Chapter Seventeen – The Nightmare Never Ends

"Oh, Tsuna, are you okay darling?" Nana cooed softly to her baby boy, no more than four years old as he held out his scraped palms and knees still gritty from the pavement. He was sniffling quietly and Nana scooped him up into her arms.

"T-Tripped up." Tsuna declared, pressing his nose into his upper arm with another sniffle, hands twitching gently.

"Oh, how'd you do that sweetness?" Nana kissed his head, walking him to a bench present in the park she had taken Tsuna to play in.

With another sniffle, Tsuna mumbled, "I dunno. Just tripped."

Nana sighed softly and sat him down next to her on the bench. She rummaged in her bag to pull out a small first aid kit – it couldn't pay to be careful around her darling Tsuna, not after the hiccups in his life so early on already.

He took the treatment well, pout twisting his mouth down and nose scrunching up in pain at the sting of antiseptic with only a few tears squeezing out of his beautiful eyes. Nana ended her cleaning session of his knees and hands by placing a plaster with Tsuna's favourite cartoon character on the heel of one palm and one against his knee.

"Do you want to keep on playing, Tsu-kun?" Nana kissed his head again before wiping his nose and face gently with a tissue, rubbing her thumb under his eye where the flesh was slightly puffy from crying.

Tsuna brightened up almost immediately at the prospect of being allowed to play still and nodded. He closed his eyes briefly at the kiss to his nose before he was off again, Nana calling after him, "Be careful honey! Try not to fall again!"

It was another peaceful half an hour after that, Tsuna playing cheerfully with the other children present while the parents watched on adoringly. That is until when one particularly vindictive child, who didn't seem to like the fact Tsuna was playing happily by the sandpit, acted out.

She snatched the bucket from him, and when he reached for the toy, brow already furrowed in upset, she reached out and smacked his hand with a spade and viciously pulled on his hair.

Tsunayoshi reacted before Tsuna could start crying, hand snapping out and harshly striking the girl's face with a sharp smack!

Then he let the magick flare, the sand swirling up around them, twisting angrily. The girl was almost caught up in the wind and was now screaming as Tsunayoshi let the Flames crackle.

By the end of storm, when Nana had talked him down, she was holding her scarf to her forehead where a splinter of something had caught her and had caused her to bleed. The playground was a broken mess of children's playing equipment and wayward trees.

There was something crumpled in the disaster that looked suspiciously like a body.

They never redeveloped the park in the end. They paved over the once fun park with concrete and turned it into a parking lot.

Tsuna wasn't allowed out again.

"He's awake." Someone murmured, close by and Tsuna grimaced at the familiarity of the voice.

"Did we misinterpret the dose?" Another person spoke and Tsuna felt something akin to fear make his limbs twitch. Twisting slightly, Tsuna managed to fumble to a seated position and thought he was going to cry at what he saw.

"Good morning Tsuna-chan," Mukuro whispered quietly, smiling brightly as he helped him sit up and stay upright. "Sleep well?"

Tsuna could feel his heart in his throat, twisted in horror and panic and anger when he saw Bermuda hovering behind Mukuro, staring intently at them.

"M-Mukuro…" Tsuna stuttered, flinching away from the hand that was smoothing his back gently, trying to get to his feet on legs that weren't working. A quick glance down showed his legs were strapped down; it was a wonder he was allowed to get his upper body off of the cot he was tied onto.

"Oh, don't get up yet. You woke up too early. And please don't take this personally Tsuna. I haven't got anything against you, it's just that Bermuda here has so much more to offer me." Mukuro's hands suddenly moved to grab Tsuna's wrist. Tsuna stared at him with a twisted mix of betrayal and anger in his gut, wondering where Tsunayoshi was, wondering why he was so lax in his mind.

There was faint noise, and Tsuna concentrated as best he could, correlating the sound to traffic, to the trundling of what must be a van. Then something sharp pricked his neck and Bermuda's mocking words followed him into the darkness.

"Sweet dreams, Tsuna."

Twenty-Two Hours Earlier

Tsuna flinched as an arm dropped across his shoulders, pulling him into a warm side and Tsuna nervously glanced up. He only slowly relaxed when he saw Mukuro smiling pleasantly down at him.

"I'm your guardian of the afternoon to save you from the evil bad guy."

Tsuna gave a mirthless laugh as he asked, "Are you going to defeat him for me too?"

