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\*\ \*\ \*\ \*\ \*\ \*\ \*\ \*\ \*\ \*\ \*\

"You may now kiss your br–"

Draco didn't even allow Kingsley Shacklebolt finish his sentence before he planted his lips on his beaming bride. He felt Hermione smiling through the kiss and his heart swelled. She was now his wife. His wife. His wife.

Seeing her walking down the aisle moments ago had left him breathless. She was a vision in a simple strapless dress. The bodice hugged her chest and torso tightly and shone from the cluster of jewels situated in a v-formation at the top of the dress; highlighting the gorgeous curves that motherhood had given her. The rest of the dress fell around her hips, cinched in at her waist, and flowed to the floor. Her hair had been put half up with silver jewelled pins and the rest flowed down her back and shoulders. A long veil made of shimmery material and embroidered along the hem, and long earrings brushing against her neck with every step, completed the look. Simple but stunning, just like Hermione.

After the birth of his children, this was the happiest moment of his life. Feeling a little body colliding with their legs, Hermione let out a giggle against her new husband's lips and detached herself from him. Bending down, she pulled a smiling Scorpius up into her arms and planted a big, wet, kiss on his chubby cheek.

Draco huffed playfully as his wife directed her attention to his son and then turned around to scour the laughing, clapping, audience. His eyes traced along the first row of seats, passed a weeping Narcissa, Molly blowing into her handkerchief as a grinning Arthur patted her on the back, and landed on George Weasley; more specifically on the beautiful girl nestled in his arms as he cheered loudly along with the rest of the group.

His little girl, Cassiopeia Rae, was alternating between pouting angrily at the rowdy crowd around her and glaring at the loud man holding her. Draco had never felt prouder. She may look like Hermione – wild chocolate curls, big cinnamon eyes and all – but she was all him in temperament.

Motioning George to bring her to him, he took the unhappy baby in his arms and cooed at her to bring a smile to her little face. He answered her toothless grin with a smacking kiss on her rosy cheek and circled his free arm around his wife and son so they could share a family hug. The crowd cheered even louder.

Children secured in their arms, the happy couple walked back down the aisle and made their way back into the Manor. The crown scattered around, mingling and nibbling on small hor d'oeuvres Molly had slaved over for hours until the reception began later that afternoon.

"Mummy, you look very, very pretty. Like a princess!" Scorpius crowed loudly as they sat in the seating area that was to remain their small get-away until the reception. Draco saw Hermione's smile grow at the moniker as his own lips twitched upwards.

After the argument with Weasley and his departure, Hermione had insisted that they carry on with their night. He'd proposed that night, as planned, and Scorpius had finally gotten his wish to be able to call her his mother.

\*\ \*\ \*\ \*\ \*\ \*\ \*\ \*\ \*\ \*\ \*\

Wiping her tears away, Hermione excused herself and went to wash up. As soon as she was out of earshot, Ginny pounced.

"What are you going to do Draco? Should George and I go back to the restaurant and let everyone know they should go back home? Bloody Ron with his bloody perfect timing just had to ruin everything...are you still going to prop–"

"Can you be a little louder Ginny; I don't think they heard you all the way in muggle London." Draco barked. "And I don't know...no, I do know. I don't think Hermione needs any more...excitement tonight. Maybe I should postpone it until another time."

"Postpone what?" answered a quiet voice.

"Uh...um, the...that is..."

"Does this have to do with your surprise? The one you and Scorp came over for? I'll be fine. I want to see what you...wait, Ginny, aren't you and Harry supposed to be on your holiday? And George, what about your store? What are the two of you all dressed up for? And how did you know what was happening here? Are you part of Draco's surpri–"

"Love, are you sure you'll be ok to go out tonight? We don't want you to overexert yourself and harm the baby," Draco tried to distract her and stop the flow of questions his inquisitive witch was spewing out as fast as she could.

"Draco, I'm pregnant, not an invalid or a piece of glass! I'll be just fine. Now, are any of you going to answer me?"

