Season Two: Episode One (Worlds Apart)


Ericka waited at the truck, her gun in her hands. She was a little disappointed that Captain Weaver ordered her to guard the truck while all the action was going on elsewhere. Leaning against the truck, she sighed. It was so quiet and dark. The only light came from the moon and the ships. A sound startled her. She looked up, aiming her gun in the direction of the noise. Her hands started to tremble, but she tried to calm herself. If it was a Mech or Skitter, she didn't have time to be afraid. Skitters didn't hesitate to kidnap or kill, therefore she couldn't afford to hesitate to shoot. Captain Weaver emerged with some of the fighters, others pulled up on motorcycles. She lowered her gun. They fighters who had been walking got in the truck. Two of them were missing, though; Hal and Ben. Her heart raced, threatening to beat right out of her chest. Oh God, could they be dead, she asked herself.

More ships flew right over us. "We've got beamers right on top of us! Where the hell is Hal and Ben?!" Captain Weaver shouted as he turned and checked his watch. Hal and Ben were late. "It wasn't eight minutes!" Dai cried out over the nosy beamers. The aliens were learning. "Looks like the bad guys are growing a brain." Maggie commented to Dan. Another explosion rocked the ground as she climbed in the back of the truck. Ericka sat next to another fighter, who was checking over his gun. "Captain, hold on! Hold on, captain!" someone shouted. Ericka's eyes widened as she stood up in the truck. She knew that voice, it was Hal. Dai got out of the car and followed Captain Weaver over to the boys, who were helping someone walk. It was Tom. Ericka was glad he was alive, but how? The last time anyone saw him was getting aboard the alien space ship. Captain Weaver was giving orders out. She knelt down in the bed of the truck just before it lurched forward. Hal, Ben, and Dan were hovering over Tom.

She stared at his face. A part of her wondered what had happened to him, another part of her didn't want to know. Most of the ride back was silent, minus the ships overhead.

Ben was panicking. He gently grabbed her shoulder. "It was dark, there were Skitters, I didn't know." He said quickly. "Ben, it's ok." Maggie spoke calmy. He jogged off. She decided that it was best to just wait there with Jimmy and Maggie. "Did you have fun waiting at the truck?" Jimmy teased, attempting to lighten the mood. Ericka knew Tom would be fine. If he could survive three months with aliens, he'd live through a bullet wound. She turned, glaring daggers at Jimmy. "You have no idea how badly I wanted to shoot something. I felt useless." Ericka fake-whined, pouting. She had gone on fights with the 2nd Mass before and she had shot some of the Skitters and Mechs too. He laughed, and then spotted someone. Ericka's blue eyes followed his gaze to Hanna. Hanna and Jimmy started dating about a month ago. They were so cute together. "Why are you talking to me when your girlfriend is waiting?" Ericka questioned, pushing him in her direction.

Looking over, she saw Ben exit the med-bus. He appeared to be in deep thought. She walked over to him. "Ben? You ok?" she questioned with sympathy laced through her voice. "I didn't mean too, I…" Ben trailed off. He was talking about shooting his dad. She grabbed his hand and squeezed for reassurance. "He's going to be fine. And this wasn't your fault,OK?"

He nodded, giving a small smile. Then he wrapped his arms around her in a hug. "You're the best." Ben whispered as she hugged him back. She sighed happily, "I know."

Ericka was sitting in the truck, preparing to go out on an ambush. This time she was actually going to fight instead of watching the truck. It was another ambush; their goal was to get the aliens before they got us. She made sure her gun was loaded. "You actually gonna fight this time, Ericka?" Maggie questioned the younger girl. Ericka scoffed, "Hell yeah, I was so bored waiting by the truck."

Maggie laughed at her confident attitude.

The truck pulled to a stop. Ericka stood up, looking around for useful vantage points. A beamer came flying in. She turned and jumped out of the truck as screams went out, ordering to take cover. She ran behind a car, crouching down beside her friends. Ericka watched the beamer fly past the truck and motorcycles, blowing it up as it passed. "Glad I wasn't watching that truck." She muttered only half joking. When it was gone, everyone stood up. "Not the Harley!" Pope shouted. He pointed his gun up and fired. He aimed at the beamer that landed on a nearby rooftop. Pope kept shooting his handgun, even when Hal screamed for him to stop. A bright light went off. One of Pope's Berserkers pulled him away, telling him to let it go. Then we all ran back the way we came.

