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Chapter 5 - Dial Tones and Kidnapping

Alice POV

I got in my Porsche and drove away from Bella's house at my illegal speed. My mind felt fuzzy as if I were forgetting something, which was impossible for a vampire. As I neared the Cullen house, my mind pondered through all the events of today. Bella's future disappearing…Seeing Bella…Meeting the Angels (Best Band Ever!)…Bella choosing the dog… Then what? No! This could not be happening. I could not be forgetting. Think Alice. Think. Mmmm…Something about tickets. Tickets! That's it. I remembered now. Natalya had given me concert tickets.

I reached into my pocket and pulled them out, looking at them closely. Natalya seemed nice. Too bad, she is related to a dog, but maybe the girls had more potential? Whatever, but the other girl though. Bianca. She was a little weird. I had just realized the odd way her eyes had lit up when she had spoken to me, that's when my mind fuzziness had started….Hmmmm…I needed to talk to Carlisle about this.

I parked in the driveway and run inside, sighing with relief that Edward wasn't home. Sighing was such a human thing, but because of acting human for so long, it seemed significant at a time like this. Oh Edward. Poor Edward. He would have been heart-broken to know that Bella had chosen a dog. I wrinkled my nose in disgust. What did Bella see in him anyway? Sure, he guaranteed her a human life and sure, he could protect her. However, he was dangerous. He could tear Bella to pieces in a second and he freaking stank.

I no longer saw Bella as a vampire; in fact, I saw nothing at all. As she didn't exist. Stupid Mutts! Oh Bella. She would have made such a good vampire sister. All the shopping we could do together and maybe, just maybe her fashion sense would have changed when…I mean IF she was turned. I zoomed up the stairs and came to an abrupt stop in front Rosalie, who was standing there looking at me expectedly.

"What do you want Rose?" I asked her, Rosalie was selfish; she always wanted something

Rose's mouth pulled up into a slight smirk, "I want to know why you're looking so sad." She said

I couldn't hold it in any longer; I threw myself at her in a big hug. "Oh Rose!" I sobbed, "Bella had chosen a dog, and she doesn't want to be my sister anymore!" I tearlessly sobbed into her chest.

Rosalie pulled out of the hug and looked at me closely, "did I hear correctly? Bella is staying Human?" She asked

I did not know where she was going with this so I just nodded. Shocking me completely, Rosalie mouth stretched into a full on grin. Her amber eyes glittered.

"Good," She said simply, walking away and leaving me standing agape.

Feeling distraught, I then made a beeline for mine and Jasper's room. This frustration was killing me and I had to get it out. As I entered, our bodies collided and our mouths met, I wrapped my arms around him pulling him closer, as we both fell on the bed. Jasper always knew how to make me feel better.

Bella POV

We all sat around the couch where Nessie slept. Her body had stopped convulsing and bleeding. Natalya had told us she would awaken once her imprint did. There was still no word from the Pack yet and I felt like crying. Where were they? Who was hurt? Was Jacob ok? I hated that these questions were unanswered. I wished we got a message soon. I could not describe the guilt I felt. Because of me, one of them was already hurt. I would not be able to live with myself if one of them died.

After seeing Nessie bleed like that, I got scared. What if I hurt myself and bled? (Everyone knew how clumsy I am, even with supernatural senses) Would it hurt Jacob? In addition, another thing was: how was the bond so strong if Nessie hadn't met her imprint yet? In addition, why did it affect both?

"You know, there's something I don't quite understand," I muttered to Natalya who sat on the floor beside me

Natalya smiled as if she was expecting this, "Tell me, what don't you understand?"

"I don't understand why the injury on an imprint would affect the imprintee," I said

Natalya glanced at me and smiled again, "it usually only happens in a life or death situation." She began saying

I suddenly felt like I was hyperventilating. No! Life or death situation? No! Someone in the Pack was going to die? OMG! This was all my fault! Natalya put her hand over mine as if she knew what I was going through, knowing Natalya she probably did.

"Bella calm down, it's obviously not a life or death situation anymore. Anyway, back what I was saying, whoever is Nessie's imprint, went through so much pain that it could have killed him. The imprint saw that and split the pain to Nessie so he would feel half as much as pain as he should from what ever injury he got." She explained, slowly leaning up and stroking Nessie's left hand, which lay by her side on the couch.

