AN: Okay, so I know I have quite a few stories going on right now but they're all coming to an end, except for one I've just started, so why not make another one? This one is more funny then my other new depressing hunger games story, since it's a game of truth or dare! I mean, who doesn't love a hilarious game of truth or dare when, there is no hunger games? The chapters are going to be short, but there will be frequent updates. Depends how popular the story gets. Okay, anyways-

Truth Or Dare, Hunger games style!

Characters (in no particular order of mains): Katniss, Cato, Rue, Marvel, Finnick, Glimmer, Clove, Peeta, Annie, Gale, Thresh, Foxface (Finch), Prim, Haymitch, Effie, Johanna, Brutus, Enobaria, Cashmere, Gloss, Chaff, Beetee, Seneca Crane and President Snow.

(Okay, some of those characters will stay for the whole story but some of them will just pop up in a chapter. I don't know really, but anyways…)

"Yay! Truth or dare!" Glimmer yelled as she held in her hands a whiskey bottle and placed it on the floor.

"I think it's great that when Haymitch went out for a holiday to district 4, he let Katniss responsible of the house and allowed him to have parties!" Glimmer saids again, dumb as always.

"Foolish girl, of course he didn't let-" before Cato could finish, Finnick covered his mouth with his hand.

"Idiot, Prim hasn't left the house yet."

"I'm sure she is about to leave right now to go play with Rue outside!" Thresh saids, signalling the two young girls to leave before they played truth or dare.

As soon as they left, a few screams were heard before Gale spins the bottle.

"Marvel." Beetee mutters at the sight of the bottle pointing in Marvel's direction.

"Okay and you will be deciding what to ask or dare to-" Gale spins the bottle a second time, this time it pointing to Finch (Foxface).

"Finch, truth or dare?" Marvel asks with a rare unusual mischievous smirk on his face.

"Truth." Finch states, playing with her fingers.

"Is it true you have been dating Thresh? Because that is what-"

"No." Finch cuts Marvel off, but she is obviously lying.

"So you have. Thank you for being honest. Do I get to spin the bottle?" Marvel asks.

"Finch has to."

So she does, and it points to-


"Truth or dare Cato?"

"I'm not going to be a wuss like you, I choose dare."

Finch immediately glares at Cato, so she gives him a terrible punishment having to do with his dare.

"Since you just said that, I dare you to kiss Katniss, full on the lips, with tongues, lasting for at least 10 seconds."

Everyone laughs at Cato's expression, except for Katniss and Peeta of course.

"I take it back Finch, I'm sorry!"

"No! Please Finch!" Peeta pleads, making everyone stare at him.

"Too bad. You're going to pay Cato. Come on, don't be a wuss like me, give her a long French kiss."

Cato turns his head, since he was sitting next to Katniss already, and leans in slowly.

They're lips are close, and finally meet. Cato slips his tongue in, making Katniss moan and everyone shocked.

As soon as Cato slips his tongue in, everyone starts to count to 10.

They're obvious enjoying it, but as soon as everyone counts to 10, Cato pulls back and they both give each other glares.


"Pathetic poor scum."

"Shut up you two, that wasn't exactly punishment since it was so obvious you two were enjoying it too much! But anyway, Cato, spin the bottle."

He spins it, and it then lands on-


"Truth or dare Finnick?" Cato smirks.

"Dare!" Finnick yells excitedly, waiting for it to come.

"I dare you to wear swap underwear with Cashmere."

"Why me?" Cashmere grumbles.

"Oh you know you want to wear my underwear sweetheart…" Finnick flirts, making Annie laugh but cough uncomfortably too.

"You know he's just joking around Annie." Johanna comforts Annie.

"Come on then Cashmere and Finnick, time to swap underwear!" Marvel announces, as they enter the bathroom.

They come out of the bathroom, Cashmere in boxers and her same top while Finnick in tight pick underwear.

Everyone bursts out laughing, including Annie, but after moments she gets worried about something.

"You changed in the same bathroom?"

"Nothing happened honey! You know you're my only true love." Finnick walks over to Annie, bending down and kissing her gently on the lips.

"Oh gross. Seriously Finnick, don't bend over wearing that underwear, your ass is sticking out with…that on. It's disgusting and a crime against nature!" Clove makes a choking sound, covering her eyes with her hands.

"Ok, you two can change back now." Cato saids while still laughing hard.

They change back, and Finnick spins the bottle.

The bottle then points to-


"Truth or dare Peeta?"

"I'm going to go with truth. Am I the only guy who isn't dirty minded?"

"Oh, I'm sure you are too with your sick fantasies of Katniss." Finnick mumbles aloud.

"What?" Katniss asks disgusted.

"That's not true!" Peeta defends himself.

"Anyways-" Finnick continues, ignoring Peeta.

"Is it true that you've kissed a man before?"

"What! Who said that?"

"No one. I ran out of ideas on what to ask you. By the way, you didn't say no!"

"Fine. Me and Gale were-"

"Peeta!" Gale yells face going red.

"He asked, go punch him." Peeta saids frightened.

"So, Gale and I were fighting and Prim kept screaming stop, but we didn't. Our faces were too close, and our lips accidently touched. Someone, I have no idea who, then stepped on my head and deepened the kiss, but I then immediately let go. I swear, worst moment of my life."

Everyone laughed, except for Gale who was blushing mad.

"Spin the bottle!" Glimmer shouts impatiently.

He spins the bottle and it ends up pointing to-


"So Glimmer, truth or dare?"

"Of course, I choose dare!"

"Okay…I dare you to-"

AN: Yay! First chapter done! Okay, there aren't any particular pairings, like Katniss and Cato kissing, just because they did, doesn't mean they're a couple. Like Katniss is going to probably have to kiss Peeta in a different chapter. You never know. The only pairing, I think, is FinnickxAnnie. I mean, Finnick is going to have to kiss someone, I know I will definitely do that, but they're a couple. Okay anyways-

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