Episode One - Year 1-5

After rewatching a few months back I had an idea and this is what it is. I don't own queer as folk but it's a shame all these character belong to Russell T Davies.

Future reference I didn't have no idea how a 10 year old boy would talk so some words may not work in the sentence so excuse me for that.

Summary For this Chapter: Over the years Brian Kinney isolated himself. Threw himself into work, visiting Gus and Being his usual self.

Year 1

Brian stretched his arm out and rolled over to the empty space. He sighed and looked around the loft. The empty bottom drawer is empty as the day Brian bought it. A month of misery came before he contacted Brian. It was a small letter and attached was a picture of the outside of his apartment.

Dear Brian

Just to tell you I'm coping as much as you expect, feels like the earth has stopped. I think I have got used to the time difference, I'm still a morning person though.

I have officially moved into my own apartment. It was nice of Daphne cousin to let me crash there but I needed my own space to draw and be great! So I now have my own small apartment with the money that I had saved. This was the best out of the bunch i saw which were in Brooklyn but i was lucky to find this for cheap rent.

On my plane to i got to talking to this woman who has a half brother who just got a agent and she recommended me to go there too. Once I settled into Daphne cousin place i checked the place out. I had a really good conversation with the receptionist who told me to look around first. So i had an interview with one of the agents and we established how they would help me. I was assigned to a junior agent named Patrick (I got a check on him) and we discussed my work after i had shown him some. So therefore i now have an agent.

I used Lindsey's old lawyer to overlook the contract for me as a favor for Lindsey. The agency would take a 7.5% cut every painting I sell. If I create a series of painting then they would take double the amount. My Agent would take 10% of all earnings. The lawyer told me to think about it and come back inn a week's time.

I don't want to make a big thing about it so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

I'm on my way up already and I've only been here a few months.

I love you and don't let Debbie worry over me because I know she will.

Justin x

Year 2

"Brian, I wanna come home"

"Justin you've only been there a year" Brian stated.

"I know but I'm still in the same fucking place than before"

"Justin you can't just give up because its not going your way" Brian licked his lips "You have to work for it"

"I'm tired" Justin whispered "I miss you, my mom and even Debbie. How crazy is that?"

"Your definely crazy missing Debbie"

Justin laughed.

"No wtell me Justin, are you naked?"


Year 3

The absence of him grew as the months wore on and in a blink of an eye it had been 2 years of routines.

Justin grinned as he ran towards Brian, he caught him in his arms and hugged him tightly.

Justin leaned back to kiss him, Brian caressed his cheek as they pulled away "Was the flight okay?" Justin asked.

Brian nodded.

Justin stepped back "you cold" he shivered.

"you know how cold it it gets" Brian said

"The last time I was there was summer" Justin rolled his eyes "Come on lets not stand here all day"


Justin groaned as he reached for his phone on the nightstand, he fumbled with it as he squinted in the dark. Brian shuffled beside him.


"Justin, I do know you have an appointment with your agent but it nearly 11am"

"Ah Crap" Justin sprung up from the bed and pushed the covers away "I must have slept through my appointment with my agent but I am on my way now"

"Make sure you do"

Justin dropped the phone as he hung up.

Brian opened one of his eyes and buried his face into the pillow once he saw Justin dissapear out the bedroom and into his bathroom.

Justin dressed in the bathroom, combed his hair back with product and turned the tap off. Closing the door behind him "I will phone you around 2" Justin said leaning down to get his shoes.

Brian rolled onto his side as he watched Justin putting his shoes on "where do you work again?"

Justin stood putting his phone into his pocket "an AD company in their art department" he stated. Brian hummed. Justin wound his scarf round his neck and put his parka on "The key is by the door" he called "I will call you at around 2"


Brian answered the phone "Hi Justin, I'm sorry I have to get back but I will call you back later" he hung up the phone handing his plane ticket to the counter.

"Have a nice flight"


'Hey Brian , I got your message and its fine. I was going to phone to say i couldn't get out of work for lunch and i know you had to get back.'

Year 4

Brian got up from under his covers and went about his day.

Brian walked into the Kinetic, Cynthia stared up at him and smiled from her place to the receptionist.

Like everyday it was the same silence when he got in everyday.

Brian drove hom at around 8, he dropped his suitcase onto the floor and got a bottle of water from the fridge. He walked through the loft past his alcohol reaching down for his remote. He sat on the sofa, his telephone rung. He picked the phone from the chaise and answered it "Guess what?" Justin's voice said.

