The Two Faces of Tsuna

Summary: Sawada Tsunayoshi is a schizophrenic. He doesn't know it. His parents don't know it. It was all found out because of an incident shortly after entering the High School Division of Vongola Academy and his past starts to dig itself back out. All27. Magic-Au.

Disclaimer: I don't own Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Chapter One – The Two Faced TunaFish

Tsuna blinked blearily as he woke up, his alarm clock ringing in his ears. Silently, he reached over and slammed his hand down on it, managing to shut the device up. Peering at the time, his eyes widened imperceptibly and he sat upright, throwing himself out of the bed.

His dorm was empty. That wasn't surprising, however. Nobody wanted to room with 'Dame-Tsuna'. He didn't mind though, the name had stuck with him for around six years anyway. Having nobody want to stay with him gave him room to do what he wanted to do and he didn't have to clean up after himself. More often than not, it was peaceful.

Tsuna dressed in almost record time, discarding his pajamas on the floor and tugging on the school uniform. As he walked into the adjoined kitchen, the tie around his neck tied itself with just a bare thought. It was the only time that Tsuna let himself use magick in such a carefree attitude. At school he didn't dare use it. He had a sort of intuition that told him if he let go and used his magick like he was expected to, the results would be disastrous, especially around others. He heeded his intuition.

Digging through the kitchen and not finding anything suitable to eat, he simply picked up a piece of fruit from where it was sat in a bowl on a kitchen counter, walking towards the door to slip on his school shoes. He summoned his bag with a flick of his finger, feeling the magick stirring restlessly within him and he ruthlessly squashed it down without a care.

After checking his bag, he left the room and entered the corridor, peering around before walking towards the staircase that would lead downstairs and to the outside. He quickly tottered down them, slipping on the last step and swaying forward before he caught the banister to steady himself. Raucous laughter followed his actions, coupled with harsh calls, jeers and mockery.

Tsuna brushed them off without a care, keeping his face steady and blank as he walked outside of the dorm building and into the large courtyard, eyes automatically lifting towards the sky. His dorm building, shared by dozens others, was named 'Decimo' or 'Ten' in Italian. It was one of many buildings that housed students of the prestigious 'Vongola Academy', an Academy set aside for those adept or who had links to the art known as Magick.

No, you heard right. Every student present on the grounds that Vongola Academy encompassed could use Magick no matter how big or small the spell. More often than not, the students would come from rich families, those who had gained success with their abilities and used them to move ahead in life.

Magick wasn't common, but it certainly wasn't rare. It was true that Vongola Academy was the only of its kind, but many out there who weren't human had access to magick as well, many of which no doubt attended the school but were expected to keep themselves hidden. This could include anything from fairies to the legendary beings known as 'Arcobaleno'. However, with only seven alive at the present day, the likelihood of one being seen was very slim, even at such a place as Vongola. Besides, one probably couldn't distinguish between another species and humans, since such was the way with magic.

Magick, within the grounds of Vongola Academy and certainly across most of the world, was referred to commonly as 'Flames of the Sky'. The Flames follow the colours of the rainbow from the volatile and destructive Storm Red to the illusionists Mist Indigo. Six of the seven Flames have mostly the same degree of power. The Sky Orange Flame is the rarest and most powerful of the Flames, being greatly revered and coveted. The Sky Flame was undoubtedly the most powerful of all magickal Flames. All manners of magick could be utilised, instead of the wielder being limited to only a handful of magick types.

Only two young men within the Academy were known to have Sky Flames and they were the brothers Giotto and Dino. There were whispers and rumours of a girl having the desirable Sky Flame, but her name was yet to be discovered.

Tsuna didn't know what his Flame was, nor did he care. A plain silver band sat on the middle finger of his right hand, and that's how he wished for it to stay. When one used their magick for a long time, their Flame would light up the ring in the colour responding to their attribute and so the spell would be cast. Those with more powerful Flames would not only have their rings light up, but sometimes their hands and in stronger cases, the forearms and forehead. If the control over the magick isn't kept, then magickal burns can easily occur.

When a person first uses magick powerful enough to stimulate their ring, then a gem responding to their Flame would appear set within the silver, proclaiming to the world what magick and what Flame was used by the wielder.

