A/n: Hi there, When reading the Twilight Saga, I couldn't help but feel that Bella is whiny and weak, and just human. It also occurred to me that her blood smelled so good to the vampires, and Edward couldn't read her mind, so then I came up with the Angels. They are a group of girl warriors that smell delicious but their minds cannot be read. Moreover, one final thing I wanna let you know is: I adore Jacob…and I really don't like Edward, he's too over protective. Therefore, I'm warning you, there might be some Edward bashing in this Fic. Oh yeah and Bella is strong and kinda bitchy. Set in Late New Moon, Early Eclipse.

Stephanie Meyer owns the Twilight Saga

Here is the first Chapter…

Chapter 1 – Sharp Senses and Burning Pain

Bella's POV

I slumped down on the couch and let out a frustrated sigh. I was so restless, I couldn't sit still. Every few minutes I had to move or my body felt like it could explode. Ergh! It was just so aggravating, and even worse was the pain in my back. It wasn't just murderous pains that would freak me out; it was that I could smell vampires, the smell as the Werewolves described it. It all started when Edward, Alice, and I returned from Italy. That's when I noticed the stink, it was a sickly too sweet scent that made my nose burn, and I actually understood what Jacob was on about. It was faint at the time but what really mattered was: why did I smell it?

A lot of my other senses were more heightened as well, like my sight; I could see everything so much more clearly, I could see tiny detail. My ears; I could hear the neighbours arguing next-door and every word was loud and clear. I was fast and no longer clumsy, and everything thing I ate, I could taste it much better than before. What the hell was happening to me?

We all left before the Volturi could get us, I had a feeling they would be calling Carlisle soon. We had come from Volterra, two nights ago, I was grounded, and Edward was banned from seeing me but that didn't stop him at night. Nevertheless, my reaction to his arrival last night not only shocked him but me also. You see, Edward had sat on my bed and put his arm around me and I had wanted nothing better then to get out of his hard, cold embrace. I longed for something much warmer, softer, and alive. Cough*Jacob*Cough

Therefore, I had flinched away from him. Weird right, this was the man (vampire) I had almost killed myself for to hear his voice and there I was not wanting to hug him. Right now, he was out hunting, and I was glad of it. It had been pretty awkward.

I still hadn't called Jacob; I figured he'd be mad at me for abandoning him like that. I knew I was, that was one of the stupidest things I had ever done, but I couldn't just let Edward die, how could I live with the guilt? However, Edward was pretty idiotic too. Couldn't he at least ask whose funeral Charlie was at instead of jumping to conclusions and doing a Romeo?

Edward had informed me that he still loved me and left to protect me, but in some way, I wanted him to leave and never come back. I was a different person now, when I told Edward that I was broken and Jacob had put me back together. Jacob didn't care how broken I was, he said he could wait, but I didn't run this fact by Edward. He was only annoyed at me for hanging out with Jacob. Stupid Possessive Boyfriend. Wait a sec, was he my boyfriend again?

I swung my legs off the couch and trudged my way over to the phone. I had decided I would leave Jacob a message to see if he still wanted to be friends.

"Hello, Jacob, I know, you're mad at me right now and you have every right to be, what I did was really stupid and I'm sorry I left you after you begged me to stay. You can decide if we should still be friends and, I won't mind if you don't want me as one. I'd completely understand but come see me one more time, with your decision and, I'll agree to whatever you decide. However, you have to understand me, I couldn't let Edward die. How could I live with the guilt of it? I know what he did is idiotic when he didn't ask you whose funeral Charlie was at; he had no right to jump to conclusions and do a Romeo. I hope you understand,come see me, even if it's the last time. Bye," I finished the message, echoing my previous thoughts, and put the phone down. I needed Jacob's friendship, Nevertheless, I was letting him decide if I could be his friend or not. He deserved at least that much.

I limped over too the couch, and as I sat down my back gave a sharp, painful ache. Seriously, I had to see Carlisle about these pains; I knew somehow they were not normal and I didn't fancy telling a normal doctor about how I could smell vampires, unless I wanted to end up in the asylum and for the Volturi to slaughter me on the spot. Nope, Carlisle it was.

Just as I began to turn the TV on, the familiar, too sweet scent filled my nostrils, and I knew Edward was back, as soon as I thought it, the door bell rang.

