Justin peered over his mother's shoulders as she sat at his table that had magazines scattered all over it. It was in the middle of the day when Jenifer turned up at the Britin. Justin was distracted from his painting a few minutes previously.

Justin opened the fridge to get a drink of water from the filter on the door, pouring a glass for Jen "Here you go mum" he handed her the glass and sat down adjacent from her.

"Thanks honey" Jenifer took a sip from the glass.

Justin sat down next to his mum "so how's everything?" he asked.

"Molly met someone a nice guy from the looks of him" Jenifer drunk some water "You know that Hospital placement she applied for. They contacted her and she starts next week for the early shift"

Justin smiled "that's great she was so excited for that"

"Why haven't you done anything towards this commitment ceremony" she said opening one magazine.

Justin leaned his elbows on the table "Mum I've been busy" he said "I have to come up with a new theme for the next show and branch out my company overseas. Plus it doesn't help that Brian's head of art is shit with his boards, I'm usually the one that has to fix them" he explained taking a hold of a magazine.

Jenifer licked her lip "Molly is busy and she does everything I ask of her, Justin it's like you're trying to push it away"

Justin sighed and opening the magazine in his hand "I'm not pushing it away mum I'm pausing it so I can sort everything else out first before planning it"

Jenifer sighed and took the magazine from his hands "you know I could do some of it for you" Jenifer said. "You're not having"

"No" Justin cut her off "why would you think that? I am just taking a breather and not loading my case Mother. When I get too stressed my hand plays up and I start to have nightmares again so I'm sorry for not being enthusiastic about replaying the night of prom just to plan a wedding that isn't even legal in this stupid country" Justin said throwing the magazine on the counter and walking out the room.

"Justin" Jenifer sighed.

Justin stopped at the doorway "just give me ten minutes" he said slapping the side of his body as he walked away and leaving.

Jenifer read through and looking at the pictures.

Later that night

Brian turned the engine of the car off and walked into the house placing the car keys into the table in the entrance "Justin" he called unbuttoning his coat pocket. Taking his coat off, he threw it on the couch in the living room before hunting him down.

After walking thought the house he entered the study which was encased in darkness as the curtains had been drawn and Justin was asleep. He was resting his head on a large drawing pad which had scraps of pictures scattered around the edge.

Switching the light on Brian walked more into the room putting his hands in his pockets and smiled. "Justin" he whispered leaning down and moving a piece of paper before sitting on the desk "Justin you'll have back ache" he said putting his hand on Justin's shoulders.

Justin stirred from his nap as he opened his eyes he blinked up "Huh" he said sitting up and groaned. Leaning back in the chair "What time is it?" he asked scratching the back of his head.

Brian looked over at the clock above Justin's head "Seven" he replied

Justin cursed standing up "crap I have to meet Molly in half an hour" he said gathering up his pad and scraps of paper "I forgot to tell you Lindsey phoned this morning" he said walking to the door.

Brian put his hands on the desk as he leaned back on it "what did she call for?" he asked.

Justin shrugged "I'm not sure but she sounded a bit edgy" he explained "I was in a rush trying to hold supplies and a massive canvas. I wasn't really listening at the time"

Brian stood up and pushed himself away from the desk "I call later" he said "hey wait a second what am I going to be doing while your with your sister? He asked.

Justin smiled "you had no trouble finding something to do other times"

Brian walked to stand in front of him "yeah but that's before I had the ball and chain"

Justin laughed "funny Brian" he said walking out of the study ad across the landing into an empty room with pictures of sketched on the wall "why don't you go out" he called.

"Maybe because there's no one to go with" Brian's voice said from the doorway.

Justin let go of the sketchbook on the floor and turned around "why don't you just with me and then after we're go out wherever you want" he said standing in front of him.

Brian moved his arms onto Justin's shoulders "all depends" he said.

Justin kissed him on the lips leaning against his body and placed his hand on the back of Brian's neck "on what"

Brian's gaze moved away from Justin's face he mumbled.

Justin raised an eyebrow "what was that?" he asked.

Brian looked over Justin's shoulder as he spoke again.

Justin grinned "really a date, you want to go on a date?" smiling so big Justin laughed "Brian Kinney wants to go on a date" he laughed leaning his head on Brian's shoulder as he continued to laugh. After a few seconds Justin looked back up trying so hard not to laugh.

Brian pulled away "it doesn't matter" he said but Justin grabbed a hold of his wrist.

Pulling back to face him Justin smiled "okay when?"

Brian looked away again before looking at Justin "tomorrow"

Justin stopped laughing "okay I'm sorry that I laughed Brian but come on but you want to go on a date" he said "it's pretty weird"

Brian went silent.