Tsuna would rather stick to simple magick and not learn what his Flame of the Sky was. He was happy being labelled Dame-Tsuna for his inability to harness enough magick to coax out his Flame. Besides, he always felt it stirring within him restlessly, churning back and forth, willing him to let it free and every time he refused it, ignored it.

Tsuna only realised he had been staring at the sky with a longing expression when the warning chimes that signalled the start of class started ringing out across the courtyard. He squealed in panic under his breath and took off at a run towards the large building set aside for the HighSchool of the Academy, hoping vehemently he wouldn't run into the harsh pair of prefects known to roam the school grounds to punish late students.

When he burst into the classroom almost ten minutes after the bell had rung, he felt the telltale flicker of magick wrap around his ankles and trip him up. He landed on the floor, chin first and bit his tongue in the process. He stood up quickly, waving off the teacher's concern even as snickers sounded from the rest of the classroom.

After dusting himself down and apologising for being late, Tsuna made his way through the room towards his seat. Giving his desk a quick onceover, he deduced that his seat and table were free of any traps and pranks, magickal or otherwise and sat down heavily.

Setting his bag on the floor out of reach from anyone else, rest his elbow on the table, set his chin to rest on his palm and closed his eyes, ready to go to sleep. He was just about drifting off when something poked his side gently. Deciding it was something best worth ignoring he gave response to it.

The next jab was harder, right in his ribcage and caused him to yelp, everyone turning in the class to face him. Even the teacher had stopped, eyeing him curiously. "Something the matter, Sawada-san?" he questioned quietly, though his soft voice betrayed his displeasure at being interrupted.

"Not at all sensei. Please excuse my rude interruption," Tsuna replied eyes intently forward and not daring to meet those of the teacher. When the class restarted, he was prodded again, a lot softer and this time it was accompanied by someone murmuring to him.

"Hey...hey, Sawada-san. Sawada-san, hey."

Tsuna turned in his seat slowly to face the boy next to him. Yamamoto Takeshi grinned when he saw that he had Tsuna's attention.

"Sorry about that hard poke. I don't know my own strength sometimes," he gave a sheepish laugh and, when it looked as if Tsuna was about to turn his attention away again Yamamoto quickly spoke, " you get this?" he gestured weakly to the front of the room.

Tsuna almost had to stifle a snort and simply shook his head, turning away from Yamamoto. The other boy regarded him silently for a moment before shrugging and facing the class himself again.

Tsuna regard Yamamoto from the corner of his eye, already hearing the whispers going on behind him because of their exchange. That was no surprise though; even Tsuna was wondering why the popular sports player was asking him a question out of all the people available. He just hoped it wouldn't turn out bad for him in the end, as most things tended to. At the very least, most bullies weren't very inventive, just turning to pathetic jibes and small shoves. The most that Tsuna ever came out of an encounter with was bruises, a fractured rib and a split lip. He was unhappy to say it, but he, unfortunately, was used to it all.

Soon enough the end of class started to come to a close without anything else disturbing Tsuna, aside from the one time he was asked a question by the teacher, a question he failed to give the correct answer for. This set the class into hysterics and catcalls of 'Stupid Tsuna, Dame-Tsuna!'. Even the teacher was trying to hide the fact that the corner of his mouth was trying to turn up just slightly.

Tsuna ignored it all and, when the bells started chiming again, he was the first to get to his feet, sweep his stuff into his bag and leave without being given permission by the teacher. It was usual of him to do so, after all. He hated getting caught up in the rush of students.

The next class he had was a practical class, something he normally failed at because of his refusal of using his magick. During that time, he, more often than not, would skip and go to the rooftop. However, this lesson he knew he had to attend because of a guest coming in to speak to them about the use of magick.

When it came to arriving at any lesson after the first, Tsuna would normally be in the classroom before any other because of his abrupt leave of the class before. Today, as he slowly entered the room, this wasn't the case.

Sat on the front desk where the teacher normally stood was a young man in a black suit, a fedora with an orange band sitting on his head. His eyes, though shaded by the hat, were seen as closed. Tsuna immediately noticed that this person had a partner, a chameleon that was settled on his shoulder, unblinking eyes immediately turning to Tsuna.

