Chapter 1

Lyin' Eyes


"People think that a liar gains a victory over his victim. What I've learned is that a lie is an act of self-abdication, because one surrenders one's reality to the person to whom one lies, making that person one's master, condemning oneself from then on to faking the sort of reality that person's view requires to be faked... The man who lies to the world, is the world's slave from then on... There are no white lies, there is only the blackest of destruction, and a while lie is the blackest of all."

- Ayn Rand (Atlas Shrugged)

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The blond girl leaned forward, pressing herself up on the counter, her lips parting ever so slightly as she pushed forward a slip of paper. The bank teller felt as though his eyes were going to bulge out of their sockets; he couldn't take his gaze off of her. Her fingers danced across the space between the two, and slowly, ever so slowly, she began to chew on her bottom lip, moving her own eyes across the bank teller's figure, as though to size him up herself.

"I would… really appreciate it if you could help me out here… sir."

She made certain to add extra emphasis to that last and final word, sprinkling a shot of sultriness over the syllable, a huskiness that made the man gulp and clear his throat. The blond allowed another smile to grace her lips; "Yes… It would mean so much to me…" She lifted her finger up from the slip of paper she had been fiddling with to the man's collar, hooking the tip between the fabric and the skin of his neck, loosening the tightly buttoned up shirt. "I would be… how should I say it? Indebted to you?"

"Ah… Well I love to be of service," he mumbled, cursing himself as his voice cracked. "Tell me what you need."

The finger unhooked from the bank teller's collar and slid back to the piece of paper, making a point of sliding it towards him dramatically. Her other hand slid down her leg, steady and poised to get the job done. She smiled as she used her finger to slowly rotate the note, allowing the bank teller to read its contents upright.

The man who had been, up to that point, pink and sweaty with arousal began to pale considerable. The air around him suddenly dropped a few degrees fahrenheit. He inwardly began to shiver and gulped, a second time, albeit for a very, very different reason. He looked up at the face that had been trying to, as he saw it, seduce him. He blinked as a bead of sweat began to gather on the ridge of his eyebrow, threatening to drip over his right eye. His gaze momentarily flickered downwards.

"Uh uh uh," tutted the blonde, shaking her head as she smiled. "No sudden movements, okay?"

The bank teller slowly nodded his head as a small short squeal escaped his throat. He had never been too good with eye contact before, but now, he couldn't rip himself from the staring game he was playing with the barrel of a chromed 9mm pistol, the smooth black silencer screwed neatly and tightly on.

"Now my friend here," said the blonde, motioning to her associate behind her, "is going to need access to your biggest, shiniest vault, so what you're going to do is do your thing on that computer thing over there and unlock it." She smiled as she shifted the barrel of the gun closer to the man's head. "And no funny business. Don't think I can't see what you're doing there."

He nodded. So maybe he couldn't call for help. What he could do was stall, right? Until the authorities guessed that something was up? He could just tell them that the computer systems were incredibly slow, which really wasn't such a stretch of a lie…

"No stalling either," she said, an amused smile spreading across her face. "We already took care of the security systems and emptying this place while… you were distracted. I think you really should start paying attention to what's going on around you. Anyhow, no one's coming anytime soon. We could just break into that vault ourselves, but you see, my friend and I are kind of in a funk today. We don't really feel like doing any more work then necessary. So why don't you be a good boy and do this one… little… teensy… thing for me?"

The man clicked a button on the keyboard and a large "chunk" reverberated through the floor from the basement level of the bank. The blond nodded her associate to the direction of the staircase.

"Good boy," she smiled. She cocked the gun, pulling back the slide. "Now while my friend is off and away, we're just going to have to sit tight here, okay?" She pressed the gun against the bank teller's forehead. "But that doesn't mean you should try playing hero, alright?"

The man nodded vigorously in fear, and the blond felt a surge of adrenaline pulse through her veins. For a split second, she allowed her muscles to relax, the thrill rippling through her body. The blond frowned, a contemplative expression pinching her brow. It all seemed like such a whirl, such a frenzy of pain and elation, heartbreak and joy, that sometimes, when she thought about it, she could barely breathe or comprehend that the memories coursing through her head were, indeed, hers. Of course, not a day went by where she wasn't able to remember every little detail of every single day that passed through that flurry of emotion that eventually had gotten her to that strange and implausible position, standing before an innocent hardworking man, her gun pressed to his head as she robbed the establishment of every last penny. No. There was no way she could forget any of it even if she tried.

