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Heal Me


A couple days after Naraku's death, the Higurashi's and Takahashi's had held a party to congratulate Sesshoumaru and Rin on their mating. Kagome's and InuYasha's friends and Rin's friends attended the party, too.

A few weeks after that occasion, Akira received his brother's remains, and his family and the Takahashi's went to the coast to lay him to rest.

Two months after placing Naraku in a watery tomb, Kagome, InuYasha, Kouga, Ayame, Sango and Miroku graduated from high school. Kagome and InuYasha partied with their friends that night, and then on the next they mated. On the same night, Miroku and Sango got engaged. Izayoi practically squealed her lungs out when she caught Kagome and her son naked in bed together the following morning. She'd called Sora and the two of them began planning for grandbabies, despite the fact that Kagome hadn't gotten pregnant.

But, eight years later, she did. It was at the end of those eight years that Kagome had completed college and four years of medical school. InuYasha had finished years before, only needing four years of college to be a part of his father's company. But at eight years, they were both out of school, had steady jobs, and a child on the way. In fact they already had one baby that Kagome got pregnant with when they'd both finished college, and had before Kagome started med school. Their baby girl was now four years old and was very excited about the little brother of hers that would arrive in about two months.

The little half-demon's name was Kazue—meaning 'harmony'—because she was a precise cross between her parents. She had silver doggie ears like her father, but the outer edges of them were black like her mother's hair. Kazue's hair was a light gray color; still brilliant and luminous light her father's, but dark enough to show that she had a touch of her mother. Even her eye color was a well-balanced mix of her parents' eyes. She had a rich caramel colored irises—a perfect blend of her father's bright gold and her mother's chocolate brown.

Kazue's personality was also made up of both her parents'. She had a fiery temper when messed with like her mother; from her father she obtained the gene for being oblivious and making blunt comments. But, like both her parents, Kazue was mostly adorable and sweet. She was very cute, having InuYasha's puppy-like nose and dog ears and Kagome's big eyes and pretty lips. The little four year old was also caring and loving, had a sense of humor, and loved to have fun.

Kagome's been pregnant for three months, and since demon pregnancies—even half-demons—were only five months, her baby would come soon. InuYasha tended to smother her during pregnancies, so she decided that she wanted some air and to get out of the house.

That's why they were seated under a large, wide tree at the park. InuYasha spread out a blanket, and then the food they brought in order to have a picnic.

"InuYasha?" Kagome asked.

"Yes love," InuYasha responded as he held his daughter in his lap.

"Will you call Sango and Miroku to join us?"
"…Your parents, too, now that I think about it. Oh, and mine!" Kagome said, getting very excited.

InuYasha rolled his eyes. 'Damn hormones,' he muttered mentally. "Geez Kagome, why don't you call them yourself? You've got two hands and I'm holding our daughter! And why the hell are you inviting so many people? Why don't you call up Kouga and Ayame while you're at it?" InuYasha hadn't meant to be so harsh, it was just that dealing with a pregnant Kagome was hell.

InuYasha's eyes widened in fear as he heard the beginnings of a growl emanating from his mate's chest. "First of all, InuYasha: I asked you because I'm pregnant and you should be helping me out! Second of all, put the girl down! She doesn't need to be held, she's four for goodness sakes!" Kagome exploded, her voice rising with each exclamation. "Thirdly, I'm inviting our friends and family because we love them and need to spend time with them! And don't you curse around my baby, damn it! Oh and last of all, Kouga and Ayame are in China, you ass!" Kagome stood towering over InuYasha, panting after blowing up at him like that. He was cringing, his ears flattened to his head as he tried to keep Kagome's voice level from shattering his ear drums. Kazue had long since fled her mother's tirade; InuYasha envied her.

The thoroughly disturbed half-demon stood up and planted his hands on Kagome's shoulders, intent on calming her down. "Alright, Kagome, I got it. You're right and I'm sorry," InuYasha spoke slowly, cautiously. "I'll call them, and you just sit and relax. Have a sandwich and some cookies or something."

"Cookies?" Kagome shouted in his face. "Are you trying to say I'm fat? You asshole! How dare you! You stick your thing of yours in me and did this to me! This is your fault!" Kagome screamed, pointed at her bulging stomach as InuYasha sighed. He let his head drop, staring at the ground as he tried to figure out a way to avoid his mate's wrath. He looked up again, alarmed when he heard sniffling and smelled salt.