"Oh wow! That's amazing," I was lost for words

"Don't forget painful," Bianca added with a slight smile, changing her knees up position to Indian style for the umpteenth time in this hour. It looked like that girl didn't have much patience.

Alicia was strangely quiet. Being the shy one, but whatever had happened outside and Nessie's injury had probably hit her hard. Those two looked close. Alicia just kept her eyes to the ground, staring at the carpet. I turned my eyes back to Nessie hoping for an improvement. When just then, Nessie's eyes lashes flicked and her fingers twitched a couple of times before her eyes fluttered open.

"What happened," She asked looking around at us "why are you sitting around me like it's my death bed?" she asked slightly hoarsely, trying to sit up

"Easy Ness," Natalya got up and helped her sit up

"Aahh!" Nessie moaned, her right hand flying to her left shoulder, "My shoulder hurts like hell," She said wincing, "what happened?"

"Well the good news is you've found your imprint!" Bianca told her enthusiastically

"I have?!" Nessie's eyes widened in happiness and excitement, then her smile fell as if she realised something, "What's the bad news?"

"I'd rather not tell you, I don't know if you can handle it" Bianca said instead, laughing nervously

"I can handle it," Nessie insisted

"I'm not sure, you'd like it," Bianca said firmly

Nessie took a deep breath, "Just tell me!" She demanded

"You don't want to know," Bianca said ominously

"Yes I do!" Nessie shot back

"It'll scare you," Bianca sang


"Fine, he's…err…injured." She let out finally

"He's injured," Nessie repeated letting the words sink in, then she caught on "He's injured! No! I have to go see him!" she began thrashing against Natalya's arms.

Alicia got up too and put another arm around her. I then realised that the rest of us had been watching Nessie and Bianca argue back and forth as if it was a tennis match.

"No! You don't understand! He could die! I don't want it happening again!" She began sobbing

Again? What did she mean by that? I looked toward Natalya and she gave me a look said 'later'. Therefore, I let it pass and tried to think of something to reassure Nessie.

"I need to go see him!" Nessie wailed

"Nessie. Nessie! I call and find out!" I assured her, getting up and grabbing the phone,

Nessie calmed down slightly, looking depressed, still breathing heavily.

I dialled Jacob's house number and waited.

"Hello," answered a women's voice. A women? What was a woman doing in Jacob's house? Did he have girlfriend? My chest burned with jealously at the thought. No Bella focus. An imprint is injured.

"Hello, is anybody there,"

"Hi, this is Bella; do you know where Jacob is?" I asked

"Bella Swan? Well Jacob's not here, he had Pack business!" She answered with an annoyed tone

What was her problem anyway? In addition, how did she know about the Pack?

"Look I'm sorry if I offended you but I think a wolf is hurt,"

"Hurt? Oh no! Try Sam's place,"

"Ok, who are you by the way?" I asked, my curiosity getting the better of me

"Oh, this is Rachel,"

Rachel! Of course! What other women would be inJacob's house then his own sister. It also explained why she seemed annoyed with me; I broke her brother's heart.

"Oh. Rachel, I'm sorry, I know you hate me and-"

"Bella, I don't hate you, just don't hurt him again ok,"

"I promise, I won't hurt Jacob again Anyway, I'll call Sam and Emily's,"

"Could you ask about Paul?"

"Why Paul?"

"He my imprint. I worried about him,"

Well, that explained how she knew about the Pack. She was an imprint.

"Okay, I will,"

"Okay, I'll try the Clearwater's,"

"Bye Rachel, talk to you later,"

"You too Bella,"

I was left with a dial tone.

"No luck?" Natalya said with a sympathetic tone, I knew she and the Angel had heard the whole conversation. Nevertheless, I didn't know how I felt about that. I was half-relieved and half-embarrassed.

I shook my head as Nessie let out a retched sob, her lips had began quivering and her body had began shaking. I then began dialling Sam and Emily's place. Hoping for some reassurance that the Pack was all okay. I had a feeling something was coming. Something Big.

Leah POV

Groaning, I lay down on my bed cursing my inability to move without being in pain. This pain had began 6 day ago and had gotten worse since, it was also the same day that Seth magically disappeared and returned a few days later apart of Sam's cult. Seth had gone from weedy and lanky to strong and muscular in a few days. All the guys in Sam's gang were like that. Were they steroids or something? I had done everything in my power to try to convince Seth to leave, but he had just brushed it off as if it were nothing. He had shot up too; he was almost six and half foot and looked more like 18 then 15.