Justin kissed him "Brian I'm sorry I shouldn't have laughed at you"

Brian pulled Justin's arms away from his neck "but you did" he said in a low voice turning away from him. Justin sighed and moved over to the door. Brian stopped in front of him putting his hands on his chest "Move Justin" he warned.

Justin pushed him back "Brian I'm so sorry I shouldn't have made fun of you. We'll go on a date if you want and I'll never laugh at you again" he promised.



A little boy of around 9 years old sat on the floor with a toy truck in his hand placing it on the floor he played with his toys surrounding him. The other kids were playing with other people as he sat on his own, he looked up with his dark brown eyes at the three adults over at the doorway.

The two men were chatting with the social worker. The boy couldn't hear anything about the two men. He recognised them as Ted and Blake, they had started to visit him a few months ago. The boy sighed and continued to play with his toys all by himself.

Over with the social worker Blake looked over the boy that was alone playing with his toys while Ted was finalizing the adoption with a few words they would sign some papers and wait for the confirmation.

Hopefully Ted and Blake could have a son by next week.

Ted shook the social workers hand "thank you Jackie"

The women smiled "that's okay Ted Freddy is excited to be adopted and he already loves you guys" she said looking over at the kids playing "you can go see him for an hour before he has to get ready for bed"

"Thank you Jackie" Blake said turning back round to walk over to the boy sitting on the floor by himself "hey Freddy"

The boy looked up from his truck "Blake" he grinned standing up and hugging him round the leg as he looked up "I learned how to ride a bike"

Blake smiled "really I bet you were grown up"

Freddy nodded his head frantically.


Emmett slid into the diner booth, pulling the bag over his head and sat it down next to him. Debbie came to the table "heya Em what do you want this time?" she asked.

Emmet smiled up at her "just the usual but with bacon instead" he said.

Debbie smacked her gum "okay so how is everything?" she asked.

Emmett shrugged "good Debbie"

Michael came through the door and sat opposite Emmett in the booth "hey Ma, Emmett" he smiled.

"What's got you so happy?" Emmett asked.

Michael crossed his arms and leaned on the table "Ben is being released from hospital and we're going to go out on a double date" he smiled "with Brian and Justin"

Emmett laughed "what Brian Kinney is going on a double date" he asked.

Michael nodded "yeah I thought I heard wrong too but its Brian he always wants to surprise everybody" he said he looked up at Deb "Ma can I have eggs this morning" he smiled.

Deb wrote the order down "okay sweetie" she said turning round attaching to the kitchen.

Emmett's phone went off he pulled it out of his bag "Honeycutt" he answered.

There was static on the other end of the phone Emmett pulled it away from his ear and looked at the screen. Bringing it back to his ear "hello" he said.

Michael frowned "who's that?"

Emmett ended the call "nobody it was just static" he shrugged putting his phone on the table "that's weird my phones not broken. Might just be connection"

The phone rang again Emmett sighed and answered it "Hello"

The static was back on the other end Emmet looked at the screen. The static stopped and it was silent instead "Emmett" a gruff voice said.

Emmett thought he had been mistaken "Dad"

"Hello Emmett"


Michael walked into the house picking up the post on the floor he looked at the time in the kitchen he placed the post on the table and decided to sort though it later. Checking the time he grabbed a jacket for Ben as he walked out closing the door behind him.

He walked up to the hospital reception "Hi I'm discharging Ben Bruckner today" he smiled.

The receptionist picked up a clip board "that's right your Michael correct?" she asked. Michael nodded "if you take a seat the nurse will bring Ben to you" she smiled.

"Thank you" Michael said moving over to the seats.

After half an hour Michael looked down at the corridor as Ben was being pushed in a wheelchair by a male nurse. The nurse stopped Ben as soon as he was in the waiting area "hey" Ben said.

Michael smiled "hey how you feeling today?" he asked.

"Good actually I'm not tired I'm raring to get out of this hospital" he smiled.

Ben took the key from Michael as they approached the house "I can open the door Michael stop worrying" Ben said opening the door and walking into the house he placed the house keys on the kitchen table.

Michael picked up the mail that he left earlier glancing through it he opened the medical letter from the test centre "oh look it's my regular results" he said taking the letter from it. He read it. Michael froze.

Ben looked over at him as he sat on the stool "Michael what's wrong?" he asked.

Michael finally blinked "How could this happen to me"

Ben took the letter from his hands and read it. He looked up at Michael who had not stopped staring at the floor "Michael" he stepped closer.

Michael shoved his hand away "don't touch me" he said grabbing his jacket on the chair.

"Michael" he called after him.

Michael stopped near the door "stay away from me" he said opening the door and bounding out the door slamming it behind him.