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Chapter 4

"Well then…how many boys have you slept with Glimmer?"


"Ok just stop; we all know this isn't going to end!" Clove yells, and everyone starts to crack up.

"Alright Glimmer, it's your turn."

Glimmer spins the bottle and it points to…


"Don't hurt my poor innocence Annie!" Finnick cries out, wrapping his arms around Annie.

"Oh, I'm not that bad." Glimmer laughs.

"I choose dare."

"Noooooooooo!" Finnick squeals like a girl.

"I dare you to…ok. Every time someone talks, you end the sentence with 'in bed.' Ok? Starting from…now."

"Ok, in bed." Annie replies smiling. Who knew she could be a dare devil? Well…sort of.

"Spin the bottle again Annie!" "In bed."

Annie spins the bottle and it lands on…


"So Gale, truth or dare? In bed."

"I choose dare." "In bed."

"I dare you to swap Haymitch's scotch with some grape juice. In bed. I don't actually mean in bed by the way! In bed. I mean, it's just Glimmer's stupid dare! In bed. Oh my god! In bed. Ok, I'm going to stop. In bed." Annie shakes her head in confusion, and decides to shut up.

"That is such an easy dare though!" "In bed." Gale grabs some grape juice from who knows where, and swaps it with Haymitch's scotch. Oh boy, will he be annoyed.

"Spin the bottle Gale." "In bed."

Gale spins the bottle and it lands on…

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