Brian smiled "no"

Justin groaned "Please just geuss"


"Alright I have a group show"

"No shit"

"Yeah its at the end of the year and hopefully if all goes well i can fianlly quit my job"

"i said you didn't need that job in the first place"

"I know but you know why i have to"

"I won't bring it up again"

"The shows in December 27th"

"I wouldn't miss it" Brian stated "Now are you naked?"


Year 5

Brian fumed out the boardroom "What the fuck was that?" he walked into the hallway.

"I tried to brighten the boards up Mr Kinney"

"Well it wasn't good enough" Brian stated "Now get out of my sight and I hope I don;t change my mind about firing you" The man dissapeared.

Brian put his hands at his side and moved into his room. Cynthia ran to catch up with him "Brian you have a phone call"

"Brian" his voice always calms Brian down but he won't admit that.

"Justin your show was great"

Justin sighed "yeah and I've got another show after the new year" proper solo show"

"That's great"

"I know but I was hoping that you'd come and bring Gus because its my own solo show?"

"I wouldn't miss this one either" Brian said he let out a breath he must have been holding.

There was a knock on the door "come in" Cynthia slowly appeared

"Hang on Justin" he covered the phone with the palm of his hand "Yes"

"Is there anything I can get you before I leave for the day?" she asked.

"No thanks, about earlier?" he mentioned.

"Its okay you got a lot on your mind, see you tomorrow" she waved and left the room.


"Still here" he sighed.

"Are you alright?" I asked.

And then he broke out a sob "no" he sniffled "I miss you"

"I know," I replied hearing the way his voice lowered "me too"

"I will see you then"



Lindsey walked through the doorway as she finished her phone call with Brian "Okay sure, he'll look forward to it"

"Bye Linz"

Gus came running in the next day "Daddy's taking me to see Jussin" he giggled and ran back out to finish his phone call.

Lindsey laughed as Gus already knows how to say Justin's name properly but he still wanted to be the baby even though he was 10.


Brian laughed as Gus dropped the phone and ran off.

"Daddy, Mom said it was okay" he says it's silent for a minute "JR spit up"

"That's nice Sonny boy"

"Not really" he was talking at full speed "Mumma said you have trouble telling people how you feel, like Jussin"

"Did she now?"

"Yes but its alright I love you, it doesn't mean your indentitive"


"Yeah I know"

"I got to go now so I'll see you soon"

"You better call me tomorrow" Gus demanded.

"Yeah yeah Sonny Boy" B closed my phone and leaned back


"Its not right ma he's already shut everybody out. He just goes to work early and then leaves really late. Ted says during that time he snaps at everyone" Michael sat in the diner.

"I know but its Brain's way of dealing with things" Deb reassured her son "he'll snap out of it"

"I don't think he ever will" Michael said he read the newspaper "Ma has Justin talked to you recently?"

"No why?" he held it up and showed the newspaper to his mother "no shit Sunshine's got a show"

Michael stood up "it's perfect" he ran out leaving his paper behind.

Michael burst into Kinetic "Ted Is Brian here?"

"I don't know he wasn't in this morning maybe he's gone to the loft for the morning he usually takes the morning off to do more work" Ted explained.


"Daddy, Daddy, Daddy" Gus came running round the corner, he nearly knocked Brian over as he crushed into his legs, he lifted him up "look at you my big boy"

"Come on Daddy we have ice cream" Brian carried him into the dining room.

Over the past few years Linds and Mel have created a great home for Gus. Brian loves how they have seperated Gus and JR play room

Brian remembered the night Gus was born even though he says he never did, but Gus was the greatest thing to have ever happen to him. He was grateful for the way they have raised Gus. Brian set Gus down on the floor.

Brian dumped his bag in the spare room, he checked his emails and maked sure that Ted was alright for the next week.

Gus had grown up infront of Brian's eyes, looking like him more than ever especially when he smirks and causes trouble. Gus giglled as Brian tickled him. "Stop Dad" he screeched.


Gus stood in the doorway it was pitch black anfd in the middle of the night "Dad" Gus whispered. Gus tiptoed into the bedroom and stood by Brian's head.

Brian squinted "What"

Gus fiddled with his pjama sleeve "I was making sure you were still here"

"I'm still here" Brian said.

