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Dark Nightingale (Oscuro RuiseƱor)

Prologue: Hero to Hollow

You will surrender to me

There's no escaping from me

I know you want her to be

You must surrender to me

(Surrender by Evanescence)

Harry's POV

I scream in defiance and shove Gryffindor's sword into the basilisk's mouth, cringing when a stinging pain erupts in my arm. The snake shrieks and falls onto the ground, dying. And I scramble down after it, rushing over to Ginny.

Tom Riddle smirks evilly and whispers, "she's almost dead, Harry. You won't be able to save her." He looks over to the side of the chamber where Fawkes body lies still, unable to help me now. "And you'll be dead soon as well."

I look up through a haze and pant, knowing I'll die very soon. "Tom, I.."

"Hush," he whispers, stooping low to kiss my temple. "Surrender to death's call." He presses a kiss to my lips. "Surrender, dear Harry. Go to sleep." And I do.