I still hurt a little to think of Sam, but I was mostly over him. I didn't think I'd do well in another relationship; I wouldn't have been able to trust the guy or myself. I slowly shifted my body to the side, trying to spare myself more pain. I tucked my right under my head and my other hand reached behind me to pull the comforter over myself. My eyes lingered on the clock, which had just struck three o'clock in the afternoon. There was another weird thing; every tick of the clock was like a pounding in my ears like I was holding the clock to my ears as it ticked. Something very fishy was going on.

'Never mind, I'll find someone like you…I wish nothing but the best of you too'

I reached over and picked up my phone, sitting up in bed and looked at the number. It was the Black's. Why were they calling me? I sighed to myself and answered.


"Hi there Leah," Rachel Black's voice responded

"Oh, Rachel Hey, what's up?"

"I just wanted to ask, are Seth or any of the Pack there?"

Pack? Did she just say Pack?

"Pack? Rachel what are hell are you talking about?"

I was answered with silence.

"Rachel, are you there, what do you mean by Pack?"

Dial tone.

I pulled my phone away from my ear and glared at it, "What the fuck?" I said aloud. What was going on?

Third-person POV

He sat on the bench staring the girl who walked by shouting frantically into her phone. However, his attention was not on what she was saying but the throbbing blood vein in her head and her flushed cheeks. Fantasies rolled through his head at the thought of sinking his teeth into the lovely pearly cream skin on her neck. Feeling the luscious taste of her blood rolling down his burning throat, intoxicating him with energy and hearing her dying screams. The fantasies vanished as quickly as they came. He could not. He had to keep his mind on the task. Master had warned him that if they were to be any detours or distractions he would be punished. He mentally shivered at the thought; Master's punishments were deadly, even for a vampire. He remembered the last time he was punished, tied down by Master's burning magic. Endless days. Weeks. Months. Where he had gone without blood making him crazed with Bloodlust.

He had asked. No. he had begged. Grovelled. For blood. To fill his undying thirst. He didn't care if it were animal blood. He. Needed. To. Drink.

Master had laughed at him, telling him he was as bad a puny human. However, Master caved in the end and gave him blood.

Nevertheless, the blood wasn't human nor was it animal. It was shapeshifter blood. The only blood vampires could not digest. They had no desire to drink it. It was like poison.

When he had refused. Master had tutted at him and said it was rude not to accept and he had asked for it. When he refused once again. Master had lost his patience. He had forced the blood down his throat.

Tasting it was like being bitten again. The poisonous substance was like venom going through his body all over again. It had brought back the days of his transformation. The three long days he had suffered, 20 years ago.

Master had given him the blood until he was too weak to lift a finger, but not enough to kill him. He had learned a valuable lesson. Always do as you are told or else deal with the consequences.

He cleared his mind and pushed back all the thoughts of his torture. He had heard that there was a Pack of shapeshifter's in the area. He also knew there were vampires living here also. In addition, how they were alive he wasn't sure. He had seen Shapeshifter's fight before. So fierce. So deadly. They were Predatory Animals in human form. Wolves in sheep's clothing. Serpents hiding in a rose bush. Vampires were no match for them. However, no one was a match for master. He remembered the two shapeshifter's which torn apart his vampire sister, (she was changed along with him) so furiously. It slightly scared him. However, Master. With one flick of Master's finger their hearts had stopped. The blood he was forced to drink was from them same shifters bodies. He also vaguely remembered a girl screaming, but it was faint. Maybe one of them was her mate. He did not care. They deserved what they got. Served them right for ever trying to mess with Master.

A fruity scent brought him out of his thoughts; it was a mixture of soap and fruit like fruit scented soaps. He recognised this scent! This was the scent of the person he was supposed to find! He turned his head to see a girl with Black hair and tanned skin walking into a clothes shop. She was Native? Who cared. This was his task. He wasn't going through a punishment again. He stood up, adjusted his shades and followed her inside. His next task was to get her out of there without anyone seeing and straight to Master. Humans would call it kidnapping. He just called it helping her out.

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