George, trying to surreptitiously remove himself from the room, froze as Hermione's hawk-like gaze landed on his slowly retreating form. Growing up in a large family with an equally mischievous other half had given George superior lying skills and he'd managed to talk his way out of trouble more times than he could count. Facing a hormonal Hermione, however, seemed to strip his amazing skill away and turn him into a brainless, babbling, mess. Fred would not have been happy to see this. Come to think of it, he'd probably be shaking in his uncomfortably fancy shoes at Hermione's stare too, so George gave himself a pass for tonight. He'd be back to his charming, troublesome, self as soon as he got himself a safe distance away from the glaring pregnant witch.

Ginny, it seemed, was doing no better than he at being inconspicuous; having found a toy by the door suddenly very fascinating. Under the guise of heading to "pick that toy up before anyone hurt themselves," George tugged on her arm, shot Draco an apologetic look and shepherded his baby sister out of the door. He managed to shout a "good luck, Draco; we'll be waiting you-know-where" as they slammed the door shut and apparated back to the restaurant.

"Courageous Gryffindors my arse. Bloody cowards they are, the both of them," Draco muttered before facing an irritated Hermione; foot tapping away.

"Well? Are you going to answer me, or are you going to scamper away too?" Uh-oh, her eyebrow dangerously made its way up.

Acting fast, Draco moved to pacify his girlfriend. He had two children who definitely didn't need a father buried six feet under before the age of five; or a mother locked away in Azkaban for life for that matter.

"Yes, love, they're part of the surprise," he half-explained. "They knew what was happening because I told them, but I swear they came here on their own...are you sure you're ok going out tonight?"

Scrutinizing his face for a few seconds, Hermione smiled suddenly and threw herself in his arms. Starting to cry, she squeezed him and apologised while thanking him all in one breath.

Hugging her back, he soothed her tears away while silently thanking Merlin for her raging hormones and shifting moods. After a few minutes, they parted and she mentioned she needed to touch up her make up again before they could leave. Before heading into her room, she planted a sweet kiss on his lips.

His arms reached around her and held her close for a few moments. As Hermione turned to leave, his arms tightened and his hands splayed across her still flat belly. Hermione was startled by this but before long, her lips turned up and her hands came to rest over his. Draco cradled her form gently on his lap and rested his chin on her shoulder while running his hands over her belly.

"We made a baby together." He whispered in awe. "Half me, half you...they'll be perfect."

Her smile lit up the room as she turned back around to tackle him into the couch and placed a dozen butterfly kisses all over his face and neck.

Draco groaned, as she unknowingly rubbed herself a little too hard against him in her fervour and his member was suddenly starting to wake up. Before she could pull away, he grabbed her hips tighter and deepened the kiss teasingly. She responded by grinding harder against his throbbing shaft and any self control he had snapped at the loud moan she released at the friction. Draco rationalized that they'd never gotten to celebrate their happy news so everyone else could wait a little longer; he had some business to take care of first.

He crushed her against his chest as his hands roamed all over her back and ample backside. She began nibbling at his neck as he concentrated on pulling the zipper down without ruining her favourite dress. Accomplishing his task, he pulled her lips back up to his and devoured them while kneading her breasts.

She mewled above him, hands working on undoing the buttons of his vest and dress shirt. Frustrated, she ripped at the material and muttered a quick "I'll fix that later" before their tongues mated and played together.

Draco managed to unhook her bra and focused his attention on tweaking her pert rosy nipples. Feeling her panties becoming wetter against his pant-clad thigh as her moans rose in volume, he stilled the hand that was expertly undoing his belt after she unzipped his pants and rolled them over on the couch.

Yanking his pants off his body himself, he began trailing his lips over her collarbone, biting and sucking hard to leave marks all over her milky skin. Going further down, he drew a path down the valley between her breasts and circled both with his tongue before taking a nipple in his mouth. She pushed his face harder against her bosom, hands pulling at his hair deliciously hard. He moved to pay attention to its twin as his hands pushed the rest of her dress down her body and left her in nothing but a pair of dark red lace knickers.

