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The Beginning

''Get away from me, you monster!'' Miya shouted, backing away from the small boy looking forlornly at her.

''Mum?'' The small boy called out. Timidly, a small hand reached out.

Miya's eyes widened in horror, ''Back I say! Back!'' she screamed. Her hands fanning wildly before her, preventing the boy from reaching her.

''Mum, are you ok?'' the small boy asked, frightened.

Her hands waved wildly, she brushed against something hard.

''Mommm?'' his voice raising an octave higher.

''Mommm!'' he screamed. Backing away quickly, he tripped himself in the process.

''Die you monster!'' Miya screamed, lurching at the boy. A wild look in her eyes, her hands poised above her head, clasping a knife gleaming sharply under the moonlight.

Trapped beneath her, unable to escape. He turned away, his eyes shut tight, unable to believe that his loving mother would try to kill him. He screamed a soundless scream as he felt the sharp blade pressing on his left eye. Seconds passed like years, stretching on endlessly when he felt something warm and wet besides the burning sensation of his eye. He opened his eyes and saw tears trailing down her face, one hand reaching out to caress his cheek.

''Sorry, I'm so sorry Allen,'' and everything went dark.

Under a full moon.

A tear dropped.

A whispered apology.

A name in it...

''...len ''

''Allen, please wake up,'' Mana said gently but firmly. He had been calling the boy for quite a while now, yet the boy seems to be in too deep a trance to come out easily.

Eyes opening slowly, Allen gave an apologetic smile. ''Sorry father, have you been calling me for long?''

''It was nothing. Never mind,'' Mana dismissed. As the father of a seer, he was use to his son trances. ''What did you see this time?''

''I think I saw mother,'' Allen hesitated for a moment before he replied.

Instantly freezing up at the mention of his wife, Mana looked worriedly at his son and asked, ''What did you see?''

''It was under a moonlit night, but I did not see her face though I am sure I heard her voice,'' His soft voice underlying a wistful tone.

An incident had left Allen with no memories of his mother when he was eight. Save for one thing, she had silver white hair just like his. No matter how many times he had asked, no one would tell him what had happened, even the talkative twins Jasdebi kept their mouth shut tight.

Mana looked worriedly at his son, though he had never told him, Allen was the mirror image of his wife, Miya. The silver white hair, the small full lips, the alabaster skin and petite frame. The only hint that Allen was of the Noah Clan were his silver eyes and the fact that he has the power of a seer.

It has been centuries since a silver eye was born into the Noahs who were normally born with golden eyes, announcing that the child was gifted with the power of a seer. Allen, loved by the clan, have grown up to be a fine boy. Yet he could still see his son desire for a mother's touch. Mana sighed, Allen was still not ready for the truth.

''Father, why did you call for me?'' Allen asked, breaking Mana out of his thoughts.

The master had summon for you,'' Mana said.

''Me?'' Allen cried out surprised. ''After fifteen years of solitude, the first person he has summon is me? Are you sure? Maybe he mistook me for a 'Guard'.''

'He was the one who read your aura and told us you that were born a seer. Maybe he just wants to see his great grandson. After all, the last time he saw you, you were only a few months old.'' Mana said teasingly, in an attempt to reassure him.

''He is a thousand years old, one of the most powerful vampire in our history and he wants to see the weakest member of his clan?'' Allen exclaimed nervously.

''He also wants to see how much your powers have grown since he last saw you.''

''He must have seen almost ten seers before me, what is there is see about?'' Allen said, looking for a way out of the meeting.

''Three actually,'' Mana said absentmindedly, ''We best be going. It would not do to keep the master waiting.'' With that, he turned and left without turning to to see if the reluctant boy would follow.

Seeing no way out, Allen sighed resignedly and followed his father's shadow. After all, it's not everyday that you get to see the master of your clan.

In a tatami room hung with paintings and poems, Allen and his father sat waiting for the Master to arrive. Hearing the soft slide of the wooden frame, they bowed down, heads touching the mat.

A light scent of sandal wood was all Allen could make out of the master. His vampire senses diluted by the human blood flowing in him. All he had was heighten senses and a taste for blood from time to time. He really was a big time failure as a vampire. At least he has his seer's powers to make up for it.

White socks came into his line of vision as the Master stopped before him. Suddenly, he was laying on the floor looking to a pair of deep golden eyes very much like the rest of the family. Before he knew it, Allen was engulf in a crushing bear hug that left him extremely breathless and chocking.

''Grandfather, you are killing him you know,'' Mana commented, amusement in his voice.

''It can't be help, the last time I saw Ally was when he was only a few months old. I missed him!'' the Master wailed, totally ruining his image as big fat tears trekked down his face that looked to be in his twenties.

'Ally? What kind of girlish pet name was that? And what with this childish behavior? Wasn't the Master supposed to be aloof, emotionless?' Allen thought as he stared unbelieving at the tearful beautiful face before him as the said Master finally released him and sat down, stifling his tears.

''Well now,'' finally have done with his tears, '' Though I would love to have a chat with Ally here, time is pressing on.'' the Master sighed, his hands cupping his face, the image of a sulky three year old denied a treat.

''Ally, I'm sure you know, as one of my descendants, you are bound by the vow I made to the Kanda Clan years ago.'' his tone taking a serious turn.''You're there by bound to serve Kanda Yu, the heir of the Kanda Group.''

Allen's eyes widen, unable to believe what he was hearing. Him? A 'Protector'? His more likely to get his 'Shielder' killed! ''Master, what are you saying? I can't fight!'' he protested.

''Take this as a chance to hone your skills,'' the Master dismissed. ''You'll need the practice. And off with the master formalities, call me grandpapa,'' he beamed at Allen, smiling like a indulgent parent.

Allen's face just turned a few shades whiter.

To be continue...