She remembered everything.


For a master criminal, Lucy Diamond was an awful liar. As far as Amy could tell anyway. She watched as the other girl quickly attempted to change her expression… her tone of voice… in an attempt to save face. Amy couldn't help but feel a little something in her chest tug at the sight of Lucy attempting to cover up the hurt.

"I just don't want you to get the wrong idea," Amy had said.

Lucy's face had fallen at those words, even if ever so slightly; "yeah… uh, okay."

"I mean, I really like you."


"But I don't… like like you…"

It had been visible, at that point, more so than before. It had been in the way Lucy had looked down… in the way her eyes had flitted away… in the way her smile (the one that Amy, in truth, loved) had slowly faded away, disappearing.

And that's when she had tried to save face. That's when she had tried to lie, tried to reassert her persona as the Lucy Diamond, the notorious master criminal, head of the Reynolds Syndicate. Cocky. Confident. She lied. For Amy's sake, of course. The only problem was the nagging thought in Amy's head that her newfound acquaintance really was an awful liar.

"Yeah!" Lucy said. "Yeah… I gathered. That's… that's why I brought you here, so we could… you know… sort of clear the air between us."

"I mean it's really sweet of you to go through all this trouble to… shoot and all. But…" And there it was again. The flash of Lucy Diamond's vulnerable side, the side of Lucy that Amy had never before really comprehended the other girl to possess.

"My friends are gonna wonder where I am," Amy finished.

"No they're not," Lucy replied, suddenly feeling back in her element.


"No reason," she said, flashing the other girl a smile.

"Lucy!" Amy yelled, realizing, then, what was occurring above their heads. "Oh my god, Lucy!"

"Oh c'mon! It's not like they're gonna die or anything."

"Let them out; I'm serious."

"Okay," Lucy relented, finally, pushing the buttons on her handheld. "Jesus. Booby trap deactivated. Happy?"

"That wasn't funny."

Lucy straightened her head, another trademark smile spreading across her face; "It was kinda funny."

And then there was a moment. A moment when the two of them realized that they had let it all fall away, entering a world where none of the complications really mattered or even existed at all. It didn't matter that Lucy was a girl, or on every federal agency's most wanted list, and it didn't matter that Amy was DEB. None of it mattered. It was only Lucy and Amy. Well, it was Lucy and Amy and Lucy's "little" prank. The tension had, in an instant, fallen to the floor.

"I can't do this," Amy whispered, reality sinking in. She looked up; "I gotta go."

"No! No." Lucy stopped Amy in her tracks. "I'll... go."

Every one of Lucy Diamond's smiles meant something different. Every one of Lucy Diamond's smiles spoke miles of phrases and words, conveying everything the girl felt and needed to say.

And this one… this one had never really before graced Lucy Diamond's face. Amy couldn't believe her eyes. Neither could she wish away the ache that spread through her like a fever upon seeing the hurt and disappointment in Lucy's smile.

"Look," she said. "I understand that this whole thing is going to work out between us, because obviously I misinterpreted the whole situation but…" Lucy paused, trying to find the right parting words to give to the girl she was convinced she could have fallen in love with. "I just want you to know that last night was the most alive I've felt in a while. So… I guess I'll see around. Same… bad time or whatever…"

And there it was again. The smile.

That's when Amy grabbed her. That's when she realized she couldn't take it, to see that particular smile.

They kissed. And it had been as simple as that, but it had spoken more words than they ever could have expressed at that moment.

They pulled apart and Lucy, smiling now, said the only three words that mattered; "Come with me."

When the other DEBs arrived one scene, they would find the graffiti splayed across the concrete wall. They would panic. Janet would be annoyed. Max would be devastated, the day's earlier events and quarrels flashing through her mind. But in truth, in truth, Amy was happy. She felt, in that moment, more like herself than she ever had before, and she couldn't stop the intense feeling of absolute joy at seeing that smile of hurt replaced with one of happiness. It felt like a drug had been sent coursing through her system, filling her throat and shooting tingles through her fingertips.

Amy Bradshaw was falling in love.

