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The only reason they've went onto the United Forces fleet was the fact that hiding on the main land had proven difficult and the procedure had finished its task. Asami huffed, hot breath escaping into the crisp dry air in the chilly evening.

Mako was somewhere below deck, with Korra obviously. Their recon mission had given amiable intelligence that needed further discussing and planning. They were probably in the control room, meeting up with authorities and allies.

She had gotten herself up on deck because inside it had been too stuffy, and no doubt if she were to participate, she'd be voiceless no matter what brilliant strategy she managed to come up with. She could just imagine it so easily.

"Who are you to tell us what our game plan is?"

"You're nothing but a non bender!"

"Your traitorous father is nothing but an equalist!"

"You'll lead us to sabotage!"

"Like father like daughter..."

She clasped her hands tightly on the railing, tension turning her knuckles white. Asami looked over the cool metal and saw the lurking water below, churning waves capable of swallowing giant masses whole and takes a wary step back.

She's an expert at driving and the technical mechanics of any Satomobile, justice to her name of course but here on this floating cruise she feels ill to the bone.

It's just so slow.

The former heiress gulps down the incoming bile she's sure to rise up and vomit soon after. She had been awkward when they walked the plank, Bolin had reassured her that being aboard on a ship was fine, a harmless experience. He quoted it would be gentle, steady as the earth.

He had been proven wrong by the Sato girl just a half hour later, when she quickly excused herself to the bathroom, throwing up whatever garbage she's consumed these last few days.

Truthfully, she felt a lot better after getting rid of the disgusting food she recalls to have eaten before but the nausea never seemed to subside completely.

Asami gazed at the horizon and the endless movements of the sea.

Think of the rhythm. It's continuous. Tips from one side to another, like... Like dancing! Yes- oh, forget it.

She tries to envision those balls and galas she's been to, with nice dresses and dashing waltz partners and the music just helps her sway - when a particularly harsh wave rocked the ship, making her stumble and forcing her to grip on the railings once more as a leverage.

"Are you alright?" The male voice approached her, as his firm footsteps marched forward. It wasn't quite Bolin's tone and surely it wasn't Mako, it lacked the bit of town side accent the fire bender has.

Asami opens her previously closed eyes and hides her grimace. "Just fine," she turns to her only visitor on the empty wooden deck and pauses a moment, "General Iroh."

She had not spoken to him, for the avatar is always the public figure and the largest above all for her power. She sometimes wondered why had she been born as something so... meaningless.

She had been rich at first, and it was a great luxury she enjoyed but it had also led to ridiculous assumptions and jealousy. Korra's first impression of her could be noted as the perfect example.

And now, she's stripped of her wealth. She accepts it, because she thought she had something worth fighting for. Her beliefs and Mako. The second one proved to be more difficult and frustrating as he barely tried to rekindle any passion with the unsure young woman.

The General was of royalty, and Asami didn't find it hard to believe. Control, poise almost radiated off his being. And he was younger than she expected, maybe just a few years ahead of her.

It's bitter sweet the fact that he reminded her of Mako.

Same gold eyes, ivory skin, ebony hair.

But there were startling differences too. His eye brows weren't as sharp as the pro bender, his thick hair was also tamed unlike the wild yet likeable quality of the orphaned boy's locks, his fire bending (at least from what she heard of it) was of the ancient style just like the Fire Sages era - making everything about his bending form ageless unlike the cool under fire style she's watched a million times in the arena, and most of all he's not indecisive.

The Prince slash General was top notch at demonstrating command, always unmoved and purposeful in any situation. His troops held utmost respect for the young man, and Asami thought even Lin Beifong, the former chief of police would be quite pleased that his soldiers were an asset to their side of the war.

She scoots a little to the side to let him stand by closer. "Ms. Sato, may I ask why were you absent in the recent meeting?" His words were kind, soft even, with a hint of curiosity. "It is a shame we weren't graced with your presence, I've heard you're a remarkable technician for land based Sato vehicles.."

"I apologize, I didn't think my opinion would be relevant," Asami politely answered.

"Why, though I do not support Amon's mission, I do in fact follow through judgment with equality," the man in regal clothes replied. Asami lets herself smile. "I'd be sure to try and come next time."

The response was satisfactory that the royal nodded. "Are you having trouble adjusting to our method of transport?"

"To be honest, yes. I hate it up here, I'm sorry if this is offensive," she admitted.

The general let out a subtle hand to gesture the comment was alright. "I wasn't fond when I started out here too, but I was lucky to have what I wanted to do. Lead and fight alongside my men."

"I know what you mean," Asami chided. She's aware of the history of Fire Lord Zuko, General Iroh's grandfather. He had the most tiresome, straining journey at sea for years for a destiny forced upon him. Capturing the avatar.

The great man, she's heard of becomes a true legend for a series of right decisions. He's sacrificed so much to help the avatar and restore balance to the world.

"Well, there was also one thing that truly aided me..." He began almost mysteriously.

"And what's that?" The female non bender asked.

"Tea," he replies with a fond smile and Asami finds it enlightening that someone so influential enjoys such a simple delight. True, this General Iroh before her had been named after the famed Great Dragon of The West, but turns out additionally to the clear mind and natural talent to orchestrate military matters he inherited the extra bit as well.

It was no rumor that the first General Iroh was an exceptional fire bender, the only one capable of both generating lightning and inventing as well as performing the ingenious lightning redirection technique in the era, and that he was a great tea maker. In fact the Jade Dragon, a tea shop he's opened while on the run with his nephew in the Earth Kingdom amidst the hundred year war, still existed and even expanded in present day.

"To help you feel comfortable Ms. Sato, what would you say if I invite you to my office for tea?" And like the perfect gentleman, he extended a hand for the lady to take.

"Of course, I'd be honored. But please, call me Asami," she wasn't flirting, was she? Who cares.

The general smiles brightly, looking as handsome as ever. "An eye for an eye then. Call me Iroh," he insisted.

Asami lightly placed her hand in his and followed down the stairs. Though the boat still swayed time after time, she finds herself not wanting to spill her guts out anymore.