Tsuna suppressed a shudder that wanted to run through him and made his way towards the back. He was halfway down the room when a voice called out, "Name?"

He couldn't help but flinch, cursing at his reaction under his breath as he turned around. The man was awake and had tilted the hat back, staring evenly at Tsuna with dark eyes. Tsuna simply stared back before muttering, mostly to himself, "It's customary to offer one's name before asking another's." Clearing his throat and unaware that he had been heard, he replied quietly, "Sawada Tsunayoshi. Who are you?"

The man smirked and Tsuna took half a step back at the expression on his face, unable to help himself.

"I'm Reborn," the man finally and lazily replied, pushing himself to stand up off of the desk and approach Tsuna. When he was in front of Tsuna, he looked down at him, still smirking, "Sun Flame. You?"

Tsuna was just stared at him impassively for a long moment, processing his name before clapping his hands gently together as recognition crossed his face. "Ah. Reborn. You're two years ahead of me, right? I remember you somewhat from Middle School."

"Correct." Reborn nodded, stuffing his hands into the pockets of his pants. "You gonna answer my question?"


Reborn blinked for a moment, before he was resorted to asking, "Pardon?"

"None. I have none of the Flames to my name."

"Dame-Tsuna, don't you know it's bad not to know your Flame?" Reborn tutted, ignoring Tsuna's twitch of recognition at his nickname, something that had obviously spread to the upper years, "I suppose it's good I'm here, hmm? It won't be too hard to teach you a simple spell that'll coax you Flame out."

Tsuna felt something within him coil and twist, building and forcing its way through him, screaming at him to let it out, let me out, let go. Tsuna was only aware that he had spaced out again as Reborn suddenly slapped his hands down on his shoulders. "Oi, are you listening to me?"

"No thank you." Tsuna tilted his head up, chin jutting out defiantly in his reply. "I don't want your help in letting my Flame out." Let me out, let me out, just let me out already!

Reborn gave a wide grin, one that made Tsuna shudder.

"I ain't giving you a choice, Dame-Tsuna. You're learning, whether you want to or not."

"Absolutely no way," was Tsuna's blunt reply, something that made Reborn frown. Before he could respond, there was a gasping noise from the doorway. "It's Reborn-senpai! Reborn-senpai's here to be our guest!"

Tsuna slipped away mostly unnoticed by the rest of the class as girls and boys alike crowded around Reborn, taking his seat and laying his head on the desk. When the teacher finally arrived, the crowd of students took their seats, obviously excited.

Tsuna mostly hoped that the lesson would go smoothly and quietly. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. Even as he tuned out Reborn's speech on magick he was brought back to the present from his wondering thoughts when Reborn said his name loudly and clearly, "Sawada Tsunayoshi. To the front here."

"Eh? Reborn-senpai, pick me!" someone instantly called, followed by several others shouts of indignation.

'Yeah, pick someone else,' Tsuna sourly thought to himself as he pushed to his feet. There was a firm pat on his lower back and a cheerful, "How lucky Sawada-san! Do your best!" from Yamamoto. Tsuna had been shoved gently forward by the movement and sluggishly made his way down the aisle towards the front of the class.

Standing next to Reborn, he spaced out as Reborn addressed the class again. His attention was brought back when Reborn tapped his shoulder. "Now, I'm going to show you a spell Tsunayoshi, t – "

"Tsuna," Tsuna abruptly interrupted, "Call me Tsuna."

Reborn raised an eyebrow before smiling just slightly. "Tsuna. I'm going to show you a spell. The movements, the incantation, and I want you to copy it to show the class." Reborn lifted his right hand and Tsuna took the time to notice that his ring differed from most students. Perhaps because he was older, that could be the reason.

Reborn moved his hand slowly through the air, murmuring the words to invoke the magick. His ring flared yellow with his Sun Flame, the class showing their appraisal with whispering. When the incantation was finished, the Flame burned brighter and suddenly gave off a show similar to very tiny fireworks, small sparkles shaped like stars bursting forth from Reborn's palm and dancing around his hand. When they had receded, Reborn grinned. "Your turn, Dame-Tsuna." He had pitched his voice so only Tsuna had heard him.