By the seventh day, the two girls had shared more with each other than they ever thought was possible to do. The sensation of their bodies pressed together, Lucy's hands in Amy's pockets, Amy's figure curled into Lucy's embrace, as they watched the sunrise, was impossible to forget. The sensation of happiness was impossible to forget.

Lucy straddled Amy as they wrestled.

"Do you give?" she said, laughing. "Do you give?" she said again.

"No!" Amy cried out, determined not to be beaten out by Lucy Diamond.

"Do you love me?"

Amy looked into her eyes. Everything else faded away.

"Yes," she breathed.

In that moment, that was all that had mattered.


Ms. Petrie couldn't believe her ears. Amy Bradshaw in bed with Lucy Diamond? Really? This must be a dream. Of course this is a dream. In what reality does this possibly make sense? In what reality would Amy Bradshaw, the Perfect Score, have sex with Lucy Diamond, most wanted? Hadn't they taught against this in one of those damn classes? Well, it had been too good to be true, hadn't it? The one of her own DEBs had fought Lucy Diamond and lived to tell the tale. There was no tale to tell. This whole thing had gone to shit!

But that girl. What was her name? Margaret? Alex? No. Max. That one had come up with the perfect solution. She would have to remember this later. That Max has some good sense. Genius is what it is… naming Amy DEB of the year… making the girl give that speech. After all, Amy is the Perfect Score. If anything, it's good that Amy had been the one fall for Lucy Diamond's charms. Amy would be the only one able enough to pull off this sort of lie and cover up.

Amy frowned as Ms. Petrie teleported out of the house. Her frowned deepened, as, one by one, everyone she had considered even marginally a friend, walked out on her. To be fair, that's what she had done to them, right? What stupid luck.

Every inch of the self-doubt that had inhabited Amy before her "abduction" returned, filling her to the core. She had done this. She had caused this hurt. She, Amy Bradshaw, had betrayed her family. They were right. Max was right. They had learned this in class. The unit, above all, meant everything. The unit was the very fabric of every mission's success and therefore the fabric of the foundation of America's security. And she had put all of that in jeopardy.

I'll do it, she whispered to herself. I'll do what they need me to do. I'll go to Endgame with Bobby. I'll recite that stupid speech. I'll… Amy choked up as the thoughts crossed her mind. I'll never see Lucy Diamond again.

She became a robot. Going through the motions but never feeling them.

They had talked about this in class. How this happened to some people and how this phenomenon, this emotionless, made people better spies.

And they had gobbled it all up, perceiving it to be some sort of holy state of spy nirvana.

Wrong. They were all wrong.

It almost all went to shit when Lucy showed up in her room, much like that first night.

"It's kinda this little game we play," she had said.

But Amy shook her head, hoping with every inch of her body that Lucy wouldn't truly believe the words that were about to flow out of her mouth.

"Get out."

Lucy protested.

"I said, get out. I'm warning you."


She could feel it in her head. The tears. The sobs. The distant hope that Lucy wouldn't believe this whole facade, that Lucy would know her better than to do that. Amy's faced revealed none of that. None of that at all. Perfect Score. She pressed the big, red button and the alarms sounded throughout the house.

"You need to leave," she said. Her voice was steadier than she imagined. In her head, it quivered. Shook. Trembled.

The rest of her squad flew into her room, unleashing a stream of bullets and shotgun pellets.

Amy felt her world fall apart, dissolve into pieces around her. No… Please… Not Lucy…

Her vision began to tunnel as she imagined a world without Lucy Diamond's infamous smile. It was almost too much to bear.

She released the breath she had been holding, when Max told her that the two DEB agents had missed their mark. She forced them out of the room, letting them believe that she was in a state of shock upon seeing her Stockholm Syndrome inducing ex-kidnapper. Allowing them to believe that.

That night, Amy let her face break apart.

She cried.

Finally, Amy knew. She knew what the secret test within the SATs tested. It tested her ability to lie, didn't it? Of course, it did. This was the one thing Amy knew how to do better than any other DEB she knew. She was the perfect liar, and as far as she knew or cared, all she seemed able to do was hurt and deceive people. She had already done it to Max, Janet, and Dominique. And now she had done it to Lucy, too. Her pledge to sell this lie, this awful lie, suddenly reaffirmed itself in Amy's mind. Let this be a clean break. Lucy Diamond is Lucy Diamond. She'll find someone new. Someone to make her smile like there's no other care in the world. Someone to make that smile of hurt disappear.

