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Trio of War

Chapter 1 - The Warriors of Dark Flame

Death. War. Destruction. These simple 3 words are rules by which my life is lived. I've killed countless people, taken part in numerous wars and ruined the lives of so many people the only suitable description of me is a monster.

The year is 1399 and Britain is in a state of war. We all fight for the same thing, freedom. I march to the enemy's final stronghold, Yorgo, with the flag of Kraak behind me, today we were going to end this war.

Before we hit the city many of our men are wiped out, their archers have been trained to perfection and didn't miss a shot. Yet our morale still flew higher than our flag and we breached their central gate within minutes of reaching it.

We were in a disastrous situation, we were pinned down at the line of their gate with a relentless barrage of arrows raining onto our shields and finding any chinks in our armor. We were in that trap for all of 2 minutes before our catapults had set up position in a neighbouring field and started killing in considerably large amounts.

I led the charge into the centre of their stronghold leaving the remaining men to scale the wall above the gate and protect the rest of us. Leaving my life in the hands of the best men available to me I became a killing machine. I recognised no one but the only two people able to match me in battle. The three of us tore through the enemy like they were dolls.

As we destroyed the last of the enemies I eyed the castle beyond the main wall, I didn't know what awaited us in the castle but I knew it was evil, more evil than I could imagine. Me and my two comrades climbed the outer steps and onto the castle wall.

I led the trio, slicing, hacking and stabbing my way to the inner castle where the real fight began. We came to a round, circular room and silently searched it. It was like an indoor colosseum and only too late did I realise the danger, black flames spread from the centre of the room and separated the 3 of us, humans made of dark flame came from the original lines of black fire and drew swords of flame as dark as night, then they lunged…

Each warrior was almost a match for me, I didn't have time to try and breach the fiery barrier separating me and my comrades I had to be on full alert to fight the new danger. Each move they made was calculated to perfection, only one came at me to start with, more than enough. He tried a slash at my legs so I jumped and stabbed at his helmet of flames which went through and came straight out the other side, the warrior stumbled back and his two-handed axe swinging friend came at me. I may be a match for my 2 comrades in battle but that was never because of my sword skill (like Reshka) or archery skill (like Forlon), I was just resourceful Makto. My sword skill could never match that of these warriors and I wouldn't nearly have the time to notch an arrow, would it do any good anyway?

I decided to play to my strength and ducked under the axe, dropping my sword as I did. I then turned and ran straight for the wall, my opponents were more hasty than they seemed and surprisingly the axeman was the fastest and made a lunge for me as I started my run up the wall. I ran up as far as I could, feeling the vibrations in the wall as I climbed, and then backflipped over the heads of my two assailants and turned just in time to see the fiery warrior with a spear try to piece my heart, I pressed myself to the floor and kicked up onto my feet as an axe narrowly missed my head and cut through the end of the spear which grew back within seconds.

I picked up my sword as I slid by the 3 warriors trying to take my life and made a swing for the spearman's legs, like my strike at the swordsman it had no effect. The I had the shock of my life as all 3 of my attackers stood still and spoke as one, their voice was raspy and somewhat metallic

"You will never beat us unless you embrace your true powers in battle."

"With a sword?" I ask

"A sword is your comrade, Forlon's true style and thus he can defeat us with that weapon, just as Reshka's true style is the bow and arrow and he can defeat us with that weapon alone."

"Then what's my 'true power'" I ask, not hiding my disdain for these abnormalities

"A sword, a bow and magic are the weapons of the trio" they said the sound not seeming to come from their mouths but their whole beings

"The trio?" I ask, then continue "I'm not a magician you monster" I had heard of people that used magic as a weapon but i'd never tried it, nor did I intend to if there was another choice

The warriors said nothing more and continued their assault, I briefly glimpsed Forlon and Reshka both attacking a shadowy warrior with their weapon of choice and watching them dissipate. The wall between the two of them dissolved just like the warriors had and only the wall separating me from them remained. As my best friends watched me get slowly and surely overwhelmed they screamed my name and tried to destroy the wall separating us. All their attempts were futile as I continued to evade my attackers temporarily. My options were decreasing by the second so I decided to take my chances with the words of the warriors trying to kill me.

I ducked a sword and jumped an axe then I was stood at the point where the wall of black flame connected with itself in the centre of the room, I stood confidently next to the flames and that seemed to keep my attackers at bay as they seemed to sense I was about to embrace my 'true power'. In what I thought was the worst mistake of my life I stuck my side into the flames and unlike the warriors it didn't travel all the way through…it gripped to my sword.

I pulled my now flaming sword out of the fire and swung it at the spear mans chest, at the slightest touch he evaporated and his comrades came at me. They still had me out skilled and I barely held my own, then everything screwed up. I side-stepped a sword then rose my sword in defence of an axe, this lost me my sword, but I had the strangest feeling that I no longer needed it. The swordsman swung at me and I raised my hand, he flew straight into the wall and passed right through it.

The axeman moved towards me but a flick of my hand and my sword was in the air, a split second later it was in his back and he turned into steam…along with my sword. The swordsman came through the wall and with my weapon gone I decided to see if any form of the magic I seemed to be using could kill these beasts or just their own dark flame. I raised my hand and his weapon evaporated, then my other hand and thunder struck my opponents chest getting rid of him for good.

The wall dissipated and Forlon spoke first

"Makto, you practice magic?" He asked suspiciously

"Apparently so" I replied

"Let's find out what evil being summoned those things" Reshka chipped in. We all nodded in silent agreement and headed through the next hallway of the dark castle. That was the great part of our trio, we never needed to discuss things in length we just confirmed the facts and headed on with whatever we needed to do. I suspected they would've been told the same message I had been about us being 'the trio' and understood it just as I had. None of us thought we'd come out of that castle for a good while, and we were right, but none of us ran, none of us showed any fear and none of us stopped being on full alert.

We understood what out 'true powers' were, Forlon gripped his sword tighter than ever, Reshka notched an arrow and progressed without slowing, and I, without knowing any limits to my magic, gathered fire in each orange fire in each hand. I'd known about me being a magician for all of 5 minutes but I still felt safer than ever knowing that I could summon pretty much any form of defence in a split second. Together we gathered at the door to the final room of the castle, a door shrouded in darkness, we all looked at each other, a silent understanding. Then I summoned a gentle magic wind with the flames still warming my hands to a comfortable temperature, not nearly warm enough to burn me but still strong enough to take down any danger. I raised the flames into the air without raising my hands and let the flames envelop my wind turning it into a sphere of floating fire and directed it straight at the door radiating evil, the door showed resistance to the magic at first but was overwhelmed with five seconds, then as the last bits of flame turned into nothing and the room before us came into view none of us regretted the fact that we'd just opened the door to evil..