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"Angeal do you have some white out I can use, Zack ate all of mines!" Rose called opening Angeal's office door. "Angeal-," she looked around the room...empty. "I wonder where he went to?" She asked herself as she walked in to the room and closed the door behind her.

"Well he's going to be missing some white out." She skipped over to behind his desk and plopped down on his chair.

" Now if I were an Angeal, where would I store my white out at?" She whispered as she began to open up some random drawers in the desk and rummage into them.

"Hmm, pens, sticky notes, staplers...a condom? DEAR GOD." Rose screamed throwing the small packed across the room. The door opened and Rose tensed up.

"Genesis calm down Sephiroth is not trying to kill you so calm down and stop-"


"Genesis what do you mean rose, Oh Rose," Angeal had looked at his desk where she was sitting.

"Hi?" She said nervously.

"Do I really want to know why your in here?" Angeal asked with a confused look.

"Well I was looking for some white out and then I found t-that thing!" She yelped pointing at the packet that was on the floor by Genesis' feet. Genesis picked it up and examined it.

"Magnum Ultra...Oh I remember this I gave it to you," Genesis said nodding and turning to Angeal who looked annoyed, " it was a feel months ago." Angeal rolled his eyes at him, " it was and I remember telling you to get it out of my face."

"Okay...So why was it in your drawer," Rose exclaimed getting up and going over to the men.

"I don't know maybe Genesis knows that answer," Angeal said glaring at his friend.

"Um, well I put it there just in case you needed it. You can never be to safe!"

"And you can never be to sure how stupid your best friend is," Angeal muttered even though he knew Genesis could still hear him.

"I am not stupid!" He protested, " just trying to keep a friend safe."

"Can I just get some white out?" Rose asked. Angeal looked at Rose and shook his head softly.

"Sorry Rose, Zack ate all of mines he said something about it being healthy and getting superpowers from it."

"How about you Gen?" She asked curiously."Sorry sweetie I don't have any." "Gosh darn it," she sighed shaking her head. Genesis hugged her and kissed her on her forehead.

"How about I pay you back later on tonight," he murmured into her ear and letting his hand fall down to her backside and rubbing gently. Angeal saw this and hit Genesis upside his head, " get a room no one wants to see you making out." Genesis growled in annoyance and patted Rose on her head. "Go and try to find some white out, I'll see you tonight."

"Hmm alright, see you later," she said leaving the office and closing the door behind her. Rose looked down the hallway and smirked. Maybe Seph had some white out time to go bother him now.

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