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(all about the vision of Letty)

Today I had class and I went to Eve, making a group work for the school. I was tired and could hardly sleep last night. When we finished the job, Mark, a boy of our group offered me a ride, and I accepted and he left me in the garage. I needed to see the Dom much, and tell him what I was feeling.

Mark stopped the car in front of the garage and when I went out of the car he pulled me and kissed me on the cheek, I thanked her and walked to the garage.

To my surprise Vincy and Leon stood in the doorway talking and Zac is coming in my direction. He seems to be angry, I say "hello" and he starts yelling at me.

I see you boys come and Zac this time, more furious. His eyes are upset and he asks me screaming: The where was I? Who was this guy?

I scream that I was doing a school project, the home of Eva and Mark just offered me a ride. He gets closer and I can see that Dom comes out of the driveway to see what's going on. Zac loses control starts calling me a bitch, says that now I have one male per day. And you begin to pull my arm toward my house.

Suddenly I hear Dom screaming for him to leave me. Zac tells him not to meddle, that's not your business. Dom yells: "Drop now! She is my business! ".

Zac turns to him, still clutching my arm, now even more strongly. And ironically says: "What is Dom, do not tell me that now, she is his new bitch"." You're eating her or you will be next on the list this little bitch".

Zac turns to me so fast and give me a punch in the face and I fall to the ground. When I realize, Dom is beating Zac.

Vincy and Leon try to sideline him Zac, plus it will not stop beating.

I despair and secure your arm and ask him to stop, meanwhile Vincy, Zac and takes place in the car and take him away from there, to cool off.

I hold Dom and ask him to stay calm, it touches my lips says "he'll never touch you, I promise," I say "Do not worry it's alright," he holds me and take me inside the garage and lock the door.

He put me on the office desk and goes to the refrigerator, get ice to put on my lips. He puts the ice in my mouth and I shiver, I feel your hand touching my face, eye to eye, and it can`t resist the urge to kiss him.

It sits between my legs and pulls me close to your body, without interrupting the kiss, I stop to breathe, he puts his hands behind my head, look into my eyes and ask, me what I want to do. I answer: "Now, all I wanna do is make love to you."

He looks at me incredulously and kisses me passionately and start to take off my clothes, I begin to undo the zipper of his pants, he's incredibly hard, he starts to kiss my breasts and my neck, one of his hands down to the middle my legs, he pulls my panties and touch me. I'm wet, it breaks the kiss and asked me "Are you sure, because after that I start, I'm not going to stop." I answer with a kiss and pulling him to me.

He then penetrates me slowly, and moan in pain, he begins to move inside me. He is slow and smooth, his movements are more intense. I feel he put entire inside of me and every thrust, I feel like I'm ever, making me more of it. He pulled back a bit and watched it together and out of me. He pulled me close to him again and I started kissing his chest, he sighed and picked up the pace. Now it was strong and desperate, I felt a mixture of pain and pleasure. I needed him inside me to erase all the pain I was feeling. He came inside me and said he loved me more than anything else in life.

After we made love, I got dressed and told Dom needs to go home to talk to my mother before Zac back home. He offered to take me, but I said I'd better go alone, to avoid further confusion.

He kissed me and asked me if I was going to the races tonight. I said that everything would depend on how the situation would be in my house. He then told me that tomorrow night, he was going with his father's team for the "Great Race" and invited me to go with it. I said, "Perhaps," we kissed and I went home.

Upon arriving home, I realize that I am without the keys and I left my stuff in the garage. I ring the bell and no one answers. I think that "drugs," my mother has not returned from work.

I go back to garage to get my stuff when I get there and see Dom "Tran bitch," talking. When she sees me, she grabs it and smiles at me. Dom is desperate to push and starts yelling my name and says it's not what I'm thinking.

My eyes fill with tears, but I have insurance and just tell him I'm not thinking anything, it's not my business and I just came to get my purse. He holds me by the arms and I can`t look in your eyes. I'm very angry, feeling like a complete idiot. I push and tell me not to play and leave me alone.

I leave the garage and all I want and disappear...

Later, I was in my room and Zac came to me and apologized for what he had done, said he was "hot head" and had already settled with Dom. I accepted his apology and said that everything was reset between us, and I wanted sleep. He kissed my forehead, said he would spend the night at his girlfriend's house and left.

the next day

I woke up with my mother calling me to take breakfast. I got dressed and went downstairs. That night was not good. The smell of coffee wafting from the kitchen was delicious. Mom loved to cook, so she related well with Mia.

The phone rings and I run to meet, I was worried nobody connects home so early here.

When I say "hello" to my surprise I hear the voice of Dom, saying my name.

My legs are shaking and I almost lose my voice. He says again, "Letty, please! I need to talk with you ", "Do not disconnect" and I say "What do you so soon, Zac is sleeping at the home of Tracy and said, that goes straight to the garage.

"Letty, I need to talk to you, is very important to me. Please! "

I say: "You can come here later in the day, I'll be waiting," he sighs and says, "I'll be," I say "ok" and hang up.

later in the day(conversation between Dom and Letty)

Hear me, Letty! You need to listen. I have nothing with it nor with any other girl. Only you, interests me, has always been you. I love you! I always loved you! Only you, who have not, yet realized this. I know I'm six years older than you and I have a reputation for being a dick to women. But you're different, you are the love of my life since I saw you the first time, I realized that you were special. And now that you turned 16, I had the courage to reach you. I'm not telling you this because I slept with you, or because I am a friend of your brother, I'm telling you this because I really love you and want you.

Now I need to know if you want me too, I know this is all new to you and it is too early to ask you to love me. But all I want is a chance to show my feelings and make you love me like I love you.

But I need you to answer me now because I am suffering more than I can stand and I swear, if you do not want me, I'll get out of your life and I am out of here. Well I will not stand to see another man touch you love another man, another man to be loved by you.

Dom, now you will hear me, I like you and you know it. You know me well enough to know that however drunk I was, I never would have delivered to you tonight. If I did not, like you. I slept with you because I wanted you because I like you, because it hurt the way, how I wished that night. And I'll be as sincere as possible, telling you how much I wanna be with you.

I'm understand everything you are telling me, but I do not know if I have structure to lead the kind of life you're used to. Dom, I can be taxed like crazy, wayward, angry, moody, and so on. But I am the wife of only one man, and I want a man that is only mine. Because the day I find that man I'll see through his eyes and I will deliver much more than my body to him, I'll give my heart and my soul. I will not exist without it and it will not exist without me. Our relationship will be based on trust, respect and love.

So now I who ask you if you can be that man? I want you to think about it and answer me. Ride or die!

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