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Abandon Hope, All Ye Who Enter Here* is an inscription at the entrance to hell as described by Dante in The Divine Comedy.

The state prison in a remote place of the western part of the country, revered and feared by all. Rumors had it that none have ever came out once they stepped in. The motto of the prison a warning to all, ''Abandon hope, all ye who enter here''...

In the deep deep darkness of the night, under the moonlit court yard, screams echoed through the silent walls crying for the help that would never come. Blood splattered wildly against the tall tall walls, like roses crying for the dearly departed. The tears trickled down never reached the ground, pooling to join the already ankle-deep red liquid.

The screams creased, over taken by the sound of crunching bones. Silence ensued, only to be filled by the giggles of a round bespectacled man sitting on one of the many window sills facing the blood soaked court yard. Wearing his famous top hat and great white coat, he sucked onto a giant lollipop happily while rocking himself back and forth as though sitting on a rocking chair.

''Millennium Earl!'' a cross sounding voice called out from the inside of the room. ''You took my umbrella again!''

The fat man giggled and turned himself to face the pouting boy. ''Sorry, sorry. But Lero you naughty child, it's way past your bedtime,'' he admonished.

Arms crossed, the boy turned up his nose, not looking at the Earl. Moonlight shone past the spacious window unhindered by the Earl's bulky form, showing the boy's orange hair and freckles. Dressed in a pajamas dotted with pumpkins everywhere, the boy sneaked a peek at the grinning Earl before lurching towards him. Despite the Earl's rocking movements, they did not toppled back.

''Hehehe... Lero, I'm sorry, I won't take your umbrella again,'' the Earl apologize while hugging the small back of the boy.

''Hmfp! You always say that but you will still take it!'' the boy accused, while digging into one of the big pockets of the Earl's large coat for the pumpkin-flavored candies he knew the Earl kept for him. Throwing the Earl a side long glance, the boy gave him peak on the cheek, ''But I'll still forgive you.''

''Lero, you're such a kindhearted child, hehehe...''

''Ahem!'' a forced sounding cough came from the door way, interrupting their conversation.

Looking up, the Earl's grin grew even wider. ''Ah, how nice of you to join us tonight inspector. Unfortunately the execution is already over, you should have come earlier. Tonight's feast was delicious to say the least. It's a pity you missed my children, you should have seen their faces, it was of pure joy.''

''Enough!'' the inspector commanded, only to faltered as he saw the slitted yellow pupils behind the pince-nez spectacles. ''Ahem, I mean we are losing time, when are you going to fulfilled your end of the agreement?''

''Hehehe. Isn't there a saying, all good thing come to those who wait? After all, I have waited for almost a thousand years, waiting for a while more won't make a difference. But first we must give them a proper greeting, shouldn't we Lero?'' he asked the already sleeping boy. ''Ah inspector, I would acquire the assistance of your boy this time, I trust it wouldn't be much of a problem.''

''No, it would not. Is that all? If it is, I'll take my leave.''

''Have a safe trip, Inspector Malcolm Rouvelier.''

In the ensuring silence, the Earl rock gently to and fro so as not to disturb the sleeping boy, his menacing grin growing bigger. ''Soon we'll be together for ever won't we, Albert?''

In the depths of a forest, in their thousand year old house...

''Albert, please wake up, it's getting late.''

''Hmm. Just five more minutes, Ryu...'' the Master wined, burying himself deeper under the covers.

Kanda Ryu sighed, over familiarize with this aged old daily routine. ''Fine, when you decide to grace me with your presence, I'll be in the training room.''

As he prepared to leave, a hand shot out of the covers, capturing his hand in a death like grip. A pair of groggy eyes peaked out from the messy hair. Releasing his hand, the Master stretched out his arms towards the older man like a baby wanted a hug.

Giving him a gentle smile, Ryu sat beside the babyish vampire and gathered him into his arms. Giving the Master his customary morning kiss, he then carried the Master to bathroom to clean up.

(Kanda Ryu had appeared in the Kanda House chapter before.)

''Hey Allen, you don't happen to see Yu anywhere do you?'' Lavi asked as he sat himself beside the silver hair boy.

''No, why?'' Allen asked warily, casting the red head a sidelong glance.

It had since been a week since the nightmare have ended, even though Allen was still unable to dig out any answers from the ever infuriating Kanda. Having finally met the famous Lenalee (same year as everyone else) and her friend the gentle timid Miranda Lotto (a year above them), Allen had invited them for a study group along with the boys, namely Aryastar Krory (branch family under the Kandas, a year above them), Noise Marie (seemingly to be Miranda's protector and Kanda's god-brother, two years above them), Alma Karma (distant cousin of Kanda, same year as everyone else) Bak Chan, Lavi and himself. Now sitting in one of the school's many gardens, everyone had grouped themselves up, intending to finish their assignments before dinner.

''Nothing,'' Lavi answered a little too brightly. ''I just thought that you guys would stick together, you being his protector and all.''