Tsuna gave him his best unimpressed look, though it was an expression akin to a kicked puppy. Sighing heavily in defeat, he held out his right hand, stretching his fingers gently. Without conviction in his voice, and waving his hand with sluggish movements, Tsuna hoped to mess up the form of the spell enough that his magick wouldn't respond. His wishes were granted as he got not even as much as a fizzle from his ring or hand. He started to make his way back to his seat when Reborn grabbed his shoulder, that almost sinister smile crossing his face again.

"I'll guide you through the movements. Everyone else." He faced the class briefly. "With partners, so your Flames don't get out of control, I want you to practice the same spell. If you already know it, then let your partner attempt it and use to magick to try and snuff out the light it causes, got me?" When the class gave the affirmative, Reborn turned back to Tsuna.

Tsuna glared back at him, telling himself that the look on his face was scary, not a pout. Reborn lifting his hand to his mouth to stifle his snort of laughter told him otherwise.

Shaking his head, Reborn gestured to Tsuna. "Turn around, back to me."

Tsuna did as he was told, deciding that going along would be less painful than what Reborn might devise for him if he disagreed. He knew the older male had a lot of power in the way of the school's working. He gave a stifled shriek as Reborn suddenly leaned against his back, chin on his shoulder as his arms encircled him, hands holding onto Tsuna's wrists gently.

"Now. I'm going to tell you the words and you copy them while I move your hands, got that?"

Tsuna could only nod dumbly, willing himself not to shiver as Reborn's breath brushed his ear. How he wished he had not gotten out of bed that day.

Dutifully, he copied Reborn's words as he recited them to him, letting him move his hand. Halfway through the incantation, Tsuna heard his voice hitch and Reborn immediately stopped. "Nope. Again."

"I-I don't want to." Tsuna hadn't meant to stutter, eyes firmly on his feet, but fear was starting to dig its claws into him. His mouth was parted as he sucked in gentle breaths.

"Again." Reborn's voice was firm as his fingers tightened on slim wrists and Tsuna went along again. He got three quarters through the incantation when this time, his voice broke completely. His mouth opened wider as his breathing turned heavier, licking his lips because they were suddenly dry. Reborn was either ignoring his discomfort, didn't realise it or took some sort of pleasure in it as he repeated in an almost singsong voice, "Again, Dame-Tsuna."

Tsuna didn't know why he listened. He was pretty sure that if you were scared or uncomfortable around magick, you were allowed to stop no matter the circumstances (unless they were life or death) but he still went along, copying after Reborn once more.

When the last word left his lips, he felt as if something in him had broken. Magick rushed through him, pushing, shoving its way, desperate to get out. He was choking on it, unable to get air into his lungs even as he gasped for it, as if he were underwater. With every beat of his heart he felt burning in his fingertips, his arms, everywhere, that got hotter and hotter, until everything hurt. The feverish pleas that he heard on a nearly daily basis had risen to shouts, let me out, let me out, let me OUT!

This time, Tsuna replied to it out loud and hysterical, almost jerking free of Reborn had the man not kept a tight grip. "No! I won't!"

His scream stopped the magick in the classroom, everyone turning to look at him with curiosity and interest. Tsuna ignored their looks, gasping and breathing in deeply as if he'd never breathed before that point in his life. While he was sucking in the air – 'precious air, oh god I can breathe again' – he desperately shoved the rise of magick within him down again. But, where he'd normally been able to ignore it in life, this time it settled within him not as something small, but almost like a flickering flame, waiting for the moment that would let it flare up again, consume him from the inside.

A few moments later, he was aware of Reborn letting him go and whistling, "Damn. You should have just said you didn't want to practice magick." His eyes weren't on Tsuna, however. They were on his hands, where he had been holding the smaller boy's wrists. Not only were they slightly slick from the sweat that was by now covering Tsuna, almost head to toe, but they were bright red and burnt.

Tsuna kept his eyes on his feet, when a hand brushed back the hair from his forehead and a voice hissed softly, "Ah, that's warm. Teacher." Tsuna jerked as he recognised Yamamoto's voice. "Sawada-san has a fever, should I take him to the Infirmary?"

