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Heal Me



"Sora? This is Izayoi."

"Izayoi? Oh, I'm so glad to hear from you! Are you and your family still coming over today?" Sora replied.

"Of course! You told me you had the sonogram pictures of the baby. You're my best friend and I wouldn't miss seeing those for the world! You know I care about you. With how close we've been since kids there's no questioning how much I do," Izayoi answered.

"Oh, thank you very much Izayoi! And you know I love you, too. Well, I'll see you soon. Bye!"


After the women got off their phones, Izayoi began preparing her family for their visit to her best friend's home. At such mentioned home, Sora and her husband Akira were having a conversation.

"So they're coming love?" Akira asked.

"Yes dear, they are! Oh I'm so excited. I've missed them dearly!" Sora said.

"The last time we saw them was only three weeks ago, love," Akira reminded her with a smile.

"Oh, I know. But you know how much I adore them, honey!" she squealed.

"Of course sweetheart," Akira replied as he kissed her on the forehead and placed his hands on her swollen belly. "I wonder how InuYasha and Sesshoumaru will react to our incoming bundle of joy."

"Oh I'm sure they'll get along very well once they're old enough. InuYasha is only one, and Sesshy is about five. InuYasha is a little too young to express such feelings, don't you think? And Sesshoumaru doesn't show much interest in anything," Sora said.

"Hmm. I don't know. I'm sure InuYasha will be able to communicate a little bit on how he feels about her. If not, body language will definitely do the trick. But as far as Sesshoumaru… well, I agree with you there," Akira smiled.

The happily married couple shared a laugh as they went to answer the door for their guests who had just arrived. InuTaisho, Izayoi's husband, and Akira immediately hit it off again after not seeing each other for so long.

"Izayoi!" Sora exclaimed.

"Oh Sora, my love!" Izayoi called in return.

The two women ran at each other and shared a heartfelt embrace. They were gentle of course, due to Sora's fragile state. After their intense reunion, they went to join the men.

"Oh! Sora, a girl?" Izayoi blurted after she was handed the photos of the little being inside her friend.

"Yeah, we're having a girl! I'm so excited!"

"Oh, I'm sure you are. Oh you're so lucky you're having a girl. You'll have someone to dress up, hair to curl, a face to powder, and someone to teach the fundamentals of shopping to! Of course I'm happy with my boys, but a girl would be lovely to have! Don't you think InuTaisho?"

Her husband gulped and laughed awkwardly at the thought of having another child. Luckily for him, the attention was shifted to his youngest when he walked over to Sora, who was sitting comfortably on the couch. Now, it has to be kept in mind that InuYasha is slightly advanced for a child since he's a half-demon. But even so, a child should be able to walk by the time it's one year old. The little boy walked up to Sora and stood between her legs. He reached up and placed his chubby little hands on her nine month pregnant belly.

"Baby?" he asked cutely.

"Yes, little Inu. There's a baby in my belly," Sora said while smiling at the adorable little boy.

"Baby! Come out little baby!" InuYasha yelled while patting her belly rather roughly.

"Oh no, Inu! Stop!" Izayoi yelled as she went to grab her son.

She had begun to apologize and ask Sora if she was alright, but had been cut off as Sora let out a piercing scream.

"Sora!" Akira yelled worriedly. He grabbed her, gathering her up in his arms as he ran to the car outside. After securing his wife in the backseat with Izayoi, who had tears streaming down her face and was apologizing profusely, he sped off towards the hospital. InuTaisho and the boys were trailing closely behind in their own vehicle.

Once they reached the hospital and Sora was rolled away, Akira plopped into a chair in the waiting room with his head in his hands. He was mumbling anxiously to himself when a little person patted him on the knee.

"Uncle Aki-ah?" baby InuYasha asked. "Inu sowwy, Inu no mean to hurt Aunty Sowa," the little boy said with tears in his eyes.

Akira lifted the little boy into his lap. He hugged him close and whispered, "It's alright. It's not your fault," in his little puppy ear. InuYasha sobbed, screaming "sowwy" as Akira bounced him on his knee. InuTaisho took over for Akira as a doctor came and told him that his wife was getting ready to give birth. Akira rushed off to assist his wife full of fear, joy, and excitement. The baby was about ready to do as InuYasha had demanded.

A few hours later, Izayoi's family filed into the delivery room where Akira and Sora were waiting with a little bundle wrapped in pink. Izayoi squealed and ran up to them with InuYasha in tow. Sora tilted the baby in her direction so she could see her face. InuTaisho and Sesshoumaru had walked up behind Izayoi to see as well.

"Oh! Sora she's adorable! What's her name?" she exclaimed as she lifted InuYasha into her arms.

"Kagome," Sora and Akira answered together.

InuYasha stared at the baby girl with curiosity and some other unidentifiable emotion is his big golden eyes.


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