''Tyki's your protector and I don't see him hovering over you all the time,'' Allen pointed out, visibly relaxing. It seems that Lavi did not knew that he and Kanda had slept on the same bed till just five days ago, or Allen was sure he would never hear the end of it.

Lavi gave small laugh, agreeing. ''True, but Tyki and I are bonded in more ways than one.''


Enjoying the evening breeze from the comfort of in the nurse office, Tyki took a deep drag and exhale, enjoying the little dance of smoke and wind.

''My, aren't you one carefree guy?''

Turning, Tyki gave a lazy smile and waved his visitor inside, signaling him to make himself comfortable. ''And aren't you the devil? How on earth did you manage to get my shounen to sleep with you?'' he asked, cutting straight to the topic of his interest.

Making himself comfortable on the doctor's chair, Kanda returned a playful smirk of his own. ''Have a little more class, we are only sleeping with our clothes on. Besides, you are the one to talk. You, whom had eaten the usagi clean off before the bonding ceremony, on the very first day you met.''

Tyki gave a fond chuckle,'' Ahh. That bring back memories. He was walking so cutely on that day of the ceremony.''

''Like a duck,'' Kanda commented, rolling his eyes. ''He ended sitting cross legged while doing the bonding, not to mention how furious Bookman was when he found out about your relationship.''

''He got over it didn't he?'' Tyki dismissed. ''But Kanda, I never knew you that were such a conservative.''

Kanda snorted,''I'm not. Anyway, I'm sure you've already read the report, that stuck up inspector is making a move.''

Tyki sighed,''I know, it's such a pain, how many times has it been already? Seriously, lusting over the Kandas' wealth is not a pretty sight. Haven't we shame him enough the last time when he tried to framed us with some illegal dealings? Firearms was it?''

Drugs,''Kanda corrected. ''Like we ever needed guns. Luckily we were one step ahead of him. But he sure was dumb, still believing that we still had connections to the yakuzas.''

Tyki sniggered, agreeing.''Well it can't be help, that we led him to believe that. Even though we've bought our way to the right side of the law long ago. But it seems this time he's playing smart.''

''Extremely smart I would say,'' Kanda agreed, his brows furrowing. ''A group of our men who were trailing him never returned. Reports have it that they were last seen at that place he was rumored to be. You don't think that idiot would have teamed up with him do you?''

''Not team up, but made use of,'' Tyki explained. ''That inspector thought that through him, he would manage to ruin us but in actual fact, he's being used by him to get to us.''

''What does he really want Tyki?'' Kanda asked, staring straight at the Portuguese man who was looking extremely uncomfortable, as though that question had hit a nerve. ''I don't think the Millennium Earl simply wants to wipe out all the vampires to be the sole vampire on earth. Or rather, what does he exactly want from you, the Noahs?''

Averting his gaze, Tyki gave a nervous laugh. ''Strange isn't it? Even though I don't think he had lived for a millennium years, he has the word 'millennium' in his title.''

''Don't try and change the subject!'' Kanda said calmly though he slammed on the table not too gently.

Before he could say anything more he felt a sudden sense of far off panic mingled fear and saw a look of worried on Tyki's face before he jumped out of the widow. Without thinking, Kanda jumped and followed Tyki, landing safety and running to where he felt Allen was through their link praying that the idiot would remained safe till he arrived.

Allen was in a blind, not knowing what to do as he stared in horror at the countless soulless vampires before him. He had heard and read of them before, 'Akuma' they were called, meaning vampires without souls. If a human was bitten by them, the human will turn into a akuma too, there is no cure for it.

It was said that the very first akuma was created by the Millennium Earl himself by sulking out the still flowing blood within a fresh corpse, injecting life to the already soulless body. Yet without a soul, the body is just an empty walking shell, making it a perfect killing puppet for the Earl's ambition whose purpose was to rid the world of vampires till he is the only one left.

Allen stood still in fear as he saw one of those monsters approaching him, wobbling unsteadily while pointing one of its many canons towards him. Backing away in fear, he stumbled onto a tree stump. Looking up at his would be killer, Allen was momentarily blinded with the sudden coming onslaught of his reoccurring nightmare, the orange hair child along with his creepy song...

''The Millennium Earl is searching.

He is searching for his precious heart.

Let's check to see if it is here.

If it is not, we shall have to search for it,

search for the Millennium Earl's precious heart.''

''Allen snapped out of it!'' Lavi shouted as he smashed the akuma who was on the verge of firing his canon.

''L-Lavi!'' Allen stammered as he stared at the huge hammer that the red head was wielding.

Turning his back on Allen, Lavi swung his hammer in front of him, preparing for the next round of akumas advancing towards them. ''On my count, run towards to where Miranda is and stay with her! I'll cover for you. Whatever happens, do not leave her circle! Got it?'' Lavi asked as he smashed another two akumas.

Allen could only nod, blindly following whatever he was told. At the count of three, he dashed as fast as he could to where he saw Miranda was sitting, before a big solid tree. Before he knew it, he was panting hard beside her when he saw an akuma lurching itself towards them. Putting himself before Miranda, Allen closed his eyes tightly in anticipation of pain only to hear a crackle as it was repelled away.