Ericka groaned, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. She was still in the clothes she wore yesterday. Sitting up on her cot, she kicked the blanket aside. She was exhausted after last night. After thirty minutes of wondering around, she found Ben teaching Matt how to shoot a gun. Watching from afar, she saw Matt load the gun. It was only for the best that he knew how to shoot. Then Hal and Maggie showed up. Hal didn't think he should be teaching him. They got into an argument, throwing back vicious words to one another. Hal turned, starting to walk away, but Ben made a comment about Karen. He turned and lunged at his brother. Ben grabbed his arms, slowly pushing him to the ground. "Woah…" she whispered. He let go of Hal, throwing him back. Then Ben left. She knew he was stronger and faster because of his spikes, but it still came as a shock to her for some reason. The older Mason got up in a fury. "It's like I don't even know him anymore." He added, walking off. Ericka stepped for where she had been watching and walked with Hal.

"He may have been going about it wrong, but he's right about Matt. He should learn how to shoot a gun." she said, defending her boyfriend. "What's going on with him? He's…hostile." Hal asked as they walked. She sighed; Ericka had noticed that her boyfriend was a little different lately. Not towards her, though. "I think he wants revenge on them. He blames the Skitters for everything that's happened." explained Ericka. Hal eyed her with a smirk. He slung an arm around her. "You know, for a fourteen-year-old, you're pretty wise."

Ericka sat down beside Tom's bedside. She crossed her legs. Playing with the part of her jeans that was torn, she concentrated on what she was doing. "You've been gone for a while. Ben, Hal, and Matt are so excited you're back. But, they're worried you won't wake up." She paused and looked up at him. "I'm not worried though, because you're going to wake up. It may be another day or week, but you're going to wake up. You have three sons to love and protect, you've got a captain as a best friend, a doctor girlfriend, and a girl you promised to look out for. See, you've got something to live for. So I'm not worried, you'll wake up." She said confidently. This was the first time she really went to see him since he's been back at camp. Lourdes was sitting across from her, pretending not listen. Suddenly, she stood up and looked at the bandage over Tom's gunshot wound. It was bleeding through. As Ben entered the med-bus, she told him to go get Anne.

When he came back, they were both kicked out; separated by a curtain.

"We're moving out, people! Five minutes!" Captain Weaver ordered. Ericka hadn't volunteered to stay with them. She saw Ben walking away. Her eyes moved to Hal. "Be careful, all of you." Ericka told him. He nodded and she left, helping pack some of the things into a vehicle. She made sure everything was ready to go before getting on a bus with Matt. "Do you think they're going to make it?" he asked. "Of course, your brothers are two of the best fighters. Plus, they're smart. There is no way that anything is going to happen to them." She bragged. A smile appeared on his face. Matt yawned, his eyes growing heavy. She put an arm around him and he leaned on her. "Go to sleep, Mattie." Ericka whispered.

Just as Ericka was about to climb out her window, her bedroom door creaked open. That was it, she had been busted. Turning around, she found her younger brother standing there. He looked frightened and his hair was a mess. Did he have a nightmare? "Ericka, I had a bad dream, I'm scared." He said in a cute voice. Standing there, he suddenly seemed so small and fragile, even though he was six. "Go to sleep, Aaron." She said harshly. One of her legs was hanging out of the window. All she had to do was climb down the pipe and jog down the street where Jett was waiting to take her to some club his dad owned. His parents didn't care what he did; he was the typical bad boy. "Can I sleep in here with you? Where are you going?" Aaron queried. She was getting annoyed. "That's none of your business. You need to grow up, Aaron. Go back to sleep, in your own bed." She said harshly.

Ericka had fallen asleep in the med-bus with the others. She was curled up on the seat next to Ben. They were all waiting, hoping, that Tom would wake up. And when he did, they all wanted to be there. When Ben moved, she woke up. Tom was awake! Ericka leaned over and gently shook Matt awake.

They had a happy reunion. She smiled, standing off to the side. Tom's eyes fell on her. "Aren't you going to come see me?" he questioned. She chuckled and joined the others. Ben's arm went around her waist. Tom seemed to notice this, causing him to raise a questioning eyebrow. "When did you two…?" he trailed off. "Just after you left." Ben replied. Tom smiled, happy that his son and Ericka were together. Before the invasion, he always thought they would make an excellent couple. "It's nice to have you back, Tom. Things weren't quite the same." Ericka added. "You have no idea how glad I am to be back." He said, a smile framing his face.

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