His dick twitched at the sight and within seconds, was enveloped in her small warm hand. The same hand joined its partner in moving up to the top of his boxers and pulling them down when she got the desired reaction out of him and helped him kick them off on the floor. He continued to suckle, bite, and lick her breasts as she began a hypnotic rhythm up and down his shaft. Stopping her before she managed to get him off before he could begin really pleasuring her, he brought her hands back up to his shoulders and began tracking a path of open-mouth kisses down her chest, her torso, and moving his way to her precious mound. Her smell was driving him crazy.

She squirmed and moaned for him, one hand placed on his neck and the other moving to curl around the back of his head. Lifting one leg, he kissed her inner thigh and marked her another time. Licking a long, wet, path upwards, he bypassed her special place again and moved to repeat his action on her other thigh.

Hermione was now moaning his name like a prayer, begging – nay, ordering – him to finally touch her where she needed it most. Smirking at her ability to remain domineering even as she shuddered in pleasure, he brought her gaze to meet his own and gave her a long, passionate, kiss. Making sure she still held his stare, he moved back down and finally placed his lips on her lower ones. The sounds she let out as he made contact and the way she bit her lip made him hornier; if that was possible.

He licked a strip up her wet womanhood, and began circling her clit in small, slow, circles. Hermione rubbed herself on him, desperately wanting more and vocalizing her desire. He complied, thrusting two fingers in and softly biting her lower lips. He added a third finger and began to suck her nub into his mouth. Removing his fingers, he speared his long tongue as deeply as he could inside her and she cried loudly for more. Beginning a steady rhythm, he lapped and positioned his fingers at her entrance again before beginning a new pace and bringing her more pleasure as he pumped faster. He felt her muscles clench around his deft fingers and her juices coated his face as she screamed her release. Lapping at her until she rode out the wave of pleasure, he finished with a butterfly kiss on her mound.

Seeing her panting but still wet, he readied himself by lining them up and – meeting her eyes – he thrust in deep and hard. She shrieked in pleasure and her fingernails dug in deep on his shoulders.

"Mmmm, Draco, more. Merlin, harder!" Grabbing his backside as he pushed out, she pulled him in and moved up to meet his thrust with one of her own. Pulling his mouth down to hers, she licked her essence from his lips and then licked the cavern of his mouth sensually. Their tongues began a battle for dominance as their lower halves mated over and over again. The only sounds permeating the room were the smacking of his meat against her lower lips and their tongues simulating what their lower halves were doing.

Seeing the love in her hooded eyes and hearing the whispered "I love you" as he pounded hard and fast into her, he felt his bollocks tighten. Merlin, this woman was going to be the death of him.

He moved above her and positioned himself to penetrate her hot and wet cave deeper. Her loud screams encouraged him to keep going and he quickened his pace to answer her demands. Sensing she was reaching her peak, he doubled his efforts and began grunting in time with her groans.

"Uhhh, Dr-dracc-cohhh. Ah...Ahhh...uhh-ahhhhh...AHHHHH!" Feeling her kitty milking his cock as she came again, he finally let himself go and spilled his hot seed inside her. Moving to keep her orgasm going for a few more beats, the two lovers finally stilled. Arms wrapped tightly around each other, they panted to catch their breaths.

Finally, Hermione stirred under him and placed her hand on his cheek. Placing a small, loving kiss, on his awaiting lips, she repeated "I love you, you know that? You make me happier than anyone ever has."

Heart soaring, he returned the kiss. "Love you too, darling. You complete me, in every way possible. Gods, Hermione, I love you so much! You, me, Scorp and this baby," he moved his hand over the small, almost unnoticeable, rounding of her stomach, "we're going to be the happiest family in Britain; nay, the entire world. Mark my words, love."

Kissing languidly for a few more minutes, Hermione pulled away and reminded him that they had to get going. Draco thanked the fact that they had magic, making the job of cleaning themselves and making themselves look presentable again that much easier. It wouldn't do to appear before their friends and family looking thoroughly shagged.

Arriving outside the restaurant a quarter of an hour after finishing their lovemaking, Draco was thankful he had sent a patronus while Hermione was finishing up in the bathroom to warn everyone to once again take their cover.

Naturally, seeing the dark restaurant and nary a soul around, Hermione got suspicious and the questions started up again. He shushed her and pushed open the door. This was it, he would finally ask this wonderful, beautiful, witch to be his forever.