''Sorry Allen,'' Miranda apologized as she laid a hand on the high strung teen to calm him. ''I should have gone to you but I was told to stay put.'' Understanding Allen confusion, she continued to explain as though the battle outside had nothing to do with her though her voice held a slight tremor. ''My weapon, the Time Record is a defense type,'' she explained showing Allen the clock face necklace she was wearing. ''As long as it's activated, it serves as an barrier and temporarily heals your injuries.''

''Temporarily?'' Allen asked faintly, his mind finally absorbing all these sudden events happening when he saw Lenalee flew past him in a pair of black boots, jumping onto the akumas like a butterfly flitting for a flower to the next while those that were touched by her combusted. The rest of study group members fighting with equally strange yet powerful weapons.

Yet as all these were happening, Allen's eyes never once left the floating orange hair child carrying a pink umbrella with a pumpkin knob who was watching him with a strange glint in his eyes. In a split second he disappeared, reappearing beside Lenalee. Before she could react, she was slammed into a tree not far from where they were, unconscious.

Without knowing what he was doing, Allen ran out of Miranda's circle deaf to her cries, attempting to bring Lenalee into the circle. Just as he was about to reached her, a sudden presence cause him to turned, staring into a pair of orange-red eyes.

''Gotta ya~'' the boy sang, grabbing Allen's head. At that moment, Allen felt a searing pain as though his scar was on fire. As he lost conscious, the last thing he felt the warmth he was so recently familiarize with.

''What the hell did you do Lero?'' Kanda scowled, extremely pissed. It took ten long minutes before he and Tyki was finally able to enter the barrier he knew the two spots created, only to find most of the akuma gone and Allen in the hands of Lero screaming with pain. Kanda pointed Mugen menacingly at the boy, ready to strike.

Lero pouted, annoyed. ''I was only helping him, what's wrong with that?''

Kanda's brow twitched. ''If you guys are an charitable organization, then I am a saint. Tell me, what did you do?''

''You'll know soon enough,'' Lero replied as he called the remaining akuma back. ''Oh, and please do pass my master regards to Master Albert,'' Lero called out as he and his akuma disappeared.

Kanda was just about to chase after him when Tyki stopped him, unfazed of the glared he was receiving. ''Leave it Kanda, we got more important matters to take of,'' he said, gazing at Lenalee, Allen and the somber fighters. ''Besides, this barrier created that Howard Link will soon collapse, destroying and reverting this place back to the original state. Meaning we will be killed if we don't leave. Let's bring everyone back to the House first.'' Tyki ordered.

Kanda paused for a moment before sheathing Mugen. He then carried Allen on his back. ''Fine but I will have my answers Tyki.''

Tyki only nodded, holding his lover's hand and and lead everyone towards the hole where they had broken into.

Allen broke out in feverish sweat, his dreams came and went like a fast flowing river. The first dream was of a woman with white silver hair like his, looking almost exactly like him except for a pair of bright blue eyes that spoke of love tingled with a little sadness and fear. He saw her reading him bedtime stories, playing with him, comforting him when he was bullied by other children because of his hair and arm. She was his mother...

He was remembering, he remembered attending Kanda's mother funeral. He had wandered and got lost only to find an eight year old crying Kanda who just a little taller than him then. Two years past before... on the full moon of his eighth birthday, his mother had tried to kill him...

Allen woke up to find himself in the room that he was brought to when he first went to the Kanda House, no, Allen corrected, the room in which he was brought to when during his test. Looking around, making out his surroundings as best as he could with only the moon as his light, Allen then realized that it was Kanda's bedroom. The dark sheets, the simple furniture that decorated the room and the lotus flower in the hour glass that had once belonged to Kanda's mother. It had not changed much during these eight years.

So much, so much memories, why did he forget? And why, why did his mother tried to kill him? Why didn't Yu looked for him during the time he lost his memories. The horrors of the afternoon now forgotten, only concern with unlocking the secrets of the past. Without realizing, tears came flowing down.

Light flooded in and flowed out, the door closed silently as Kanda tread silently towards the weeping boy till he was standing beside him. ''Moyashi?'' he called out softly.

Allen looked up, eyes blinking rapidly to clear away his tears as he reached out to grasp him. ''Yu~''

Kanda's eyes widen in surprised, ''You remembered... Dammit, so that's he did,'' he muttered, smilingly a bit sadly at the forlorn boy before him. Even though Kanda had badly wanted Allen's memories to return, he did not want Allen to remember how Miya had tried to kill him.

''Yu, why didn't you come for me? Why? And why did she tried to kill me? Wh...'' Allen asked, extremely lost.

''Shh. Calm down, I'll tell you what I know so move over and I'll tell you,'' Kanda instructed him, knowing he could not hide anything from Allen now.

Lying against Kanda just like they did when they were young, Allen looked expectantly for the answer. Kanda hugged the Allen closed, playing with Allen's fingers, he began. ''Let's see, it all started thirty years ago...''

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