Pieces of Me

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Prologue – Assignment Jake

Sherry Birkin stared down the papers sitting on her lap. She's been given her first mission. To ensure the safety of a man named Jake Muller. He's not just an ordinary man. His blood holds the key to saving the world. A faded photograph stared back at her. Red crew cut hair, long facial features and a pair of narrowed steel blue eyes bore into her crystal blue ones. The most notable feature on this man is the diagonal scar running down his left cheek.

The blonde young woman sighed as she straightened up the papers and put them in a blue folder. She has read his file a million times, she practically memorized it. This is going to be a big mission and she didn't want to fail. After years of working for the US government, she had managed to climb up the ranks and become a successful field agent. She had been put in the Special Assignments Unit whose main aim is to protect America's special interests. This man she is about to retrieve is the top priority. There is no room for failure.

Putting on her white coat, she grabbed her pistol and secured it on her holster by the side of her waist. Grabbing two boxes of ammo, she placed them in their holders by her belt. Pulling on a pair of brown leather gloves, she took one last look at the mirror of her apartment. A solemn face stared back at her. Her short blonde hair was slightly tousled so she raised a hand to sweep back her bangs. She preferred her hair short; it's more convenient and won't get in the way of things. She almost laughed. With her crystal blue eyes, rosy cheeks and soft facial features, she looked more like a college student than an agent. She patted the pocket on the inside of her coat. Satisfied that her agent ID was in there, she looked around her apartment one last time. She had a feeling she won't be back for a while.

"Time to go." She whispered. She locked the door of her apartment as she made her way to the car the government offered her to take to the airport. Her destination; Edonia.