"Oh no, I can't do that. He's the final boss. That's your job."

Hesitating then, Tsuna looked back up to Mukuro's face, not twisted into an expression of amusement but actually semi-serious. He opened his mouth to ask a question when Mukuro's arm suddenly tightened around his shoulders. His other hand lifted to suddenly press to Tsuna's face, Mist Flames sparking violently.

Mukuro led Tsuna's body gently to the ground as he passed out, knowing the magick would leave his system soon. Then, when his hold was secure, he picked up the small body with school bag included, and ducked back into the already empty building they'd recently vacated.

"I'm very sorry, Tsuna." Mukuro murmured, more to himself than the unconscious person in his arms as he made his way down several corridors while trying to stop the trembling in his shoulders. "But it seems as if I'm not a trustworthy person. I suppose I should have told you that earlier."

Two more corners and he was opening an unused back door with his elbow, nudging the door open a gap so he could squeeze out with burden in hand, and step back into the sun. This side of the building was closer to the security fence, the brick almost hugging the metal. It was a tight fit for Mukuro to carefully walk down.

Before he got to the corner of the building he carefully knelt and set Tsuna down, propped against the bricks. Reaching for the fence, he found the patch that was just a fabrication of magick. The fence rippled before peeling back, opening at least a metre wide with a gap as high as the fence itself was.

Picking up Tsuna again, Mukuro took a deep breath before stepping through the gap. He felt the warm, almost scalding, brush of magick against his skin but he wasn't mutilated or anything awful by passing through the barrier so he counted that was a win.

Breaking into a jog, Mukuro kept as steady a pace as he could, relaying the instructions over and over again in his mind. Within ten minutes and convinced he was lost in the dense forest that semi-surrounded the Academy, a black non-descript van came into view, indiscernible from the majority of them travelling the roads.

As he got close, the back doors swung open and he was hard pressed not to shudder at seeing Bermuda with his frightening shadow, Jager.

"Rokudo-san," Bermuda practically purred at seeing his precious cargo, taking the step from the van to the forest floor and approaching gleefully. "It's good to see you managed this without any difficulty. Now we can progress to the second stage."

"And your promise?" Mukuro asked roughly, reluctantly handing Tsuna to Jager who immediately marched him to the van and belted him down onto the bed present before attaching a plethora of wires and tubes.

"Of course I will. So long as you hold your side of the bargain and keep Tsuna and Tsunayoshi occupied for the journey."

Mukuro grit his teeth, jaw locking before he gave a jerky nod. He let himself relax slightly as he followed them into the van, sitting on a small seat placed by the bed when Bermuda gestured him there. Taking in a deep breath, he reached forward and pressed his hand to Tsuna's forehead, calling forth his magick to keep Tsuna in his dreams and unsuspecting.

This was going to be a long, long trip.

Twenty Hours Earlier

"Anyone know where Tsuna is, kora?" Colonello asked cheerfully, even as he slammed the dorm room open and briefly startling Yamamoto and Gokudera. "He didn't show up for practice."

"Practice? Oh, the tutoring? I thought that was with Reborn?" Yamamoto asked, head tilted in question. "He hasn't been here. Today was Mukuro's turn to walk back with him, though Mukuro is always late back with him."

"I'm there so he doesn't freak out, kora." Colonello shrugged. "He's never been late or missed a session. Sure everything's okay, kora?"

"We'd know if Tsunayoshi got out." Yamamoto laughed. "He's particularly hard to miss and comes straight back here regardless of who he's with at the time."

Colonello plastered on a smile and simply nodded, muttering a thanks before he ducked back out and shut the door. Before the door had even clicked into place he was pulling out his phone, tapping in a number quickly and efficiently as he lifted the phone to his ear.

"Verde?" he inquired, as soon as the call was answered. He was already down the corridor and by the stairs, taking them two at a time. "This might seem strange, but I need to ask a favor. How soon can you get the surveillance footage of the campus from the last two hours?"

When Colonello reached the door to the building, stepping back out into the daylight, there was a grim smile on his face and he was tucking his phone away.

Nineteen Hours Earlier

"Can I ask why you need this?" Verde asked, holding up a pen drive, as his other hand nudged up his glasses. "I make it my policy not to inquire about the strange habits some of us have, but wanting two hours of security footage is a little…different... to what I'm normally asked for."