It just can't be me, Amy thought miserably. All I'll do is hurt her. This is for the better. For Lucy.

Amy couldn't help but smile upon seeing the balloons explode out of what they now knew to be a fake bomb. She couldn't help but feel her heart flutter as she watched news report after news report, all revealing that the notorious Lucy Diamond had mysteriously taken on a change of heart, returning millions in cash and stolen goods. She couldn't help but want to leave it all behind when seeing the Lucy Diamond signal flash across the sky… signaling to her… asking her to come back. Come home? Come home.

She let the idea flit across her mind. Lucy still loved her. Lucy still cared. After everything.

And then it all stopped. It all came to an end. The cheesy escapades stopped. The news reports stopped. The lights across the sky stopped. The hope that Amy secretly harbored from herself stopped.

She remembered again. It's for the best.


"Courage. Courage is a big word. I did not know what courage meant to me until i endured seven agonizing days in… captivity."

Amy wanted to throw up. The image of Lucy teaching her how to drive flashed through her mind. The image of the accidental explosion flew before her eyes. The feeling of the two of them, laughing, together, filled her heart.

"Captured and held hostage… by a madwoman."

The words were harder to say than she imagined.

"it was a routine mission gone terribly wrong."

She imagined herself and Lucy, sipping on that oversized smoothie, how it could've tasted like raw meat and it still would have been delicious; it still wouldn't have mattered. She'd never be able to have a smoothie again. Everything tasted like dust now. Everything felt like dust against her skin. Everything reminded her of Lucy.

"I was separated from my squad and knocked unconscious. I awoke in the arms of the enemy."

They had kissed, and it had felt right, more right than anything Amy had done before. She had always known something had been missing, but with Lucy… she had been positive that she had found that missing piece. She had lost herself in Lucy's embrace. And she had left a piece of herself there. That was the truth. Those were the words she wanted falling from her tongue. Her head spun as she heard her voice recite a different set of phrases and syllables.

"…Just the sound of my own desperate thoughts to keep me company."

Deep breath.

"If there is corruption in this city, Lucy Diamond is behind it."

She wished Lucy were here now. To hold her and tell her that it was all going to be okay. That she knew that none of these words were the truth. That she knew that she was being forced to lie. Her wishes fell on empty ears. They always did.

"If there is indecency to be found, she is the root."

Wrong… Wrong!

"If there is evil in this world, it's name is Lucy Diamond."

Everything in her very core struggled against the bobbing of her voice box, the vibrations of her throat, the movements of her tongue and lips. Everything begged her to stop. Begged…

"Uh, it's not until moments like this when one is forced to take stock of oneself…"

She felt the tears build in her eyes, her lids shaking with the need to blink. She wouldn't. She couldn't. The tears began to fall anyway, streaming down her cheeks, running down the side of her nose.

"I'm - I'm sorry," she said, sobs filling her throat. "I can't… c-can't finish this s-speech."

And then she ran, her hand plastered against her mouth in an attempt to hold the sobs in. She brushed by Max, and she could hear her, Ms. Petrie, already on the podium.

"I'm afraid it's been a very trying ordeal for Ms. Bradshaw. But know, Amy, we are proud of you. Ms. Max Brewer, Amy's squad captain, will receive Amy's award on her behalf. Ms. Brewer?"


Lucy pressed her head against the hood of her steering wheel, the events playing out again in her mind.

"…Just the sound of my own desperate thoughts to keep me company."

That's when she had run in. God, Amy was… beautiful in that dress. She's always… beautiful.

"If there is corruption in this city, Lucy Diamond is behind it."

She had felt her face fall. Amy?

"If there is indecency to be found, she is the root."

Amy? Everything had begun to blur. Amy? Amy?

"If there is evil in this world, it's name is Lucy Diamond."

Lucy had looked down, from the balcony, at Amy. Amy couldn't see her, but still, she had flashed her one last smile, flashed her a smile that spoke a million words.

She had brushed past Bobby, ignoring his existence, ignoring everything.

She never could cry, but in that moment, Lucy Diamond had allowed a single tear to tell the tale

To be continued...