The second they moved past the doorway, a ball of light meant to act as the moon shone above their heads. Hermione turned to him and opened her mouth to speak but stopped short as millions of stars started appearing in the dark above them and started twinkling as they moved about.

So entranced in the show going on above her, Hermione missed the cue Draco sent for Scorpius to join him and the muffled giggle as Scorpius bound over to him. Kneeling on the floor, he placed the smiling toddler on his raised knee and waited for the love of his life to bring her attention to them.

Above them, the stars stopped and started arranging themselves. Hermione gasped as two constellations she was very familiar with became more pronounced. Draco and Scorpius. Finally hearing the soft childish giggle, her eyes sought out the grinning duo staring up at her from her left. Draco's eyes flicking upward told her to direct her attention back to the dark expanse above her and the same stars that had her so enthralled moved once again until the words 'Will you marry us Hermione?' stood out. And just like that, the first of many tears slid down her delicate face.

"Hermione, the last two years we've been together – in fact, the whole last five years you've been in my life – have been the happiest of m... our lives," Draco started. "I love that you brought back laughter and joy to my life, and you've been the best friend I could have asked for. I love that you've put aside how much of an idiot I was towards you, forgave me for the stupid things my family and I did to you and your friends all those years ago. I love that you included my mother and me in your family, and gave us a reason to smile again. I love that you accepted and love my son like he's yours and that you've been there beside me for all his firsts; his first steps, his first tooth, his firs– "

"My tow-un Dada! Scowpy tawk now!" demanded Draco's mini-me. Hermione chuckled along with Draco and turned her shinning eyes to focus on the small boy almost bouncing off his perch on his father's knee.

"Ok, Scorp, go ahead," he complied and winked at the smiling, weeping, brunette before them. "I'll get to the rest of what I want to say out after."

"Okie doke. My-knee, pease maw-wy Dada so Scowpy can call yous mummy. I love you lots and lots, like Dada do but not like yucky!" His little face scrunched up at the thought of all the kissing his father and the woman he loved like a mother did, and the two adults with him laughed freely at the young boy's refreshing innocence. Caressing his cheek, Hermione stifled a happy sob.

"Cwying means you happy, yes?" he questioned, afraid she would be upset. Hermione nodded, fearing that if she opened her mouth, she'd start sobbing for real and scare the beautiful little boy she would forever see as her own son.

"'Kay, good." he finished, smiling brightly.

Draco, seeing this, brought Hermione's attention back to him nudged Scorpius to take the small box he'd given him a few minutes ago out of his pocket. Just as they rehearsed, his son pulled the box into his hand and, fumbling slightly, managed to open it to reveal the stunning diamond nestled inside.

"Hermione, will you do me the honour of marrying me?"

"And will you be my mummy?" Scorpius finished for him.

Seeing identical blue-grey eyes staring up at her, love shining in both, she barrelled into both of her boys.

"Yes, yes, yes...one thousand times yes! To both of you!" she managed to get out between sniffles and sobs as the boys whooped and hugged her tightly.

Without warning, a bright light blinded the happy trio momentarily as the large groups of friends and family finally made themselves visible. They joined in the hollering and celebration as they drew the three huddled on the floor into their arms, passing them from one set of arms to another and loudly proclaiming their congratulations.

Ginny, the last to hug Hermione loudly screeched "WAIT! You forgot to put the ring on her!"

Draco appeared in front of Hermione and pulled her into him; bringing her hand up in the process. Kissing her hand, he waited for her to nod again before sliding the ring into place. Amid jovial shouts, the pair was lost in their own world as they sealed their engagement with a kiss.


Meanwhile, seeing the lovers wrapped up in a tender embrace, George swiftly kissed his own wife before proceeding to take out 'Betty' and proudly looked at the list of people who owed him money. They might have forgotten, but he sure didn't. He had called that their engagement would come after two years of dating, even before the stubborn duo had gotten together.

He frowned momentarily as he remembered the news he learned tonight, meaning that he had to split the winnings of the bet regarding a new Granger-Malfoy before a smirk that would make his blond friend proud emerged on his face.