Gus looked down at the floor "can I sleep"

Brian moved the duvet. Gus scrambled into the bed.

"I want to be just like Justin and draw all the time" Gus stated.

"You can be anything you want to be"

"Night Daddy"


"Have you always known how to say Justin's name?" Brian asked later that week.

Gus looked up and nods his head "it makes me sound cute"

Brian laughed.


Brian sat on Gus's bed with his suitcase open. Gus threw some socks "Do I need" he stopped holding his thermaal jacket

Brian nodded "You'll have to wear that now"

Gus sighed putting the jacket on the bed besdie the small suitcase "Dad, what if Justin remembers"

Brian picked up some trousers and folded them properly "Don't be silly"

Gus slept with his butt in the air as he had just crashed on the hotel bed once they had landed in NY.

"We went to the Zoo and then Dad got me some Ice Cream...Uh Huh and then we went to the park and fed ducks" Gus explained into the phone "Dad read to me and he got me a new set of pencils...I'm excited Mommma"

Gus jumped off the bed "Okay I'll talk to you soon"

"I love you too" Gus kissed into the phone.

Brian turned his laptop off and placed it down onto the coffee table as Gus handed him his phone back to him "Get ready for bed and tomorrow-"

Gus bounced out of the room grabbing his pjamas from his suitcase and dissapeared into the bathroom.


Brian took a hold of Gus's hand as they walked into a building with back to back windows.

There's a clink of glass and all of the room's attention is taken by Justin who walks forward and stands on the small stage. He's wearing a Armani suit with his blond hair combed back and glasses on his nose.

Justin coughs "Good Evening everbody" He holds a glass of champagne in his left hand and his other hand in his pocket.

"I was 17 when I was just finding out who I was and a few special people helped me through all the ordeals I've been through they also helped me come to New York 5 years ago today"

"As a young artist and I am so lucky to stand here in front of you to show off my work thanks to my agent Patrick-"

Patrick interrupts him "no it's all your talent" he praises.

Justin nods looks back at the people "well yeah it is, my art work is excellent" Justin boasts "so I say enjoy the rest of your night… I sure will" he looks at Brian. his grin widens when he see's Gus at my side.

Gus points at a picture "look Daddy it's you" he stated "What does it say?" he asked.

"My heart, my soul and my life"

Gus reaches out and took Brian's hand.

"So you're 'the' Brian Kinney?" a man says from behind the,

"In the flesh and you must be Patrick Blake"

"I've heard a not alot of things about you even though Justin tries not to divulge any personal details about his home" Patrick stated "His home collection is far better"

Brian nodded "I will enjoy any piece of his work"

Patrick put his hands behind his back "Justin is just finishing with a client and he will be free" he said leaving them

Gus looked up.

"Justin will be out shortly" Patrick informed "knowing him he's

Brian stared at the paiting. On one side of the painting it had been painted with gloomy and dark colours that represent all different landmarks in New York. Followed by Pittsburgh side of the painting which had been painted with warm colors representing familiarity.

Justin excuses himself from a woman and walked over towards Brian who made Gus giggle. Justin nodded to Patrick and moved more towards them.

Gus looked under Brian's arm as he still staring at the painting "Justin" he grinned sliping under Brian's arm and running towards him.

Justin hugged Gus "Your getting big Gus. How old are you? 18"

Gus giggled "No Silly" he rolled his eyes "I'm only ten"

Justin gasped "No way"

Brian put his hands into his pockets once Gus slipped under him. Once Justin had hugged Gus they walked to stand next to them. "Its very" Brian couldn't think of the words.

Justin titled his head and looked at the name of the series "This series wasn't about Home "

"Your coming home" They looked at each other.

Justin nodded "I'm coming home"

"Just kiss Dad alreadyJustin" Gus looks at Justin from his space beside Justin's side giving a little smirk mirroring his fathers face perfectly.

Justin raised an eyebrow "He gets the bossyness from you"

Brian pursed his lips and kissed him on the lips bringing his hand to his tie and pulling him.

Justin grasped at the lapels of Brian's shirt and deepened the kiss not caring about the 30 something guests behind him. Justin had finally got his artwork in a gallery after 5 hard years alone in NY.

Brian pulled away and whispered against his lips "I love you"

Justin smiled "I love you too" he licked his lips and kissed him on the lips.