Colonello plucked the pen drive out of his hand deftly, lifting his shoulder in a shrug. "No particular reason. Just wanted to check something, kora."

Verde raised a brow in question, but his attention was turned to the door as Reborn walked in, looking ruffled and frustrated.

"What do you want, Colonello?" Reborn asked, pulling his jacket into a more presentable position. "I was in the middle of a conference with Luce and Timoteo about the Bermuda issue when I got your call to come here."

"Tsuna never showed up, kora." Colonello shot a look to Verde, whose face remained impassive, and the blonde decided to continue. "So I asked for the video of the last two hours no one has seen him or that Rokudo kid and…"

"You expect me to look through the tape with you?" Reborn questioned, exasperated. "Mukuro likes to go on little jaunts around the campus, what does it matter if Tsuna was dragged with him?"

"We had a tutoring session today. He never showed."

Before Reborn could respond, Verde spoke up. His voice was quiet and almost contemplative.

"Even with two of you, it will take time to peruse the footage as there are over thirty external cameras set in place throughout the campus. There are over twenty in the building where Sawada's lessons are held. If I may, I will assist."

Reborn just angrily scrubbed a hand over his head and threw himself into a chair as he muttered,

"Fine. Get the laptops out. Sooner we get this done, sooner I can go back to addressing the Bermuda thing."

No more than half an hour later then Verde was saying, "Here. I have found something."

Brow furrowed, Reborn got to his feet and crowded around Verde with Colonello. Verde maximized the video of the footage – several had been running at once, a testament to his attention to detail – and then pointed to what he had discovered.

"At three-oh-four PM he exits the building with Rokudo. For some unprecedented reason the video skips. The time is now three-oh-ten. Six minutes unaccounted for, within which time they are gone. Observing the footage of the next camera along shows no sign of either of them in the main courtyard."

Verde minimized the video and maximized the next one he wanted to have them view.

"Here is an internal camera, placed six feet within the main door at which they left." Verde let the video progress before deftly pausing it. "Here, the time is three-oh-seven."

"There's no one there," Reborn snapped, sounding angry and annoyed.

Verde simply gazed up at him before pointing. "The same person who tampered with the external camera tampered with this one, or executed an illusion in which to be avoided. They were in a hurry. That shadow indicates that they hid themselves from the camera lens. They were still affected by light."

"So someone's sneaking around inside for a reason we don't know, kora." Colonello muttered, dragging a hand through his hair. "And the reason might have something to do with Rokudo and Tsuna."

"This leads to be assumed that if they were sloppy here, they would be elsewhere." A triumphant look stole across Verde's face as he opened his last video. "I believe I have discovered what happened to Tsunayoshi Sawada."

This video showed Mukuro, burden in arms, skirting alongside the outer wall by the fence and Reborn let his feelings be shown with an angry curse as he slammed his hand on the desk.

"What the hell?!"

"Unfortunately, the view of the camera on the outside fence, to spot potential intruders, does not have the power to follow Rokudo's entire route. He stays in frame for approximately a half minute before leaving the scope of view." Verde folded his hands on his lap after shutting the lid of his PC.

"We now know where Sawada has gone or should I say, who took him. What remains to be seen is where he was taken, and why."

Reborn paced back and forth angrily before he turned back to his laptop, typing so harshly that the click-clack was audible in the room, loud.

"What are you looking for now, kora?" Colonello asked. "If you think it's going to be useful, I can help."

"We know the one person who wanted Tsuna was here, on site, no more than two days ago. Then, with no reasoning at all, he up and leaves. Within forty-eight hours, Mukuro goes and takes Tsuna on the day he was meant to keep an eye on him. Mukuro has done a stint in Vendicare. I'm bringing up the files of the facilities they have globally; Bermuda has enough sway that not even allegations of inhumane experiments has shut him down."

"Because they will have a comprehensive record of who entered and left individual facilities." Verde guessed, correctly regarding Reborn's nod. "That information will merit no reward, Reborn. Nothing can be correlated from what facility Rokudo went to, or when he entered and left. The information is only surface data, you will be unable to draw a conclusion as to whether or not he was compromised."