Sneaking a glance around at the unsuspecting crowd still celebrating, George decided to make a few "adjustments" to his so-called "unchangeable" notebook to correct that minor error. Sodding Harry Potter just had to call two years as soon as he did. George figured he'd probably have to confound the others later, or at least talk them in circles until he confused them enough to think he had been the only one to make the bet. George was quite good at that.

Now all he needed was the baby Hermione was carrying to be a girl and he'd be able to gloat for years about being the sole straight winner when it came to guessing the direction of the Granger-Malfoy relationship thus far. He grinned as he interrupted the celebrating bunch by loudly reminding them they now owed him money. The groans he heard in response were music to his ears.

\*\ \*\ \*\ \*\ \*\ \*\ \*\ \*\ \*\ \*\ \*\

"...right Daddy?"

Startled from his reverie, Draco was met with two identical pairs of cinnamon eyes and a pair of blue-gray eyes that were so like his own.

"Draco, what are you thinking so hard about, love?"

Smiling, he announced he was thinking about them. Scorpius happily accepted his answer and resumed his chattering. Hermione raised her eyebrow in askance but he merely shrugged and blew her a kiss. She winked back and turned her attention to their son's rambling.

Draco shifted even close to his bride on the couch and was met with efforts from his baby girl reaching for him. Not yet one and already a daddy's girl she was. Hermione often joked while being pregnant that, since Scorpius was a mummy's boy, their daughter was bound to be a daddy's girl to even up the score. And like always, she was proven right.

Looking down at his cooing daughter, he couldn't help but press a kiss to the top of her head and inhale her sweet baby scent. She was his little Hermione. Born with a head full of light brown hair, it only seemed to thicken and curl as the months went by. Big cinnamon eyes shone with curiosity as she moved from playing with her small shoes and reached for his tie to examined the fabric; no doubt having had inherited her insatiable inquisitiveness from her mother. Except for the high cheekbones he could take credit for, Cassie was the spitting image of Hermione.

Scorpius drew his attention again as he detailed how hard it was for him to have to stay standing up at the altar "for ages and ages Daddy!" Draco stifled a chuckle as he reminded his son that he had been the one to accept the job of ring bearer. Huffing, Scorpius complained that he didn't know he'd have to stand around for so long.

Caressing his cheek, Hermione promised no more standing. He beamed at that before his expression turned sly.

"That means no dancing either, right? Because dancing means standing for loads of time too."

Biting his lip to smother his grin, Draco wondered how his lovely wife would be getting out of that one. His son proved to be more Slytherin by the day. Seeing his lips twitch, Hermione merely winked at him again.

"Well, it really is up to you love-bug. I guess if you don't want to dance, I could always ask Teddy or James to dance our special "Son and Mummy" dance with me. Or-"

"But...but they can't. It's our special dance mummy!"

"I know, dear. But you just said you didn't want to dance, remember?"

"Well, I change my mind, then" the boy pouted and crawled carefully onto Hermione's lap to cling to her torso, mindful of her dress. "Teddy and James can dance with someone else."

Wrapping her arm around his small frame and shooting a victorious smirk Draco's way, Hermione kissed the top of Scorpius' head and promised to dance with him and only him.

Cassiopeia, feeling left out, squealed loudly and began babbling to command attention. Scorpius, having taken to his big brother role rather spectacularly, grabbed her small fist whirling about in discontent and planted a small kiss on it. Hermione placed her hand over her heart and sighed contently at the sight while Draco smiled brightly at his children and ruffled his son's hair.

"Don't worry, Cassie. We didn't forget you. I dance with mummy, you dance with daddy, and then we can dance too! Well, if you don't fall asleep first...or poop." he deadpanned.

Draco let out a hearty chuckle at his son's words. The gems his son had spoken over the years had made his day, and had made even the most awkward of situations bearable.

A knock at the door brought their attention to Narcissa, who came in to take the children and give the newlyweds a few moments alone. After handing out kisses and hugs to placate a displeased Scorpius and a squirming Cassiopeia, Narcissa's promises of treats before dinner had Scorpius dragging his grandmother out of the room. Laughing and balancing her granddaughter in her arms, she called out '20 minutes until they announce you, darlings' before disappearing out of view and non-verbally spelling the door closed behind her.

