pika318: This fic is being written because of the express request of moko-chan because she thinks that she cannot write it out on her own. She's such a slave driver. Basically it is about the Generation of Miracles in Teikou Middle School. This is my first KnB multi-chapter fic, so I hope the pacing would be okay.

Disclaimer: I didn't write a disclaimer in my previous fic, ah whatever. Kuroko no Basuke belongs to Fujimaki Tadatoshi.

Chapter 1: First session

Kogawa smiled and nodded in approval as he walked past the rows of freshmen aspiring to join the Teikou Basketball Club. There were a large number of freshmen here compared to other clubs, which was to be expected, given their strong reputation. As a regular of the team and captain of the club, Kogawa had swore to bring his team to greater heights, and besides their high win percentages, the number of freshmen standing in the gym right now was another proof of his success.

He scanned the large numbers of freshmen, analyzing each one of them with a critical eye, hoping to find a few promising players. Of course, the tryouts later would sort out the talented players from the average ones, but Kogawa loved to examine and pick out any potential candidates, just to see if he would be proven right in the tryouts later. It was like a game to him, spotting talents.

After a while, his attention was caught by the tallest person in the group. That freshman towered head and shoulders above the other students. Kogawa smiled. Height was an ideal trait for a basketball player. Even if this freshman wasn't good at basketball at first, skills can be trained, but height cannot. He had to keep this guy. Even the other freshmen were staring at that freshman in awe of his height…

Or not.

As Kogawa was admiring the freshman's height, that freshman had actually opened a packet of snacks and started eating. For a while, Kogawa stood there, stunned by the fact that this freshman actually had the audacity to snack during club hours. Well, technically they haven't joined the club yet, but that didn't mean that he would be allowed to do that. He glared at the freshman, thinking that he would get the message, but it did not have any effect.

Just then, his vice-captain had decided to take action, walking up to the tall freshman and shouting at him,

"Hey you! You're not supposed to eat in here!"

Then Kogawa saw the most threatening look he ever saw in his life. On the surface, the tall freshman seemed to give his fellow third year a very bored look like he didn't care, but Kogawa could sense the threatening aura underneath. Understandably, his vice-captain hesitated a bit, fearful of the consequences if he insisted.

Kogawa was naturally reluctant to step into such a situation. He still valued his own life after all. However, he was the captain of the team and he needed to set a good example. Letting the freshman off would just invite more trouble later. Just as he moved towards the freshman though, by a lucky streak, the freshman had already finished his snack and it seemed like he was not making a move to take out any more. In the end, his vice-captain told the freshman not to do it anymore and it was left at that.

Kogawa breathed a sigh of relief. It looked like there won't be any trouble for now, so he resumed scanning the crowd. Eventually, his eyes rested on a freshman with dark blue hair. He had a dark skin tone, evidence that he must have spent a lot of time in the sun and Kogawa could clearly see that his muscles were well toned for a 13 year old. This guy had to be a natural sportsman, and mostly likely, had played basketball since he was young. He was definitely someone Kogawa had to look out for in the club. He'll probably end up in the first string and become a regular in his second year if his talents were developed properly.

Satisfied with his analysis, Kogawa continued his game. Then he spotted the last thing he would expect to see in a large group of boys.

A dog plushie.

Kogawa might have overlooked it if it had been a small plushie. But no, that toy was huge and could be the same height as a baby. It was designed based off an Akita puppy and was something that girls would surely like, with its round face, button nose, small ears and soft brown fur. However, the person holding it did not match the toy at all. He had a serious look on his face, and seemed to be the type who does not joke or play around. The spectacles he wore only served to emphasise his serious, no nonsense image. Kogawa also noticed that he wore bandages on his left hand, but from the way the freshman acted, his hand did not seem injured at all. For a while, he contemplated scolding the freshman for bringing such a girly item into the gym, but technically, the freshman wasn't breaking any rules. Kogawa sighed, as long as the freshman didn't bring the toy along during the tryouts, he should just overlook it for now.

As Kogawa finally reached the end of the various rows of freshmen, spotting other promising freshmen as he did so, he noticed that one of them had his head bowed, like he was concentrating on something in his hands. Curious, Kogawa looked down and saw what the freshman was playing with.

A Rubrik's Cube.

Kogawa almost sighed again as he spotted yet another item that did not belong in a basketball club. Who would bring a puzzle to a sports club anyway? That freshman might as well join one of those intellectual clubs out there, like Shogi or something. Kogawa decided to ignore the freshman. If his attitude was like this, he probably wouldn't do very well in the tryouts anyway.

Having gone through all the students, Kogawa was about to return to his assigned station for the tryouts when he heard a girl's voice.

