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Love, Keta

Chapter 15 (part 1): Harriel's Siblings

And now, war will find you
This hour, you should live in hell
Funny, you don't seem that big time
Memorize that your better
when you smile pretty for the devil

-Smile Pretty for the Devil (Children of Bodom)

Harriel's POV

I leap down off the edge of an Astronomy Tower window with my wings folded in so as to keep from ripping or spraining the delicate appendages. The wind rushes past my body, staving off any sleepy thoughts and whipping my hair out in waves behind me. "I'm so glad I never gave this up!" As my wings open up slowly to avoid damage, a soft sigh comes out. "So wonderful." I glide over to Gryffindor tower and tap on one of the windows into the common room but no one's up therefore no one comes.

With a growl of irritation, knowing that I'll never get back into the castle without being yelled at, I open a garganta back home. The cold air greets my windburnt flesh like a lover's caress as if to say 'Welcome home, Harriel.' I smile for no real reason and take off towards Las Noches.

Before I get there I'm greeted by two winged creatures, Ulquiorra and Keta.

Third Person POV

Two pairs of black wings and one of silver engage in a primal dance of love, not carnal, but familial. They barely miss one another as they collide their rieatsu that swirls around their bodies. Acid, silver and emerald latch onto one another from the black of the hollows' scleras. And fangs are bared in smiles ment only to be seen by each other.

As the dance ends and Aizen's most precious vasto lordes land on the roof of the castle, they look happier than ever before. "We've missed you," Ulquiorra whispers and envelopes the boy in his furred arms.

"I've missed you guys too. I'm not sure I want to stay at school anymore."


Keta's pointed question has him feeling shamed. "I don't know... it just doesn't feel like home anymore."

"That's because you have a real home now. With us." Ulquiorra brushes a hair out his face tenderly as he talks, looking every bit the loving brother that he is despite the fact that he's a cold-blooded murderer. "Now, why did you come home without giving us forwarding?"

"I'm sorry, but I was out after curfew and couldn't get back inside the castle. Not without making Gryffindor lose some points. That would not be good for how people view me..."

"Aye," Keta murmurs, flopping down onto roof with a thump. Long taloned fingers tap at her cheek as she makes a thoughtful expression. "How about we visit you tomorrow at school!"

Ulquiorra gives her an incredulous look and rubs at his face. "That's a dumb idea, Keta. He could get in more trouble." He smiles evilly. "Let's do it!"

Keta's POV

"So this is Hogwarts' inside?" Harriel looks up at me, waiting for me to expand on my comment. "It sucks." He rolls his eyes and pushes open these great big doors into a room filled with loud children. A few children look up give us calculating looks. "I wanna go over there."

"Me too." Ulquiorra gives me a smile, and we start to inch towards the table full of children with silver and green on their robes.

"Don't the two of you dare!" He grabs the back of our uniforms and pulls us over to another table. "You two are staying with me at the Gryffindor table, not annoying the living daylights out of the Slytherins.

"But Harriel!" Ulquiorra and I whine together, catching the attention of some more people. "We don' wanna! Little brother!"

"I will give you marshmallows and chocolate."

"Okay!" We diligently follow our younger brother with laughter falling from our throats and our hands intertwined. "You're so easy to manipulate little brother."

"Shut up!"

"No!" We sit down next to him at the table and smile at his friends. "Can we smoke inside?"

"No. You have to follow the school rules. No killing. No smoking inside. No drinking... where you will be caught. No singing naughty songs."

"But naughty songs are the best," Ulquiorra complains, leaning onto his left hand.

"Still no."

"How about creating beautiful pranks to pull on unsuspecting people?"

"Did we hear the word 'pranks'?" Twin boys with red hair butt into our conversation. "We're Fred and George Weasley, and we love pranks too!"