(Just a quick note: Rachel is back, Paul imprinted, and she knows everything)

Jacob's POV

I came home an hour early. I should have been on patrols right now, but a storm had come in and Sam had told us to retreat. I was bored out of hell. I couldn't think of anything to do, I was in my room, lying on my bed, messing with a football. Watching TV in the living room was a big no-no, because Paul and Rachel were all lovey-dovey in there. Seriously, he had to go imprint on my sister, as if my life could get any worse.

Actually, it could. Bella had left with the psychic two nights ago. My mind was immediately assaulted with Bella dead or worse Bella changed. I had to go see if she was okay.

'No,' I told myself 'She left me for that stinking leech'

It was my duty to protect humans so I wouldn't be going for personal reasons. However, I still had to see her, maybe just too check if she was back,

I got up and entered the living room, to see Paul and Rachel curled up watching TV.

"Dude, the leech-lover left you a message," Paul said upon seeing me

I was hit by a pang of anxiousness, was she ok?

"Paul!" Rachel slapped him on the arm "He means, Bella left you a message," she corrected

I thanked them and quickly played the message on the phone.

"Hello, Jacob, I know, you're mad at me right now and you have every right to be, what I did was really stupid and I'm sorry I left you after you begged me to stay.

"Seriously, dude, you begged her to stay?" Paul guffawed

"Shut up Paul," I said

You can decide if we should still be friends and, I won't mind if you don't want me as one. I'd completely understand but come see me one more time, with your decision and, I'll agree to whatever you decide.

"She'll agree to whatever you say," Paul repeated, deep in thought "Jake, I know tell her to die," he mused

"Shut up Paul," I repeated emotionlessly

However, you have to understand me, I couldn't let Edward die. How could I live with the guilt of it? I know what he did is idiotic when he didn't ask you whose funeral Charlie was at; he had no right to jump to conclusions and do a Romeo.

"Do a Romeo?" Paul was confused

"Like Romeo and Juliet, he thought Juliet died so he killed himself," Rachel explained

I hope you understand, come see me, even if it's the last time. Bye," Bella's angelic voice played through the speaker.

I had to admit Bella was right, if the leech died, then Bella would have been guilty for life. In addition, I was glad she gave me the choice of being friends again. Because I really did want to see her, I did want to stay her friend but, I didn't think I could think about her being in the leech's arms. It made me shudder.

"What should I do? Should I stay her friend?" I voiced my thought

"I say tell her to fuck off, there are plenty more fish in the sea," Paul answered smirking

"Be quiet Paul," Rachel warned her eyes, slightly narrowing at the fish in the sea reference "I say, give her another chance, I can tell she's confused and just needs time," Rachel advised perceptively

"Thanks Rach," I told her gratefully

"No problem Jake," She turned back to the TV

I left the house to go see Bella; with a bit of luck, the leech wouldn't be there.

Bella's POV

Since Charlie didn't come back until around 2AM, Edward thought he would keep me company. Moreover, it was a very awkward experience; I didn't love Edward like I use too. Right now, Edward and I were watching TV, I was still on the couch, and Edward was on Charlie's recliner. Moreover, had been for the last 10 minutes. However, I didn't tell him I could smell his scent and right now, I was wondering how they lived with it. I hadn't told him about the pains either.

"Edward look, I'm sorry, I know this is all awkward, but I'm not the same person you knew, I've changed. I need time. I don't want any connect please. Can we just stay friends for a while? But I still love you," I think, I added in my thoughts.

"It's alright my love, it's my entire fault for leaving you, and I'll give you all the time you need," He assured me, not looking at all bothered,

Suddenly his expression changed to a sneer, when he sniffed the air. Then I smelt it, it was a musky, woodsy scent with the hint of wet dog. In addition, I knew it straight away. Jacob had come!

I leapt off the couch at lightning speed, ignoring all the aches and pains in my body, I flung the door open, and there he was. He looked surprised that I had opened the door before he had knocked. I threw my arms around him and hugged him tightly.

He embraced me back, and I loved the comforting heat of his warm, cosy arms.

"Jacob, Jacob, Jacob. You came, I knew you would," I said when I pulled back, I didn't care that I was sounding like a five year old, I was just so happy.

"I'm happy to see you too Bells," He gave me his Jacob grin

"Can I come in?" he asked

"Sure, come on in," as soon I stepped out of the way, his nose wrinkled in disgust.

"Is the leech here?" he was shaking slightly and his tone was strained

"Yeah, he 'insisted' to keep me company," I told Jacob in an annoyed voice and the same time I did quotation marks with my fingers.

Jacob's anger faded instantly, he looked at me confused

"You sound like you don't want him here," Jacob stated, looking more perplexed then ever.