"Excuse me…"

Turning around, he found himself facing a rather cute girl with long pink hair. The girl looked rather nervous and was shifting about uncomfortably. That was when he realized that he was staring as her chest a little too intently. He coughed and forced his gaze upwards.

"How can I help you?" he asked.

"I heard you were looking for a new manager," the girl replied.

"Ah yes, we are. Did you talk to the coach yet?"

"Well, I tried approaching him, but he seems busy…"

Kogawa searched for the coach and found him shouting at the second years to hurry up and set up the stations. More than likely, the girl had been too afraid to approach to coach, especially if he was in his "serious business" mode. He turned to the girl with an apologetic look on his face.

"I'm sorry, but with the coach like this, I'm afraid you have to wait till the tryouts are over before you can talk to him. Do you want to come by tomorrow instead?"

"It's okay, I can wait. I need to wait for Dai…I mean my friend to finish his tryouts anyway."

Kogawa nodded knowingly. It made sense for her to want to join the basketball club if she wanted to be with her friend.

"I see. Then why don't you take a seat over there?" Kogawa gestured to the nearby benches, and added, "I hope you brought a book or something, it's going to take quite a while."

The girl smiled and replied in a calm voice.

"I'm fine watching everyone play, but thank you for your concern." The girl replied before walking towards the benches.

Then a whistle sounded, the coach had finished setting up and was about to brief the freshmen on their tryouts. Kogawa hurriedly went to his station.

After the coach explained the different stations to the freshmen, split them into different groups and sent them to their respective first stations, Kogawa addressed the first group of freshmen approaching his station.

"Good afternoon, my name is Kogawa and I'm the captain of the club. As the coach explained before, each of you would be given 5 chances to shoot, the balls will be given to you by the second years around you." Kogawa gestured to his second years standing at the perimeter of the court and continued,

"You can shoot in any way you're comfortable with and the minimum distance you can shoot from is the two point line. This means that you can shoot from any part of the court outside of the two point line. We would like to see a good distribution of two point and three point shots, but it's totally fine if you can't shoot three pointers too." Kogawa finished his explanation, adding the last part as he smiled to some nervous looking freshmen. They sighed in relief as they heard it and relaxed visibly.

Good, they won't be able to shoot well if they were so tense.

"Okay then, that's all from me, good luck to all of you." Kogawa said and returned to his seat at the grading table.

Then the tryouts began.

For a while, nothing else was heard except for the bouncing of the balls, the squeaking of the shoes on the court and the occasional shouts of encouragement for the freshmen. Kogawa did his work dutifully, observing the shots of the freshmen, keeping their scores and taking note of their form. To him, it looked like it was going to be just another normal session.

That is, until the freshmen he noticed earlier started to show up.

The first one had been the blue haired, dark skinned freshman. He threw his first four shots quickly, at various angles from the basket. All of them had gone in and normally, Kogawa would have been happy with that, but…

What was with those non-standard shooting stances?

Then the answer came to him. This freshman probably played street basketball and taught himself how to shoot instead of going through standard basketball training. It was the only thing that explained his free style shooting.

The freshman seemed to have gained confidence from his first four shots and moved to the three point line. Unfortunately, that shot had missed, hitting the rim of the basket and bouncing off. The freshman smiled sheepishly, rubbing the back of his head as one of the second years shouted "Nice try!" when he picked up the ball.

Kogawa looked at the piece of paper he was supposed to write his assessment on. He deciphered the messy scrawl, 'Aomine Daiki' was written on it.

Aomine Daiki, seems to have lots of raw talent, but needs polishing. Well, it's good enough for me. I'll recommend him for first string.

Kogawa gave him full marks for his two point shots.

After a while, the second one showed up. It was the tall freshman who had been eating earlier. Given his height, Kogawa would have expected him to do well, but…

He only got in two shots out of the five. And it was even from the minimum distance.

Kogawa blinked at the unexpectedly dismal results, and then he heard the freshman speak.

"Can't I just dunk it in?"

The freshman had turned to one of his second years and asked this. The second year student looked stunned for a moment, before he replied in a rather apologetic voice. It looks like the tall freshman had intimidated him a bit.

"No, I'm afraid you have to shoot it in."

"Che. Why do I even have to do this, you were the ones who asked me come here in the first place…"

When Kogawa heard that reply, he almost expected the freshman to make a scene, but luckily, he only left the court to head to his next station, with the same bored expression on his face.

The third one was the freshman who was fiddling with the Rubik's cube. Kogawa didn't notice it before, but now that the freshman was standing by himself in the middle of the court, he noticed this freshman's apparent lack of height. Maybe shooting from the two point line might be too far even for him? And given his interest in intellectual puzzles, he might not even be that athletic.