"I know more than you do, Verde." Reborn paused in his typing and looked up before he continued, voice low, "When Enma arrived, Mukuro asked for information regarding Vendicare, considering he'd been under their unique brand of medicinal care himself. We were worried at first that Tsuna would regress upon seeing Enma, but Mukuro convinced me to allow Tsuna to continue seeing Enma. Turns out, Mukuro himself had 'friends' in Vendicare. It helped him keep his mind intact."

Reborn turned the laptop around, screen facing the other two in the room as he said with bitter victory in his voice, "On the day Mukuro entered, two others were admitted to the center he was treated. Three years later, he's released. Neither of the other two were."

"There could have been others there." Verde dismissed his theory, though his eyes were narrowed and Reborn smiled darkly.

"None that lived in that block." He turned the laptop to open a map. "The facilities are separated by magickal and non-magickal patients."

"And Rokudo and these other two were the only magickal patients, kora." Colonello ran a hand through his hair, briefly pulling his bandanna off before tying his hair back again.

"Ken Joshima and Chikusa Kakimoto. We now have a motive and a location. Bermuda approached Mukuro with the promise of releasing his 'friends' should he agree to the terms. And why wouldn't Mukuro betray Tsuna? He has known Tsuna for less than a year whereas he suffered alongside these friends for three. More than long enough to establish loyalty."

Reborn pulled out his phone as he let the other two digest the information, tapping in a number quickly and precisely. When he was answered he spoke in a crisp, calm voice, "Chairman. We have reason to believe Tsuna is in the hands of Bermuda. I thought it appropriate for you to learn of this fact. We know how and we know where he is going. I found this information prudent to report."

There was a moment of silence as Reborn listened to Timoteo on the other end of the phone line before an almost sinister smile crossed his face and he said with grim acceptance, "I'd be glad to. I'll let the others know."

Sixteen Hours Earlier

When they got to the Vendicare site, the remains were still smoldering from the fire that had burned out long ago. The heat the building was giving off was still immense, ashes floating in the air and glowing embers getting caught and dancing in the wind.

It was almost beautiful, if it wasn't a dead end.

Reborn made his displeasure known by kicking the standing remains of a broken down wall, unabashed as the wall crumbled the rest of the way under the force of his anger. Scrubbing his hands over his head he pulled out a cigarette packet from his pocket and ignored Fon's look of disapproval as he lit up the cancer stick.

Sighing, Fon asked Colonello quietly, "Will you help me?"

Colonello furrowed his brow before realization crossed his face and he lifted his hand in tandem with Fon, both of their rings crackling. The dimming sky, sun still setting even at this time due to the summer months, began to darken as clouds crept across the wide expanse of darkening blue.

There was a loud crack of thunder and then rain was pouring down in heavy sheets, focused on the smoking ruins by the sheer willpower of the two men stood in front of the spectacle.

Reborn, who had just taken a drag of his cigarette, was suitably unimpressed as he was soaked with water and was forced to let go of the smoke, and just out of habit, ground the remains under his heel as he wiped his hair from his forehead and watched the remains of the building.

Suddenly, Skull, who had been surveying the surrounding forest, reappeared. He watched the red embers steam and quietly die out. He was quiet, unusually so and before Reborn could make a scathing remark, Skull suddenly darted forward. Using strength hidden by his slight form, he dragged a piece of rubble out of the way.

He'd unveiled a trap door and Reborn felt something like triumph swell up in his gut as he lifted a hand to tell Fon and Colonello they could stop. He stepped forward just as Skull took a hold of the handle and hissed briefly in pain at the burn of still hot metal before he yanked the trapdoor open, revealing a steep ladder into a dark room.

"The rubble was placed purposefully," Skull muttered in explanation. "It matches the outside walls, but not the inner walls. The inner walls were too damaged to offer overage so they moved some remains from the outer wall. At least, that's how it looks like." He offered an almost bright smile to Reborn and Reborn had to refrain from shivering at that look.

Sometimes, it was hard to remember why Skull was part of their group. Times like this really hammered the nail home.

Skull smiled again and then dropped down the gap without preamble, not bothering with the use of the ladder. Reborn started but then followed without hesitation, taking the ladder carefully.

The other was out of the sight by the time he hit the floor but the entire secret…Reborn didn't know what it was but it looked sinister now that it was lit up.

A soft scuffle behind him let him know that the others had come down, or at least, one of them. Reborn didn't turn to look and instead peered in the closest door, saw Skull, and chose the next door down.