"I'll do it," Reborn broke in. "As this seems to be my fault. Besides, I have matters to tend there myself. I'm sure the class can handle itself just fine without me." His eyes drifted over to the teacher who nodded.

"Oh, but Reborn-senpai!" Someone in the class moaned. "Why can't you stay?" the calls were followed by a dozen more but Reborn simply smiled slightly, lifting his fedora from where it had been discarded on the desk so he could guide Tsuna. "Sorry guys, but seems since this is my fault, I should take responsibility, huh? Besides, I'm sure you can have fun with me."

His words didn't seem to dissuade the class from wanting him to stay as much as he hoped, but they agreed anyway, turning back to their partners to keep practicing.

"C'mon kid," Reborn muttered this to Tsuna, moving to rest a hand on the small boy's shoulder to guide him before remembering the state of his hands. Before Reborn had even touched him, Tsuna had flinched away, cowering gently. "I'll go by myself." Tsuna's voice was soft and blank of emotion as he edged towards the door. Reborn made it his duty to step to his side, sling an arm around his delicate shoulders to avoid touching with his hands and simply replied, "Nonsense. I'll take you."

Reborn pursed his lips as he felt the warmth still radiating from Tsuna that he could feel through the arm of his shirt and through Tsuna's shirt. "Must be some fever for you to suddenly burst out in class like that," he said nonchalantly, trying to instigate a conversation. He'd noticed, but paid no mind to it, that Tsuna was leaning into his side, as if he needed the support. Paying attention, he noticed that the boy's breathing was heavy, laboured. He frowned again.

"Yeah..." Tsuna said quietly, sounding faraway, his voice faint. Suddenly, he laughed bitterly to himself, speaking again, though this time he was hoarse. "Suppose I am Dame-Tsuna after all. Even if Reborn-senpai tries to teach me, I can't use magick."

"Ara, don't think like that now. I suppose if you wanted, I could tutor you." Reborn didn't know what he was saying. "And then you – "

"No." Tsuna spat it out with ferocity. "I don't want to be taught any magick, I don't want a tutor."

At his outburst, Reborn glanced down at him, raising an eyebrow in surprise, not only because of the kid displaying a backbone, but because of the hatred in his voice when he had mentioned magick.

"Then, if that's the case, what prompted you to join a school that teaches magick Tsuna?" he enquired curiously and Tsuna promptly stiffened against his side, going almost unnaturally tense and refusing to answer. Reborn didn't want to leave it at that, but he suppose he was happy enough for now. His interest was piqued; Tsuna was someone he wanted to know more of. Reborn often got what he wanted.

Due to the tense atmosphere, the remainder of the walk to the Infirmary was silent. Reborn opened the door with his elbow, feeling uncomfortable at the feel of Tsuna's eyes on his action. The look wasn't a normal one. Understanding and anger, mixed with a deeper sense of pain and fear swam within the brown eyes before abruptly disappearing again.

When Reborn swept his eyes around the room he noticed that one of the beds was occupied, a curtain drawn around it signalling its use even if no one could be seen. No doubt someone was sleeping and the nurse or doctor was tending to them. Instead of asking for help, Reborn led Tsuna over to a bed and shoved him on it, smirking at Tsuna's squawk because of the treatment.

Tsuna didn't complain for long however, crawling up the bed and resting his head on the pillow, staring at the window. His breathing was noticeably shallow, a fact Reborn noted with interest and just the slightest bit of concern.

"Whatcha looking at kid?" he finally asked and Tsuna simply retorted, "Why are you still here?"

"I have business to attend. Didn't you hear me Dame-Tsuna?" Reborn shook his head and then snorted when Tsuna chose not to reply. After a moment, he muttered, "I'm looking at the sky."

"Hmm? And why's that?"

Tsuna fell silent again, turning his gaze away from the window to watch his lap quietly, his face schooled to show no expression. Reborn watched him curiously for a moment before he stretched folding his arms gingerly. "Get some rest," he said gruffly, before deciding to leave. He had people to find and questions to ask about Sawada Tsunayoshi.