"…Akashi-kun, right?" Kogawa said as he looked down at the paper he was holding for the freshman's name.

"Yes, what is it?" The freshman Akashi replied.

"For you, it's okay if you want to move closer to the basket to shoot."

There was a pause, and then Kogawa saw Akashi smile.

"That will not be necessary"

What happened next surprised Kogawa. Apparently height didn't affect his shooting ability at all. He scored four two pointers and for his last shot, he moved to the three point line and got that in too. Worse of all, the freshman had turned to him when he was done and showed him an evil smile that would send chills down anyone's spine before going on to the next station.

As Kogawa filled in Akashi Seijiuro's score on his grading sheet, he made a mental note not to insult that freshman, ever.

The fourth person was the one who was holding that stuffed toy earlier. Kogawa noticed with relief that it had been left on the benches some distance away. As the bespectacled freshman took the ball, Kogawa also noticed that the bandages on his left hand were gone. So it hadn't been an injury. Then the freshman walked to three point line and shot,

If Kogawa thought that Akashi had been surprising, the freshman standing in front of him right just caused him to re-adjust his perceptions,

The ball flew in an impossibly high arc and went into the basket. It had flown through the air beautifully and entered the basket dead centre, without hitting the rim and barely shifting the basket. For a moment, everyone in that court went silent, stunned by that shot, then shouts of amazement were heard,

"What was that shot? It was so high!"

"No one would be able to stop that!"

Kogawa stood up quickly and shouted for quiet. As the freshman and his club mates finally quieted down, he motioned for the freshman to continue shooting.

The next three shots were just as amazing, causing oohs and ahhs to sound from the 'audience'. For this last shot, the freshman even moved some steps back from the three point line and shot. As the last shot entered the basket, the freshman pushed up his glasses with his right hand, then turned around and gave him a nod before moving to the next station.

"Midorima huh…" Kogawa said to himself as he looked down at the paper he was holding. It looks like there would be some scary freshmen this year.

The rest of the tryout was pretty smooth sailing, there were a few more that did well and most of the freshman could at throw two shots in to the basket.

Well, except for one.

Kogawa looked down at the piece of paper he was holding.


That was what the score read. Even after various attempts and allowing the freshman to go closer to the net, the score stayed the same.

I guess this guy is going into third string.

Some hours later, the tryouts finally came to an end. As the students started to pack up, the coach, Kogawa and the other third year regulars who manned the station were holding a meeting in the corner of the gym, huddled around a table.

"So for this one, I'm thinking we should put him into second string based on our observations so far, any objections?"

Everyone around the table either nodded or gave their verbal agreement. Then they heard a girls' voice,

"I don't think that's a good idea though."

Everyone turned towards the voice. It was a cute girl with long pink hair.

Kogawa suddenly remembered that she was the girl who wanted to be their club manager. He had forgotten about her as the tryouts progressed.

"Ah, coach, this is the girl who wants to sign up as our manager."

"Oh is it? I'll talk to you later, we're still busy here." The coach dismissed the girl, but she stepped forward in response.

"Didn't you hear what I said? Putting this student into second string isn't a good idea."

"And why is that?" One of the third years asked.

"You see, his basics are already very good and he's the type that will learn fast. He'll improve by leaps and bounds if he's put into the first string. Putting him into the second string is just a waste." The coach and the third year regulars looked down at the form as they recalled the student's tryout. Just like the girl had said, the student's basics were very good.

The girl continued to speak,

"And this student here, I see you put him in first string, but he won't survive long in it. His basics are weaker than the previous one, he'll do better staying in the second string for a while."

As they thought back once again, they realized with some shock that she was correct about that as well. But how did she know?

As the girl finished her analysis, one of the third years finally asked,

"Erhm…have you been watching the tryouts this whole time?"

"Yes. Not just the tryouts though."

"What do you mean?" The coach finally asked.

"Well, I've been watching your training sessions too."

"So you've been observing us since the start of the school term?" The coach asked, obviously impressed. For a girl, she was surprising dedicated to basketball.

"Not exactly. Your club is well known around here, so I've been watching your games even before I entered the school." The girl answered casually, like it wasn't a big deal at all.

There was a pause as everyone stared at the girl in shock. Finally the coach spoke,

"We're happy to have you as our new manager. What's your name?"

"Momoi Satsuki."

pika318: That's it for the first chapter. This chapter covers the tryouts of the Teikou Basketball club and how the various MiraGen members fared when they first joined. I'm sure everyone would have figured out who was who by the end of the first section =D I don't play any sports myself, so I hope I didn't get anything wrong. Hope you enjoyed it!