The underground space was like an oven because of the heat above, and Reborn had to take off his jacket and tug at the collar of his shirt as he examined the room he'd been in. There was a computer with a flashing icon on the monitor and several stacks of paper on the desk next to the computer itself.

Reborn looked at the papers first, flicking through the pages one after the other until one particular page caught his eye – Mukuro Rokudo.

He swiped the page out of the pile and folded it, tucking the paper into a pocket before he looked at the monitor, wriggling the mouse to get the machine to respond.

There was a video in the corner that he maximized and hesitated before pressing play. There was a soft crackle, the screen black before Mukuro ducked into view, hand rubbing the back of his neck.

"I've got about less than five minutes before they come down here. They think I'm getting rid of my files – who knew Bermuda could be compassionate? Maybe he's just setting whoever's watching this up. It doesn't matter. You probably realize I took Tsuna by now. I know, bad move. Tsunayoshi is incapacitated. They were going…" Video-Mukuro's jaw clenched and his eyes burned with contained fury. "They were going to extend Ken and Chikusa's sentences. They don't deserve that. M.M, our friend in the non-magickal department, they'd already killed her. They were trying to figure out how to put magick in a person, but she hasn't got a core. She died."

Reborn felt someone come up behind him but didn't turn from the video. He didn't protest as someone turned up the volume by reaching past him quietly.

"We're going to these coordinates." Mukuro rattled off a number slowly and then repeated them. "We only came here to collect the others, Bermuda held your deductive skills in high regards. We got Ken and Chikusa. They let me down here when I asked. Like I said, this could be a set up. They came down after to sweep, I suppose to check for stuff like this, but they didn't expect me to rig up the computer to a backup generator – electric was blown. When this video ends there…" Mukuro hesitated, glancing over his shoulder, not out of fear but consternation. It was a strange emotion and action for the normally stoic if generally annoying teen.

"I found Tsuna's files. I didn't get to read much but…They were bad. Very bad. I moved the files to a backup server – you can't get to them from this computer but any device should get it if you enter this information." Mukuro murmured the words carefully and quickly. "It included plans for what they hoped to do to Tsuna before he got out. If you move quickly, you might be able to catch up. I'm sorry."

The video cut and Reborn leaned an elbow on the desk, pressing his face to his hand.

"So…is he against us or not, kora?" Colonello asked quietly before adding, "I have the information copied down that he gave us. It's the only lead we have. Where else can we look?"

"I was hoping for something more concrete than the person who took him giving us information."

"The twitch in his eyebrow," Skull suddenly broke in. "Was consistent with worry, fear. He was afraid of being found out. The periodic glances over his shoulder and at the screen; checking behind him. Either he's an amazing actor or he was generally frightened of being found out that he'd done this. He refrained from using endearments. Tsuna instead of Tsuna-chan, Tsunayoshi instead of Tsunayoshi-kun."

"So we follow it up." Reborn yanked out his phone in a violent movement, calling Verde and after prompting from Colonello, relaying the numbers and information they had been given.

There was silence on the other side for five minutes and then Reborn got his answer, ending the call.

"The coordinates show an empty stretch of land, completely devoid of anything though Verde is convinced that the image is distorted due to slight discolouration. Mukuro seems to be correct, but they're going through great lengths to hide themselves."

"Our next stop then?" Fon questioned, tugging his loose, sweat soaked hair from his neck, since the bunker was still hot, and he was given a tight smile in return.

Twelve Hours Earlier

Fon was shaken awake gently by a careful hand and blinked his eyes open to Skull's apologetic face.

"I'm sorry, but it's your turn to drive. Reborn is determined to continue on, but…well, he's tired."

"I'm perfectly capable Skull, I can carry on driving and Fon can keep on sleeping." Reborn's voice was snippy, angry, and he glared at the two in the rear-view mirror of the rented car.

"You're tired." Fon repeated Skull's words. "Pull over. I don't mind driving for an hour." A glance at Colonello in the front seat showed that he was still peacefully sleeping. "It's safer if we do this in hour shifts, like we discussed."

The sound of Reborn's teeth grinding was audible even from the back but he pulled over no more than five minutes later, jerking his body up and out of the car, standing impatiently and petulantly like a scolded child as he waited for Fon to climb out and take the driver's seat.

Fon closed the door gently, turning on the ignition as Reborn clambered into the rear seat, mindful enough not to slam the door because of the sleeping Colonello. It was half an hour past one in the morning and they were getting tired.