"Truthfully, I don't. I actually preferred staying alone tonight; I'm not ready to make a decision. But I'm feeling better that you're here, just try to be civil," I answered honestly

Shock was written on his face, but he nodded and entered, with me following behind

Back in the living room, Edward had remained in Charlie's recliner; I knew he had heard everything because hurt had filled his face, but his eyes were full of fury. I sent a glare in his direction as if telling him to behave. Jacob just stood by the couch looking at me as if he needed acceptation purposely trying not to look at Edward.

I rolled my eyes, "Well, Jacob, make yourself at home, I'll be in the kitchen if you need me," I patted him on the arm and then went to the kitchen to pour myself some water, leaving the mortal enemies awkwardly in the living room.

I went to the sink and poured myself some water, at the same time think whether I had done the right thing by leaving them both in the living room; I hoped they hadn't ripped each other to shreds.

When I turned around, they were standing there, in shock the glass slipped from my fingers and shattered on the ground.

I gave a little yelp as Edward quickly yanked me away from the broken glass and pulled me to his chest as if the glass was a monster. Jacob had frozen when he saw Edward touch me.

I pulled away from Edward's chest not able to bare the smell any longer; I inched backward towards Jacob, I felt him relax when my back touched him.

"Edward, seriously, it's just glass. Not a terrifying monster from the pits of hell." I told him, annoyed at his over-protectiveness

"But Love, it could have hurt you; it could have cut your skin. He said, anger flaring in his eyes, to the fact that I had went to Jacob.

"Be quiet Cullen, Bella isn't some weak, feeble person, she can fend for herself you know, stop treating her like a child," Jacob retorted, and he was right to say that, I am not a child.

"Be quiet mongrel, nobody told you to speak," Edward pulled me to his chest again. That's when I lost it.

I got out of his grasp and pushed him back, and was surprised to see that he actually stumbled, maybe this had something to do with my sharp senses.

"Wtf Edward? And don't talk to Jacob like that," I scolded

Edward rolled his eyes and pulled to him again

"Don't fucking touch me Edward Cullen. Have you forgotten what I told you before Jacob came?" I said trying to remind about the no contact thing

His eyes widened at my swearing then fake confusion crossed his face, "I don't understand love, you told me nothing." He replied reaching for my arm again, I stepped back even closer to Jacob.

I sighed aggravatingly "Edward stop lying , coz I know you can't forget."

"Love stop it, you told me nothing, I think you thought you did, it was your imagination.," he told me like I was child

"Don't you Love me, I remember saying it and I'll repeat it again, I told you, I'm a different person, I'm not who I was, ok, I'd be dead now if it wasn't for Jacob and I don't think I love you like I did, my feelings are changing, I'm not ready for a relationship, we should remain just friends. And I don't want contact." I gave him an even longer version of my speech, as I said the last words. The pain in my back increased, I had to try not hissing in pain.

Edward growled, he was glaring at Jacob, no doubt reading his mind. Then pulled me to him again, as soon he touched my skin, every pain in my body gave a sharp ache, it was worse than an ache, it was so bad, and I screamed in pain and fell to my knees.

"Bella!" They both screamed at the same time, but I couldn't respond, I couldn't, it was too much, I was like a million knives cutting in too my skin at the same time. It burned so much.

Edward leaned forward and tried to pick me up, but his cold skin made me hurt more, so I howled in pain again, tears rolled down my cheeks. Edward drew away rejection etched into his features. Jacob tried to pick me up, and surprisingly his warm skin was like heaven to my pain, he picked me up bridal style and put me on the couch.

"Bella, Bells, what happened? Tell me baby, are you ok?" Jacob asked me frantically

"Pain! I'm in so much pain!" I managed to gasp

"Bells, what do I do? Tell me," Jacob touched my forehead, "Bells you're burning up," He said with an intake of breath

"Hold me, just hold me," I panted, struggling to breath correctly

Jacob obeyed instantly, lifted me up, sat down on the couch with me on his lap, hugging me to his chest and my pains eased and I could breathe again.

"What happened Bells?" Jacob asked, seeing I was no longer in pain

"I don't know, when Edward touched me, all I felt was pain, where is he by the way?"

"I don't know? He just left." Jacob answered

I was beyond angry, stupid Bloodsucker, he just kept leaving.

"Stupid Bloodsucker, running away from the things he can't handle," I grumbled

Jacob looked shocked again but hugged me closer. In addition, for once I was glad Edward had left.