"K-kagome? What's wrong? Why are you crying?" InuYasha wrapped his arms around Kagome as she sighed.

"I'm sorry, InuYasha," she sobbed. "You're not an ass! I'm sorry! None of this is your fault. It's not even a bad thing! I love our children. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry you had to get married to some crazy, fat ass whale!" she moaned as tears continued to spill from her big doe eyes.

InuYasha sighed again, shaking his head and pulling Kagome close. "Oh, Kagome calm down. Relax, baby. It's alright and I know you love our babies and I do, too. I know you didn't mean to call me an ass, it's just the hormones, I know." InuYasha soothed as he rubbed Kagome's back. Her frame-wracking sobs turned to sniffles as her lovely mate comforted her.

"And you're not fat, Kagome; you're not some fat ass whale. You're crazy, sure! But again it's just the hormones. And your hormones are all out of whack because you're pregnant!" InuYasha said to her. "You're pregnant, not fat! You're pregnant and hormonal, and crazy because of that. But you know what?" InuYasha asked softly.

"What? Kagome replied quietly as she let out a hiccup.

InuYasha leaned down to her face and kissed her nose, chin, and forehead, each of her cheeks and eyelids, and finally her lips. Then he answered, "You're also beautiful. And I love you. So calm down, stop crying, and let's start eating while I call our family; Okay, sweetheart?"

Kagome sniffed, pulling away from her mate's arms to go sit down. "Okay."

InuYasha sighed again, probably for the millionth time that day. "Damn it! I should get a fucking gold medal for this shit! This is hard work!" he muttered under his breath. Then he turned toward the little playground not too far from them and called for his daughter. "Kazue! Come sit down with Mommy and Daddy for a little bit!" InuYasha asked her.

"Yes, daddy!" Kazue nodded and clapped her tiny hands.

So InuYasha, Kagome, and Kazue called up their family and friends, and within an hour the small group came to join them. Sora and Akira brought extra sandwiches while Izayoi and InuTaisho brought fruit. Miroku and Sango brought some beverages, also in addition to what InuYasha and Kagome had already packed.

"Hi Kagome!" Sango called as she approached the growing family's spot under the god tree.

"Hey Sango," Kagome said as all three couples finally reached her little family.

After the finished with the greetings and spread out the rest of the food, they all began to eat while having a nice conversation.

"So Sango," Kagome started, "exactly how far along are you again?"

"Four months," Sango answered. "I thought I was going through hell, but look at you! You're carrying a demon's child. Well, half-demon, but I'm sure it's still even more difficult than a human's."

Izayoi nodded while Kagome groaned, "Oh it is! But it's okay," Kagome said as she pulled her daughter from InuYasha. "It's okay… because in the end—after all the hormones, cravings, pain and suffering—we get something so beautiful that can't ever be replaced."

"Aww," the other women cooed as Kagome nuzzled Kazue's cheek.

Sango was five months pregnant with her and Miroku's first child. Shocking, huh? It would've made more sense for the pervert to have kids before anyone else.

Kouga and Ayame also had pups on the way. She found out she was pregnant with twins a few weeks before she and Kouga left to do business in China. It's been a month since they left, and they would come back in a few weeks. Everyone had kept in contact with them, though. They were all doing great; business was going nicely and they were staying with local relatives there.

Sesshoumaru and Rin had kids, too. They already had two—one was eight and another was six. Rin was pregnant again so another was on the way. The two they had were boys so Rin was glad that this next one was a girl. She didn't plan on having more than three, but a house full of men can be stressful, so she's glad she doesn't have to wait much longer for someone to tough it out with.

Everyone was happy. Kagome and InuYasha, Miroku and Sango, Kouga and Ayame, and Sesshoumaru and Rin were all standing on their own with children. Sora and Izayoi were thrilled to have grandchildren and more on the way. InuTaisho and Akira were proud to see that their children and their friends were so independent and happy. They were especially proud to have grandchildren, just like their wives. Everybody was content with peaceful, well-flourishing lives.

As they laughed and had a good time with their family, InuYasha and Kagome thought silently to themselves,

'All is going well and our family is happy. Wow… I could be very depressed and lonely right now, judging by all the things I've gone through. But just think… I have all this because I had Kagome…
'…because I had InuYasha…

'…to heal me.'

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