Tsuna returned to school the day after. However, news about Reborn paying 'special attention' to him had gotten around, and a lot of the looks he received were those of contempt and disgust. He was tripped and pushed a lot, but that's what his treatment stuck to until an incident during lunch.

Before he'd left the classroom, Yamamoto and cheerfully asked if he wanted to eat lunch with him. Tsuna had shook his head and kept on walking. He was walking down the corridor, when someone grabbed the collar of his shirt and dragged him into a classroom.

Roughly, he was pushed to sit heavily into a seat, someone grabbing a fistful of his hair and yanking tight enough to make his eyes water. Tsuna looked up at the pull to see a girl stood there, frowning at him. If he remembered rightly, she was in his class, near the front. Behind her, stood what seemed to be a friend of hers and – 'ah...this isn't good,' Tsuna thought, grimacing at the sight of the man behind them. He was large, he wasn't part of the school, and the ring he somehow possessed was burning brightly in the Storm Red colour.

"How are you so friendly with Reborn-senpai, huh? He doesn't need someone like Dame-Tsuna pulling him down!" The girl who had a grip on his hair spat on his cheek and Tsuna felt himself flinch. He could try running. The thought passed by in his head as the spittle and saliva slid down his cheek. The idea was pushed down. They'd catch him with magick. He was sure if he tried struggling, there would probably be invisible bonds.

"I didn't realise I was being friendly." Tsuna winced as she tugged on his hair again and then slapped him across the face, nails scratching his skin. The pain was quick and fierce and Tsuna could feel blood welling in the gashes caused.

"You son of a bitch," the girl hissed at him before she shoved his head back, letting his hair go and causing him to jerk back, almost rocking the chair. The girl stared at him for a moment before she sneered and walked away to lean against a table, her friend following suit. "Do what you think is appropriate," she said offhandedly to the man. "I don't care what you do to Dame-Tsuna."

As soon as the girl finished speaking, Tsuna jerked himself to his feet and tried to make it to the door. The man quickly grabbed him by the front of the shirt and jerked him back around, ripping several buttons away from the piece of clothing, tearing it open. With a violent movement, he shoved Tsuna back into the seat, keeping his hand twisted in the fabric.

Tsuna gulped silently at the glowing ring too close to his face and neck. If the man used any offensive magick it just might just kill him – if he were lucky. The unlucky outcome would be having his face blown off and then his subconscious keeping him alive. With his attention on the hand fisted in his shirt, he missed the free arm that swung around and slammed into his stomach and lower ribcage with painful force in the form of a punch. Tsuna gasped out his pain, doubling over and spitting out blood from where he'd bitten his cheek by accident.

The man slowly pulled his hand away and then punched again. He did this three or four times more and by that point, tears were streaming down Tsuna's face against his will, lip bleeding from where he was chewing on it fiercely. Tsuna had barely anytime to prepare when the ring started glowing brighter. Tsuna was sweating, the skin close to the ring sweltering from the heat being generated.

It was silent for a moment and Tsuna dared to open his eyes from where he had closed them – only to have the hand with the ring slam as a fist into the side of the face where the scratches were. Tsuna almost screamed at the pain and, as it was, a breathless and loud shriek-squeal escaped him.

Moments later he was dribbling out the blood freely, eye starting to swell shut as he swayed in the seat. He was waiting for the next blow when a voice, crystal clear, seemed to whisper to him, let me out Tsuna... accompanied with the words was a soothing wave that flowed through Tsuna's body, dulling the ache.

Tsuna closed his eyes, letting the words whisper through him. He didn't question why the clarity of the voice had improved as it rang through him, come on Tsuna...let me out. Just relax and let me out. Let me help you. I'll make the pain leave again Tsuna.

"Yeah..." Tsuna mumbled out loud, startling the man though not dissuading him from his next punch against Tsuna's jaw, which rocked the teen's head back. Tsuna continued talking, even with a muffled voice. "Yeah...make the pain leave."

Tsuna let himself slump against the chair as he felt magick welling up inside him. He remembered it choking yesterday but now it just made the pain fade, made him feel better.

Sleep Tsuna. I'll take care of the problem before you wake up.