Draco pulled his wife into his arms. "Hello Mrs. Malfoy."

Sighing contently, she just barely breathed out 'Hello, Mr. Malfoy' before Draco captured her lips in a heated kiss.

\*\ \*\ \*\ \*\ \*\ \*\ \*\ \*\ \*\ \*\ \*\

Watching at her husband, children and friends laughing and dancing on the dance floor, Hermione couldn't help but sigh. Everything couldn't have been more perfect.

As much as she wished for her parents to have been there and celebrate one of her happiest days, she appreciated having the people that she considered family there by her side. Arthur and Molly Weasley, who were chatting away with Bill and Charley, had stood in for her parents. She'd cried the day that she'd asked Arthur to walk her down the aisle and for him and Molly to give her away.

"I'm honoured to walk my daughter down the aisle," the Weasley patriarch proudly accepted while patting her hand as Molly blubbered away happily.

Next, her stare swept to a pregnant Ginny and Harry bobbing along to the music with James and Albus. She'd never be able to thank Ginny enough for all the help the younger woman had given her with organizing the wedding. The two girls had grown even closer, if that was possible, throughout Hermione's pregnancy and over months of wedding preparation. As for Harry, he'd been her brother in all but blood since their childhood, and continued to act the part even as their families grew and they themselves grew older.

Hermione had to stifle her laughter as next to the Potters she spied Angelina and Blaise trying to keep up with their spouses while attempting to avoid being hit by the flailing limbs that belonged to George and a heavily pregnant Luna. The latter two were trying to out-dance each other; despite the fact that neither could dance and that Luna appeared as though she could be going into labour if they kept it up for too long.

Hermione then trailed her gaze over the rest of the wedding guests – past old professors, co-workers, friends and relatives (what few of them were actually aware of her "special talents" as they called them on her side) and landed on her mother-in-law twirling a laughing Cassie while Scorpius attempted to imitate Harry and Ginny; nearly dropping Victoire Weasley as he tried to dip her.

Before she tried to find where her husband had disappeared to, her eyes landed on a lone figure sitting near the back of the room. Ronald Weasley met her gaze and lifted his glass in her direction with a small smile ghosting his lips. She sent him a soft smile back and lifted her own in response.

While Hermione had yet to fully forgive him, the two were slowly mending their broken friendship. Ron had contacted her again shortly after she gave birth to Cassie and had apologised for his behaviour. For the first time in six years, the two had finally gotten to talk like old friends again. Over time, Hermione was hopeful they'd be able to go back to the easy friendship they had once shared.

A bigger smile bloomed on Hermione's face as she saw Pansy Parkinson distract Ron by taking a seat to his left and tentatively beginning a conversation with him. Seeing his lazy grin, she was happy that things were beginning to look up for him. Despite the residual hurt and anger, she truly did want him to be happy and return back to the boisterous and carefree Ronald she knew. Maybe...

"Maybe we'll be attending another wedding next year by the looks of those two," came the voice of the man she loved as arms encircled her from behind. "Though I do hope it's one where we can have more than two seconds together before people try to pry us apart to congratulate us over and over."

Laughing lightly, Hermione turned in his embrace and brought her own arms around his neck. Formal robes and tie discarded, shirt opened and giving her a tantalizing peak at his rock hard chest, he'd never looked more relaxed...or more delicious to Hermione.

"Mmm, perhaps, but you're definitely enjoying all the attention. Sure you can handle the spotlight being on someone else, love?" she joked as a smirk flashed her way.

"I'm sure I'll live. But your attention, on the other hand..." and with that, he captured her lips hotly. "...I don't think I can ever live without that."

Pecking him thrice, she tightened her arms around him.

"Good, because I don't intend to stop paying attention anytime soon. Now, Mr. Malfoy, I believe you owe me another dance."

"I do believe you're right, Mrs. Malfoy. Have I mentioned how much I love calling you that?"

With another peck, Hermione was pulled into the middle of the dance floor. With her husband's arms around her, and her children and the mismatched group had become her crazy, but lovable, extended family surrounding her, she couldn't help but feel like the luckiest woman in the world.