Reborn himself was running on fumes and he was glad of Fon's gentle insistence. As the car moved away from the edge of the road, he let the movement of Fon's driving lull him into sleep.

Six Hours Earlier

"There's something I don't get." Reborn muttered, as he followed the others through the trees towards the place they'd been given. "I understand why Fon came. I understand, to some degree, why Colonello came. You though?"

Skull shrugged. "Tsuna's a nice kid. It's not so much I need a reason because nobody deserves to go through anything Bermuda can think up. I'm probably not the only who remembers what happened to Aria, Reborn."

Reborn made a disgusted noise and spat to the side, about to reply when Colonello lifted a hand to silence them, indicating he'd seen something.

"We're here before them." Colonello said, sounding suspicious and confused, his voice low. "There's no indication anyone is there, kora."

"How do you know that?" Reborn moved to crouch next to Colonello, following his gaze.

"There's no sort of transportation, kora. To move…" Colonello counted quietly. "Bermuda, Jager, Rokudo, Kakimoto, Joshima. That's five people. Plus an unconscious Tsuna, kora. You'd need a large vehicle. Maybe even two, kora. There's none. No marks on the asphalt either, to indicate anyone has driven up. If we can get closer and confirm no one is here, we should take the building. I doubt they have more than a skeleton crew in there."

"You sound like you're speaking from experience, Colonello." Fon spoke softly and Colonello tensed, though he refused to turn around as he muttered, "All of us went our ways and made a living before we got back together, kora. I went my way, you went yours."

"You smuggled people." Skull said, voice quiet, still focused on the building and Colonello flinched. "By your good conscience I'd guess only those that needed it."

"Now isn't a time to judge each other based on what happened years ago." Reborn bit out. "Can we get the goddamn building or not?"

Colonello shot him a tight grin. "Let's do this."


Tsuna gasped awake again, hands twitching against the hard surface of whatever he was lying on, trying to get into a seated position. He almost started having a panic attack when he realized he was fully tied down and unable to move. He did have a panic attack at realizing what he thought was a shadow in the corner was actually Bermuda.

"Nice to see you awake again, Tsuna." Bermuda said cheerfully, in such a tone a sliver of dread worked its way down Tsuna's spine. "We arrived while you were sleeping. Don't worry, Mukuro Rokudo and his friends are gone. It's just me, you, Jager, and the scientists that will be so happy to see you again."

Tsuna took in a sharp breath, more sob than an actual attempt at getting air into his lungs and swore he could taste blood at the back of his throat.

"Do you want to know the best part about this situation?" Bermuda stood, walking towards Tsuna with a syringe of something, expertly adding the liquid inside to the drip that was attached to the inside of Tsuna's left elbow. When Tsuna remained quiet, Bermuda gave something that must have been his approximation of a smile, bandages twitching in the dim light.

"Those friends you've made. Reborn, Colonello, Fon. The others, too. Some of them are here. They're waiting to rescue you."

Tsuna stared with bated breath, wondering why Bermuda was telling him this. He winced when bright lights suddenly turned on, almost blinding him with the intensity.

"You see, they found out where I was going to go. They made their way there. Took out some of my good people. In fact, they're upstairs. Rest assured, however, no matter how inventive they are, no matter how hard they search, they will not find you. Turn your head."

When Tsuna refused to look away, Bermuda twisted a hand in his hair and forced his head to the left, harsh enough for Tsuna to yelp in pain and for his eyes to start watering. When his vision focused again, he felt something clench in his stomach at seeing first the camera, and then the collection of monitors spread almost wall to wall.

"I knew they would find their way here. Mukuro Rokudo has such the guilty conscience. So when we got here, when you were put back to sleep, we rigged the house with screens and cameras. Do you want to know why?" Bermuda laughed and Tsuna shuddered, still staring at the monitors as something close to fire started dripping through his veins through the IV line.

Tsuna was caught staring at one of the screens, making almost direct eye contact with Reborn who was saying something, words Tsuna couldn't hear. Colonello was stood behind his shoulder, Fon in the background. Even was Tsuna watched, Skull stalked into the room, arms lit up in an angry blaze of purple Flames.

Bermuda laughed again, ice cold fingertips dancing down Tsuna's exposed throat.

"I want them to watch."

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