Yeah. That sounded like a good idea. Within moments of the last words fading from his mind, Tsuna slipped out of consciousness, almost sliding from the chair because he was so limp.

Confused, the man faced the two girls. One of them waved him impatiently on. "Don't stop just because he's passed out! Keep going, he needs to learn his lesson."

The man turned to the task at hand. This time when his fist came close to Tsuna, the boy, lightning quick, jerked up a hand and caught his wrist in a grip far too tight. Giggling quietly, he lifted his head and grinned at the man, eyes almost glowing a brilliant orange. Before the man could respond, Tsuna's hand burst into flames, causing the man to shout out in pain as his skin started to burn.

This reaction had caused the girls to abruptly stand, staring at Tsuna with similar expressions of confusion and something akin to fear. One of them even asked the other, "Has Dame-Tsuna always been able to do that?" She didn't get an answer as Tsuna suddenly jerked his wrist and threw the man in an incredible display of strength, sending the burly form crashing into several desks and chairs.

"Ara, ara." Tsuna stood and dusted himself down, turning to face the girls. "I'm not Tsuna. Call me Tsunayoshi instead, hmm?" He cracked his knuckles and then threw his hands out to his sides. With an almost feral grin at the two students, the self proclaimed Tsunayoshi suddenly let his hands ignite in orange Sky Flames, something the girls noticed with a flinch.

Tsunayoshi stared at his hands, flexing his fingers as a similar Flame to those encompassing his hands starting growing on his forehead. He seemed interested in what he could do, before his attention was drawn to the man who was pulling himself up with a grunt. Tsunayoshi let another grin spread across his face before he suddenly appeared beside the man and grabbed him by the back of the head, slamming him face first into the desk with enough force to break the wood and shove his face into the ground instead, blood spraying from the man's nose as Tsunayoshi lifted his head again and slammed it back down, repeating this action. When the man fell unconscious, Tsunayoshi dismissed him and straightened, facing the girls. "Who's next, hmm?"

Reborn was walking the corridors to his next class, as lunch was ending. His hands were in his pockets and he was frowning in thought. He couldn't get Tsuna off of his mind. The day before he'd left the Infirmary and then returned about an hour later, just to check on the boy. He'd been sleeping, curled up on the bed and mumbling nonsense in his sleep.

After being happy that Tsuna was indeed okay, he'd left, questioning his act. Shaking his head firmly he tutted to himself, lifting a hand to Leon who was settled on his shoulder. "What's wrong with me, huh?" He was abruptly torn from his musings by what sounded similar to a large explosion and a shrill scream. It was so close that he automatically ducked down before straightening as the building stopped swaying.

Without a thought to his action, he ignited his right hand with his Sun Flame and ran down the corridor, soon encountering a door that had been blown clear off of its hinges. Cradling his arm by his side to hide the brightness of his Flame, he peered around the corner into the classroom. He very nearly gaped in shock.

The room had been torn to pieces. There was a strange man on the floor, unmoving. There were two girls wearing the school uniform in a similar state, unconscious but hopefully not dead. The entire wall that had once held the windows had been blown clear out, the debris landing on the floor below. Stood on the edge of the building, leaning towards the outside world and reaching his arms up to the sky was Sawada Tsunayoshi.

What shocked Reborn the most, however, though he would not show it, were the Sky Flames burning brightly on the boy's hands. Even as he watched, the Flames died away and Tsuna started to sway. Immediately Reborn darted forward, running across the room and grabbing hold of the back of Tsuna's shirt to keep him from falling the two storeys to the floor.

By this point, students and teachers were crowding in the hallway, attracted by the noise and destruction. Reborn simply turned to face them with Tsuna cradled in his arms realising he had nothing to say to them. Tsuna's right hand, hanging freely down by his side now held a ring that was not just simply silver, but held a dark orange stone within it.

So, I've gotten into Hitman Reborn lately. I'm sure that's pretty obvious. Yup, it's Yaoi/Shounen-Ai however you want to see it. If you get confused by anything, please don't hesitate to say anything lol. I don't think that my writing style is that consistent.

When it's his violent personality, the other side of him, I'll write his name as Tsunayoshi. When it's the normal him, simply Tsuna.

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