as he was concerned with Mia, but I never thought he could get so angry with a simple kiss. After all he was in the cafeteria full of whores in her lap.

When the day of the feast arrived, Mia and I packed up our hair, we had a great makeup, painted nails, and put our super-short dresses. As we move down the stairs the two boys were waiting for us. They were also very beautiful, wearing a black suit, lovely. When they come, almost mad. I do not know if the shock of seeing us dressed sexy or shorter and is tesã é this day I never realized how Dom gets upset when I play, I was going towards the car when he stopped in front of me and I hold your waist pulled me close to him and told me I was hot ... which is very beautiful! I'm a little nervous and laughed saying he was fine. He pulled me by the hand and led me into his car and was Vincy car Mia with Zac.

During the ride to the prom, Dom said nothing, just breathing breathless. I ended up getting confused about his attitude, and began to notice how much he was big and tasty. His smell was a delight and he looked at me as if to devour me. I even started to think how it would be with him, but after I cleared my mind and I remembered that he was like a brother to me. Above all he was a great womanizer and too old for me, since he was 22.

Upon arriving, he ran to open the car door for me, gave me his hand and led to the party. Upon entering the other sat together at a table. The boys began drinking and Mia and I were finding it all very boring, was when I saw the David, a boy I'd kissed, when I was 15, got up to go talk to him, was when Dom pulled me and asked where I was going. For his face, I decided to lie and said he was going to the bathroom, and to my surprise Dom got up and walked me to the bathroom. When I joined, I was angry and wondered a thousand ways to get rid of it and get to David. When I took over 30 minutes to go in the hope it is no longer waiting for me and to my surprise he was out there smiling at me when. I confess that at that moment when I looked into the eyes of Dom I felt something different, a strange feeling.

I was so upset that I decided to start drinking to get rid of that strange feeling. He drank, I drank and started dancing together. He grabbed me hard and I lay my head on his chest. When the music stopped, I felt him kiss my neck. And I wanted to kiss him too, most thought it was crazy and that I was on the influence of alcohol.

We went to his house, I had told my mother that he would sleep at home tonight Mia. Upon entering I noticed that Mia had not yet returned, I was kind of not knowing, what to do. Dom offered me a beer. We sat there drinking and talking about cars for a while when I decided I was going to bed. Dom got up and thanked the night and went to Mia's room to sleep. Before finishing the last steps, I was totally drunk, fell and rolled down the stairs. Before I could think Dom had caught me in his arms and took me to his room, desperately wondering if I was okay. Suddenly, I feel your lips on mine, and still very confused I get to kiss him too. Things get so hot between us, my body trembles with shivers of lust.

He takes my dress and starts to kiss my whole body, he says I'm beautiful and whispers words of love, I can`t even understand, the only thing I think at the moment and I really want to make love with him. I take off my clothes and he asks me if I want to be him. I'm so excited to not think twice, I open her legs for him and take my panties, he stands on top of me and starts to touch me.

He goes down my body, covering me with kisses and starts licking my clit when I start to have an orgasm and kiss him on my lips, and I felt his cock entering me, is very hard and massive, is a mixture of pain and pleasure that is driving me crazy.

He had sex with me until I fainted from exhaustion. The day dawned, I woke up and had a hard time realizing that I was naked, bloodied and bruised all arms and bed of the "conqueror" Dominic Torreto. And to top, it with tremendous headache. I decided to get up slowly before he woke up and run to my house to hide my shame and take a bath.

Upon arriving home, I find it all in silence to go to my room, grabbed some clothes and go to the bathroom to wash myself. The pain between her legs is great and I feel that he was still inside me. More after all, I liked the sex with him, although we were both drunk, I could see how good he is, and how he treated me well. He even said he loved me, okay it's time for people to say nothing of sex, not to mention that he was too drunk to think of something. But although I liked was a fun night. I lost count of how many times he moaned: "Letty, you are very beautiful!"," Letty, you are too tight!", "Ohuhuhuh!", "Letty, you drive me crazy".

Ran a bath I dressed and went to school as if nothing had happened. Despite being a little sore, my morning was great and the lessons passed quickly when I realized it was time to leave. When I'm out, I ran into Dom in school. I found it strange because I rarely come here, only when Mia is a problem. I realize that he's looking at me and smiling.

I decided to pretend that nothing happened between us and I'll talk to him. When I'm almost near it , a girl ran past me and throws up in his arms and kisses her lips. He gets up and secure, both arms and away from him, and looks at me. I pass it I smile, say, a "Hello" and leave the school. I hear Dom screaming my name, I look back and he says he'll take me home. I thank and give a smile and say I have a ride. What is true today Paul a colleague offered me a ride and accepted.

The most interesting is that I was not upset to see that the girl is playing on Dom, after I knew better than all, Dom was a" womanizer" and that I had been just one more to sleep with him. The only strange thing is that he was like a brother to me, and I had enjoyed sex with him, I laughed at myself and took a ride with Paul.

I got home and ate something, changed clothes to go out and shop Mia make small talk. When I got there and Vincy and Zac were sitting at the counter talking about an adjustment that had to do in the car for Tony to be a great race in three days. I started talking to Mia about the nuisance that had been the party and she told me that Vincy was so drunk he ended up throwing up on her dress and made her spend the greatest shame. She asked me, how was my way, with his brother, and I said it was normal, thank God she did not extend the conversation.

Soon we heard the noise of the car Dom, and he entered the shop, spoke briefly with the boys, gave a kiss on Mia and stopped in front of me and said he needed to talk to me. I said "ok" to talk. He said he had to be in private. Then we went out, leaving Mia and the boys, watching us with a face interrogation

He opened the passenger door, and he took me to the beach. Along the way, I realized he was tense and we were silent until we sit side by side on the sand watching the sea. I was getting tense, wondering what he wanted to tell me.

To break the ice, I told him that all was well between us and that nothing had changed. He looked at me and said he wanted to stay with me and liked me. I thought he was feeling compelled to do something for me, because he had taken my virginity and my brother was one of his best friends.

I told him to relax, I was fine and that he should not feel guilty, even joked that it was time I lose the seal and had been good to him, because only then he would not need to worry about the other boys when I had a meeting, as there would be nothing left to lose, so I started laughing and asked him to stay among us.

He said no, he really wanted me and take me as his wife. I laughed and said he could only be delirious, I was cool with everything and I pretend that nothing happened. Once up and asked him to take me home, he got up and kissed my lips, took my hand and led me.

When we stopped in front of the house, we saw that the girl who took my school today, she came towards us and I left the car before she could say anything, Dom pulled me and hugged me. I was standing, looked at him and said I was very cool and he would face. Get out and entered the house without thinking about what had happened in those last 24 hours.